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I can NOT find the amv where it's like 'what is going on inside their head?' And Keith is thinking of Lance and it's basically a Lance appreciation post with 'Sofia' playing as the song. Dude I renlogged it like 5 times why can't I find it?? ;v;

i suggest coming up with a personalized tag to make it easier to find the posts you like/constantly refer back to

Sorry, tumblr mobile wont let me renlog large posts.


mattress girl made a claim of rape. Most if nit all evidence showed that she had lied, as they went against her story. She then went on to get automatic support, get on magazine covers, get feminist awards, get on talk shows, and even make a rape/porn video. She also made things harder for actual victims of rape by showing how profitable making a false rape accusation can be. She has influence. She is part of modern feminism.

Anita sarkeesian negatively generalizes men, spreading misandry and hate while profiting from this and self fabricated harrassment. She spreads the now popular thought that harrassment is equal to a disagreement.she opposes innocent until proven guilty. She has influence. She is part of modern feminism.

Karen ingala smith opens and heads many womens abuse shelters, winning feminist awards, but actively opposes and discourages abuse shelters for men. She has influence. She is a part of mainstream feminism.

Hillary clinton thinks that women have always been the primary victims of war, doesnt think men deserve body positivity among other things, and sides with Lena Dunham. She has influence. She is a part of mainstream feminism.

Indian and isreali feminists successfully fought to keep rape a gendered crime, erasing female rapusts and male rape victims from punishment and help. They obviously have influence. They are a part of mainstream feminism.

Mary koss is a misandrist who insists that men cannot be victims of secual assault or rape, ultimately creating a biased and very flawed study of “1in 4” is undoubtedly mainstream now. She also is responsible for the deluth method, that aids in men being arrested and assumed the assaulter when they seek help from a female attavker in domestic violence cases. She has influence. She is a part if modern feminism.

#killallmen and #masculinitysofragile have a combination of millions of online responses from feminists, most if not all beinggross generalizations of males, the wishing and joking of their eradication, and the ridecule of the same problems women face but for men. They have influence. They are part of modern feminism.

You claim that bad feminists have no influence, but clearly they do. And unfortunately, it is not mainstream feminism that is opposing these people and their terrible actions. I would like to ask, as politely as i can at this point, that you not dare say that modern and mainstream feminism doesnt have the power or influence push inequality. Its insulting.


Don’t ever think it’s okay to to bully anyone ever. It’s never okay and it’s never acceptable. If you’re such a low life to the point were you have to do something mean or hurtful to someone else, weather it’s in real life or over text/internet, it doesn’t make you a better person. In fact it makes you are horrible person. Guess what? If you bully it doesn’t put you above someone. No no no no no. Just think. If you bully someone you are acting the equivalent of a compost pile. No even lower then that. Before you say something think about would you say that in front of your mom? Your Grandma? If you think it’s even acceptable in front of those people, may I say you do not have the right motives. If you bully you are not above anyone. If you bully or even just act snoty, you need to get over your self. Like seriously take in the thought of “how would I feel in there shoes” or “what if someone did that to me” and think like a logical human being. Like seriously you don’t even have to say anything if it’s negative, or makes a negative impact on someone’s life. It’s not your life to make miserable. We were all born equal, we were all born kind, we were all born innocent. Be the girl people say “I wish I could be that sweet”, believe me I know one, one out of everyone that goes to my school. 1,236 people go to my school. Only 1 is the the true meaning of kind. Take that into consideration. Would you rather be known as the complete jerk, or the absolute sweetheart. Even if being known as sweet isn’t your thing. Aspire to be that. Please. It changes people moods, it brightens days, it can even save lives. The best thing it does though, is it gets other people to aspire to be nice, kind, sweet, respectful. Just try the worlds bad enough with out everyone being mean to each other. Make the world a better place to live. Please share this any where. It will help.