- Név nélküli - mutatta fel a következő lapot Haller.
- Én - szólt Cortez unottan.
- Tehát lássuk, Cortez kit vinne - olvasott bele. - Renit.
A gyomrom azonnal összeugrott, és zavartan az ujjam köré tekertem az egyik tincsem.
- Indoklás… - folytatta a tanár, és ekkor olyan csend támadt a teremben, hogy a lap sercegése is fülsüketítően hangosnak hatott. - Kitenném Párizsban, úgyis ott van minden, amit szeret… - tette le a papírt Haller.
—  A Szent Johanna gimi 5. - Remény
Needed You {Kylo Ren x Reader}

Request~ Kylo Ren having one of his temper tantrums and all of a sudden hugging the reader then kissing the reader!

A/N~ Okay so I kinda changed this up a little. It still follows the basic gist of the request but its probably not what you were expecting. I hope yall enjoy  it anyway! Im sorry if this is trash im still trying to get back into the flow of things. Thank you all for reading and don’t be afraid to send in some requests of your own! much love! ❤︎

Wanrnings: Choking, and Crylo Ren

It wasn’t unusual to be called to random locations on Starkiller for ‘Undisclosed Purposes’. Other officers would cringe in fear at those words knowing that whomever received them would likely never be heard from again. You on the other hand couldn’t wait until the next time you’d be summoned, because typically it ended with the commander’s lips on you, and not always in a chastely manor.

You were wandering down the corridors with your data pad opening files and sending them off to their designated destinations. You had nearly all the files cleared and were working on the last one when the screen notified you of a new message. Putting the current task on hold, you switched over to your message board. ‘From: Lieutenant Gilwen’ the screen said with the date and time stamp underneath. The name wasn’t familiar. You hardly ever received messages from lieutenants. Most of the time they came from your supervisor or the increasingly frequent ones from Kylo Ren. Part of you hoped it would have been the latter. 

You tapped the message and it opened revealing fewer words then you had expected. The message simply read “Your presence is required in Sector C-19 Room 147 for Undisclosed Purposes”

‘Undisclosed Purposes.’  you read again. The only one to ever send that to you was Kylo, so why would a lieutenant you’d never heard of before request you for such reasons? You start off in the direction of sector C-19 confused about the contents of the message. Various reasons played in your head of what it could mean. What if its something bad? What if they were finally doing away with you? You pushed those thoughts from your mind. They couldn’t possibly be getting rid of you. You’d done nothing wrong. Well, nothing anyone knew about. Your relationship with Kylo wasn’t exactly following the guidelines but no one knew about that. Right?

As you neared room 147 you found the halls becoming less populated only a couple stormtroopers lingered and even they were working their way in the opposite direction. With every step you took the atmosphere seemed to get thicker, heavier. It almost made it hard to breath. Ignoring it you moved closer to 147. The corridor was eerily quiet not a soul in sight. A feeling of unease creeped up your spine. 

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Title: Intergalactic Cosmic Wall

Artist: Ample Renitence

Time for a good ol’ fashion mash-up! This one combines the music of Cosmic Wall from Sonic Adventure 2 and Intergalactic by the Beastie Boys. Ah, 90’s nostalgia… You can just smell it!

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