Fuck sub-genres. Fuck rules. Goth is Goth. Through the years the subculture has evolved to include many faces and you have the right to wear one or all as you damn well please. Leave the little boxes free to hold your trinkets and jewellery and leave your identity out of them.

Just so everyone knows what I’m going on about,


is a serpent. It’s the great granddad of the tuba, but instead of being brass, it’s made out of wood. As you can imagine, they are in tune literally 10% of the time. I heard one once and it sounded like the fart of a cryptid. It was magical.

WTF serpents. Why


Just studying these days…  after work… and among other duties. Gosh I want the day to be longer.
Master studies of March. 3 - 7 hours.

1) Anthonis van Dyck ‘Portrait of Cornelius van der Geest’, c.1620
2) Jules Joseph Lefebvre - 'Judith’, 1892
3) William Adolphe Bouguereau -'Biblis’, 1884
4) Frank Cowper - 'Vanity’, 1907


It’s a tiny lineup!
I’m still working on this story, from left to right we see Tinhead Titan, Henrietta Kriega and Mint the jinx

I think however that Tinhead should be taller/generally bigger, i want him to be taller than most!
and it’s difficult to find a good size for Mint, to make her body and expressions as clear as possible when zoomed out, i don’t want her to be hard to read when i have a full body shot of other characters!

It’s fun though, to figure this out as i go!