oh my gosh, so in love with these pictures of my satyr outfit I finally got to wear out and about! I carved the horns myself from foam so they were super light weight and even wearable for drinking, festive, little ol me!

such a wonderful time!

and good to know that fairly tipsy I can keep it together hah. 

Had a lot of fun at renfest, two people realized who I was and most people just really dug the huge hat. I’ll probs take Taako to Denver comic con hopefully i can get the ears and hat to behave together tho /o/

Idk how to size stuff for tumblr so im just leaving this as is lol

Here’s a monster post compilation of fae cast that I drew at the renaissance festival!! It doesn’t include the drawings that I gave to the cast members without taking a photo first! ahhh oops!

I hecking LOVE the renaissance festival and the fae are my favorite. I love the magic they bring to every performance and interaction.
I had so much fun and I can’t wait to visit Canterbury again!!


The wildlife education facility I work at had a set up at the Maryland ren fest this fall, and I made it a point to take a photo of myself being super happy every weekend while I worked! When I’m feeling down about life it helps to look at photos like this to remind myself how lucky I am that my job makes me so happy 😊🐊🐍🐢

Sifa at the Carolina Renaissance Faire...

Yeah, HUGE turkey leg. Daughter caught this impromptu photo. Probably would’ve had more of an appetite if it wasn’t 101 percent humidity…xD

I took her to the Ren Fest as a belated birthday present. That’s all she’s been talking about for the past month. :-P They had the Royal Greyhounds and she had a blast petting the dogs and talking with the handlers. Bellydancers, harp players, fiddlers and harp players galore. Also talked with a tarot card reader who had a 10-year-old pug dog named Gus. 

She bought a handcarved toy plane (to match the toy propeller boat she got last year from the same vendor). I also bought a golden hair wrap (with red crystal charm) to match the golden dragon one I got last year.

Loved going to Ren Faire, but it always wears me out by the time I get home. One of these years, I’m gonna try dressing up as something. xD