I made this video to “Swimming Pool” by The Front Bottoms for filmmaking and I’m really proud of it! I wrote, storyboarded, shot, and edited the whole thing on my own (though with help shooting from my mom!!! Thanks mom) and got it finished in a little over a week!

“And if I ever get a chance to kiss you again, you know, a second time, I’m gonna stick my tongue out and lick you right across your face. Because I’ve already kissed you. But I never licked you. And you’ll say, ‘Ugh. Why did you do that?’ And I’ll say, 'Hey sexy. Did someone slap you across the face with a banana slug or is that a big shiny trail of first-time on your cheek?’”
- Nothing Like The First Time, George Watsky


Mr. Brightside - The Killers (cover)

a fun flashback to 2004


I Hate Everything (But You)

A song about failing history and a boy.

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lyrics here


Home - Kaileigh Marie

I wrote this when I was very sad so yeah here it is