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Kiriyama Renn x Masaki Suda crosstalk again after 7 years, Weekly Big Comic Spirits No
Kiriyama Renn x Masaki Suda crosstalk again after 7 years, Weekly Big Comic Spirits No.44, 2017 The private detectives protecting Fuuto City, Shoutaro and Philip. The two who combined together to transform into Kamen Rider W and defeat evil met again after 7 years and had a crosstalk! In this r...

Happy new year everyone, here’s some light reading to start your year off right!

Kiriyama Renn x Suda Masaki crosstalk from Weekly Big Comic Spirits No.44, 2017

Translation by @kamenridermimi

Proofreading by @char350

Translated from scans sourced from


FIRST OFF IGNORE GOU’S ACTRESS IT WAS CHANGED TO MIKI HONOKA, Mariya and Renn played lovers in a drama once and that’d be so weird and awkward!! -

Ok because I’m a bitch and I love dramas and shit Asdfghjkl I had to do this and if your ass don’t agree then idk make your own !! Anyways!!

My ideal cast for a Free! L. A.
Haruka - Yamazaki Kento
Makoto - Mukai Osamu
Nagisa - Chiba Yudai (Or Shison Jun idk?)
Rei - Nakajima Yuto
Gou - Mariya Nischiuichi ((CHANGED TO MIKI HONOKA))

Rin - Renn Kiriyama
Aiichirou - Nishii Yukito (Or switch with Chiba Yudai)
Sousuke - Miura Haruma
Momotarou - Shohei Miura
Seiijuro - Ikuta Toma

I still need Kisumi and the teacher lady and the coach and other people but I’m just focused on the main ones

I’m having trouble with Ai and Nagisa so Idk some of you can look up Shison Jun and decide! It would help!

Also I hope I’m not the only one laughing about how Ikuta Toma is Sei and Shohei Miura is Momo. And Renn Kiriyama / Nishii Yukito.

Japan World Heroes: Day 1 Part 1

I missed the first two panels due to an excursion into Little Tokyo to visit Anime Jungle, the great magic isle of otkaudom in a sea of dirty streets and crazed drivers. (I am now the proud owner of a (cheap and used) Taddle Quest Gashat!). 

(What I actually wanted to take home but could not, A $75 Garo figure tucked away in a hidden corner of the Kamen Rider toy display case!)

The denizens of LA seem to think the road is the Indy 500 and don’t believe in turn signals at all, which triggered my old man’s notorious Italian heritage temper. I spent a horrifying moment in white-knuckled sheer terror in the back of a rental car praying that the speeding blur I was occupying would make it safely to the Convention Center without breaking apart. Upon this terror ending and entering the hallowed halls, I found another moment of humiliation when an evil ATM in the center refused to return my debit card or give me cash and a nagging maternal unit caused me to briefly lose my own temper. Spent 20 minutes getting management to try and pry the card out and finally got it. No money but I’m sure the bank will fine me for using a foreign ATM anyways later.

Showings of Gavan vs. Dekaranger and Shin Godzilla were among the features in the viewing room. My parents accompanied me this time. While the old man was in a better mood and taking in the atmosphere, my mother the non-American culture xenophobe didn’t like what she saw and asked to leave. (What a waste of $60). Dad on the other hand took it like a trooper and let me have a little fun without them hovering and gave me 30 bucks (Finally, trust for independence…at 29!). He even took a passive interest by walking around, asking me questions and observed Gavan vs. Dekaranger for a bit. Aww.

With the Parental Units gone to Rodeo Dr. and Beverly Hills for sightseeing,  things improved (Though to be fair, the travel bureaucracy upon arrival to LA a few days ago was the worst part of this trip). 

I took in the majesty of my kindred members of fandom partaking in celebration of what they love in a mash up of Pre-Halloween, Art and good old American Capitalism where you pay an obscene amount of money to get stuff that nobody in the high society of Normals give a darn about. Also, yes, that is JoshKnighttheFirst and his wife MarzGurl in the corner. Wasn’t being a stalker, just random happenstance while snapping the GaoRed dude. 

Many of the esteemed representatives and voices of our fandom made a public appearance to attend the gathering such as EZ Rider. The Tokusatsu Network crew were here to do panels including Micheal Nixon and Editor Paula Gaetos.

