Like to act? Love history? Live in North Carolina? 


Auditions for the Carolina Renaissance Festival (located in Huntersville ~20 mins outside Charlotte) are THIS Saturday, June 20th and NEXT Saturday, June 27th, 2015!   

Guys, I have had an absolute BLAST working for this festival for the past 3 years and in case you don’t remember, this is where I met my BRILLIANT girlfriends (including fenixchick) with whom I now perform as an official stage act working on going national: The Angels - Heroines in Disguise

This is also where I met thatseanguyblogs (aka that hunk of man I’m going to marry this Saturday) for the 3rd time and where we started dating:

So this is a *pretty* awesome festival!

Click the link above for more information about how YOU can become a cast member and have as much fun as we’ve been having! :D

And of course, feel free to ask me any questions, although I can’t tell you much about the audition process because I auditioned non-traditionally. You can read a bit more about character/audition prep stuff here. 


Princess Elizabeth becoming Lady Knight Skylar

(Photos by Morgan Hatley’s True Photography)

Tumblr, I have to share this young heroine in training with you. She is one of my favorite Renaissance characters. I used to go down to the joust at the end of every faire day and she and I would work the crowd together. 

(us on a rain day at Faire)

(Working our joust banners)

I’d also take her for piggyback rides so she could “joust.”

(Photos by Len Barger Photography)

She has been known as “Princess Elizabeth,” but it looks like she’s becoming Lady Knight Skylar. 

I’m so excited to see her growing up to be so awesome!


Sherwood Forest faire! When I researched African American, black, colored, or afro fantasy, fairy, or renaissance costumes, there was little to nothing that seemed original, meaning they all had long flowy hair, had the typical green leaves, or belly out, skirt and wings. I tried to capture the allure and whimsy of the Fae with my makeup, and butterflies in my fro! With my expression and with this costume I hope to inspire not just other brown costumers but all lovers of fantasy! Thank you! Jasmine Amazing