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Spoiler: Oscar sparkles enough times to make the Cullens in sunlight look dull by comparison.

dude. Oscar literally comes out of the womb sparkling in the first episode

Also I love you so much for knowing this series. Instant way to make me like you and forgive any sins committed (not that Ren has): BE ABLE TO DISCUSS ROSE OF VERSAILLES WITH ME


I literally don’t know how to preface this, so I’ll just say it: renkris and I made a Merchant of Venice / Dick In a Box vid! First half is his (1980 BBC version), second half mine (2004 version). It’s the mash-up you’ve been waiting for your whole life. You’re welcome.

renkris answered your question: The Taming of the Shrew, Act V scene ii (finale)

…remember a certain speech in Henry V where he endorsed sexual assault, patricide and infanticide? Yeah, Bill writes like that sometimes.

I really feel, though, that with the whole play he’s either seriously condemning women to the fate of Katharina, or mocking anyone who would think she needs to be that way.  Judging from the fates and actions of many of his other female characters, I cannot be certain that he really doesn’t believe this stuff, at least on some level, to really be true.  And that bothers me.


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