Peer-to-peer solar startup

Airbnb is a platform that connects people who have extra space with people who need space. It’s a peer-to-peer hospitality company.

Yeloha, which is a startup I just discovered today, is a peer-to-peer solar company based out of Boston. 

In the same vein as Airbnb, it connect people who have extra roof space (that’s suitable for solar collection) with people who want to buy solar energy (but may not have a solar friendly roof).

Here’s an image from their website that explains how it works:

Basically, if you have a solar friendly roof, Yeloha will come and install solar panels on top of your place for free. You get to keep some of the energy that’s generated (about 1/3 apparently) which becomes a credit to your electricity bill. You are then known as a “Sun Host.”

The remaining energy gets fed back into the grid and, if you don’t have a solar friendly roof, you can purchase this excess energy, which also results in a credit to your electricity bill. The solar electricity is less expensive than the regular grid electricity. In this case, you are known as a “Sun Partner.”

I think this is a pretty neat idea. Neither party has to pay anything upfront. Both parties save money. And the result is more solar through a distributed and virtual net metering setup.


In a frustrated matter, he buried his face in his hand. Trying to prevent what tears came out. To think, after so much fighting, he actually felt horrible for his actions. Well Octavio, you got what you wanted. Are you happy now?

It seemed just as he learned the truth, did he realize his mistake. He just killed an old friend of his. He used his trust, and turned against him when he wasn’t suspected. Octavio was just as bad as the Cap’n. 

The King stood up, and turned away from his fallen comrade. No. He didn’t know what he’d do with him now. And he couldn’t bear to look at the Cap’n again. He hadn’t felt this way in a long time. Not since the war. It was a feeling it all hoped to forget, and yet here it was again. He shook his head. Now wasn’t the time for tears. He began wiping them away, and grew a serious look on his face again.

There was still work to do. Even if he felt horrible about letting his old friend die at his hands, he still had Agent 3 to worry about. No time for weakness, as he made his way back to where he had the Agent tied up.

Maybe it was time he let her go.

Last week, 78% of Germany’s electricity came form renewable sources.

Last week, Germany hit an extraordinary milestone: On July 25th, 78% of the country’s electricity was generated by renewable energy sources. How did they do it? The nation aggressively invested about 120 billion euros into low-pollution energy in the past decade — and then last week the perfect conditions helped them break their previous record.


“Parker: no first name. Some say she’s the best thief in the world. Some say she’s crazy. Lucky for me, she’s both.” 

“Eliot Spencer is not a violent man. Be reasonable and nobody gets hurt. If you decide to be unreasonable, it’s not his fault if everybody gets hurt. “

“Alec Hardison. You can call him a hacker; code freak; a fraud artist. I call him tech support. “

“ My name is Nathan Ford. I am an honest man in a dishonest world. Am I a white knight or a black king? If you have to ask,  you’re on the wrong side.”

“ Who is Sophie Devereaux? She’s a grifter; a con artist; the greatest actress you’ll never see. She’s whoever I need her to be.”

We provide Leverage. 

but guys, IMAGINE

a season 2 birthday scene where everyone in the cluster is huddled around a cake:
Capheus with a goofy smile
Nomi with tears in her eyes
Will with an arm around Riley
Wolfgang getting drunk and making eyes at Kala
Sun getting secretly emotional because she finally has a family that doesn’t treat her like shit
Lito trying (and failing) to get everyone to sing “happy birthday” 8 times