antondayne asked:

I disagree Obama is the best in the past 50 years. I think, like LBJ or Nixon, he's great in many ways, but he leaves a damaging legacy. I would also compare Obama to Renly. Obama has been met with awful Congressional roadblocks, but his decision to choose which laws to enforce is extremely dangerous precedent, as was Renly's choice to bypass Stannis. We may agree with Obama's legislative vision, but a right wing prez can do the same thing and cite Obama's example. Are you not afraid of that?

No, because a) the notion that he’s acting outside the legal/normative bounds of the Presidency is typical Fox News BS. He’s issued executive orders, as all Presidents do, and set priorities for federal agencies, as again all Presidents do. 

And b) as we saw with GWB’s own Presidency (aka “I’m working for the people who voted for me, not the country as a whole”) and the Tea Party Congress (aka “give us what we want or the economy gets it!”) the GOP will do whatever it wants, whenever it wants. They don’t care what the Democrats do. The radical right owns the Republican Party these days, and they’ve decided that if they can’t have America, nobody can. 

Finally c) comparing Obama to Renly is utterly laughable. Obama won two popular elections! Renly was a usurper and tyrant who declared that he was king because the swords behind him said so! GWB along with the radical rightists on the Supreme Court are the ones who stole the Presidency, not Obama. 


My piece for Draw ‘Em with the Pointy End: A Game of Thrones Art Book! It’s a two-page spread featuring armor and horses, because I swear all I’ve drawn in the past year is armor and horses.

Check out the kickstarter for the book! The artist lineup is incredible, and I’m honored to have my work featured alongside so many sweet illustrations. Shout-out to Grace for all her hard work as art director and for putting this project together - and if you want to see previews of some of the artwork while the campaign runs, follow drawemwiththepointyend!