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Emergency Commissions

Hey all you shiny, happy people, I come to you today with some emergency art commissions. I have a goal I have to reach of $300 over the next few days to help pay for some unforeseen bills. 

I will do bust shots like the one above for characters for $10.00 a piece. This includes the color, the shading, the whole she-bang. 

Colored full-body sketches with flats (very little shading) like above will run $20.00 with $2.00 for every additional character put in

I realize these aren’t much, but this is what I can do for the time being. Any help is always appreciated and feel free to message me for the PayPal information. 

Doing a thing. As it stands right now, the people who are supposed to be paying me aren’t. Needless to say, I am reopening commissions again to help with paying bills. 

How do Your Commissions Work?

You decide what you want and we discuss how to make that happen. Once payment is received, you are placed into a queue. At any time you’re curious, you are welcome to inquire about the queue. Generally when I come to you in the queue, I inform you of where I am and we go over again what it is you want and any details that are needed. When the initial sketch is done, you are given the example and allowed to make any changes you want. Changes are much harder to make later on down the road, so be sure what you see is what you want. The entire process generally takes from 2-5 days depending on the size of the project requested, changes to be made and how detailed. 

Is there any art you won’t do?

Yes. If you are not sure if your request is acceptable, feel free to ask me and I can certainly tell you.  

Feel free to send me mail here on Tumblr or on Skype for information and payment procedure. Thank you to everyone who purchases some art. 


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