Panel Wise I did arrive in time to see Bin Furuya at the tail end of the Q &A


We suffered a brief attack by aliens but Mr. Furuya showed the ET who was boss and he left. XD

After stretching my legs, I switched to amateur film coverage of Mr. Kiriyama’s panel and shuffled around for several hours taking in the sights and sounds and skipped a few panels that didn’t interest me as they contained things I and many other toku fans already know about. 

The cosplay contest came and we had a heart warming moment where an older woman cosplaying as Captain Marvelous told the judges and audience her Old School Gen Otaku husband made her coat including some of the buttons. Awww. She also made a passionate short speech to Renn Kiriyama earlier about why fans in the US love Kamen Rider when Renn asked. 

A really heartwarming moment was before I left, Dad came to pick me up after the contest and then he stopped. He then asked who was Mr. Furuya and I pointed to him. Dad walked up to him, smiled and shook his hand. His eyes lit up and he told Mr. Furuya he used to watch episodes of the ‘66 show when he was a kid, which Mr. Furuya appreciated and Dad then walked with me back to the car. As he drove off, a grin came on his face and he said: “I shook Ultraman’s hand”. I guess I now know where this passion comes from…:)


A full trailer for the movie upcoming Donten ni Warau has been released and It looks good !
I can’t help but compare Sota Fukushi and Yuuki Tamaki from the stage but with the number of Toei actors in the cast of the movie it should be fun. 


Team TokuNet uploaded their interview with Mr. Kiriyama from last year’s Japan World Heroes convention!

Credit and all rights to the Tokusatsu Network, hit that subscribe button and ring the bell for more of these cool interviews from them! And be sure to donate to their Patreon so they can keep giving us fans up to date news and reporting on the world of tokusatsu pop culture!

Ready for another fun fact about Kamen Rider W?

In the “after 7 years” interview for Weekly Big Comic Spirits No. 44, Masaki Suda talks about his role as Philip. He says that he had to learn how to fall down safely on any kind of surface.

“My transformation meant basically ‘collapse where you’re standing.’ Because of that, I had to learn how to fall down safely without hurting myself. Like on stairs, or on concrete, I had to collapse in a lot of places”, Masaki says.

He also mentions being envious of Renn Kiriyama, who portrayed Shoutaro, as Renn got to transform properly. Masaki says that when the FangMemory was introduced in the show, he felt extremely happy.

“I was like, ‘Finally I can transform too~!!’“ he laughs.


Japan World Heroes was fun good time! Hope they get more awesome guest on the next show!

I know half of this blog is basically gushing about Build and all but I started watching Double recently. I’m more than halfway through the series and


Like, I love how the OP is so jazzy and cool then the guitars come in and you can’t help but sing “W-B-X CRIME AND THE CITY!”

I love Philip, he’s so cute and adorable, how he gets excited over the most mundane things like takoyaki or street dance but totally clueless about others, how he has so much respect for how Shoutaro does things despite the lack of logic or anything that makes sense to him. Masaki Suda totally nails his performance as Philip (and omg why does he make such a pretty girl when I can’t even put eyeliner on gah)

And Shoutaro, such a cute nerdy guy trying to be cool and hardboiled when he’s so halfboiled, lmao. He’s friggin’ hilarious when he makes one of those faces when he yells at Akiko or does something totally dorky but when he gets serious, daaaamn suddenly he becomes really hot!!! And his devotion to his aibou is so admirable, I feel like I’m gonna cry during the finale. Renn Kiriyama, why are you so cool and also so dorky?!

And Terui!!! So awesome and cool, as expected of a secondary Rider! I love the leather get up, the “Don’t ask me questions!!” And damn when he smiles he is so adorable! I love his dorky side, like when he freaks out when a girl kisses his cheek he was so cute~

And Akiko! I know liking her is kinda controversial but!! I love how she can keep all the guys in line with a green slipper, how her random train-of-thought sometimes becomes the crucial clue, and her relationship with Terui is so adorable!

And Wakana! I mean, I hate that she’s one of the antagonists but I love her because she’s such a bitch under sheep’s clothing, and that’s the point. And Philip draws out the more genuine part of her and I’m, please let her be happy with her lil bro but I know that’s not happening T^T