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❝ You cannot be her. She is far, far away from me. She walks in starlight in another world. It was just a dream… Do you think she could have loved me? ❞

I dare you to be open minded. I’m not just talking about the way you love your best friend the way she is or how you accept your gay friends for who they are. I’m challenging you to not just surround yourself with the same exact people that you always do. Don’t not get to know someone because they like different movies than you or are into different things.
—  You might find something you didn’t know you loved

Don’t ever think it’s okay to to bully anyone ever. It’s never okay and it’s never acceptable. If you’re such a low life to the point were you have to do something mean or hurtful to someone else, weather it’s in real life or over text/internet, it doesn’t make you a better person. In fact it makes you are horrible person. Guess what? If you bully it doesn’t put you above someone. No no no no no. Just think. If you bully someone you are acting the equivalent of a compost pile. No even lower then that. Before you say something think about would you say that in front of your mom? Your Grandma? If you think it’s even acceptable in front of those people, may I say you do not have the right motives. If you bully you are not above anyone. If you bully or even just act snoty, you need to get over your self. Like seriously take in the thought of “how would I feel in there shoes” or “what if someone did that to me” and think like a logical human being. Like seriously you don’t even have to say anything if it’s negative, or makes a negative impact on someone’s life. It’s not your life to make miserable. We were all born equal, we were all born kind, we were all born innocent. Be the girl people say “I wish I could be that sweet”, believe me I know one, one out of everyone that goes to my school. 1,236 people go to my school. Only 1 is the the true meaning of kind. Take that into consideration. Would you rather be known as the complete jerk, or the absolute sweetheart. Even if being known as sweet isn’t your thing. Aspire to be that. Please. It changes people moods, it brightens days, it can even save lives. The best thing it does though, is it gets other people to aspire to be nice, kind, sweet, respectful. Just try the worlds bad enough with out everyone being mean to each other. Make the world a better place to live. Please share this any where. It will help.