Malcolm Turnbull has blamed the power outage in South Australia on renewable energy, whereas experts have blamed the massive fucking storm that took out several transmission poles.

“This is all the fault of Labor trying to aggressively demand we have renewable energy! As you can see, tackling climate change has caused serious damage! Coal wouldn’t have done this to us!” Turnbull said at a press conference. “Coal would’ve been supportive, it promised it’d always be by our side when we needed it most. I trust coal.” He sniffled a little at the fond memory of his gentle lover.

“The claim that this giant fucking storm that took out transmission lines is completely unrelated to the blackout right now. Sure, some people might claim that climate change is a leading factor in increasingly larger and more damaging storms, and that’s why we need renewables, but clearly those “scientists” are the people who are to blame for this state-wide black out.”

“So to further reiterate my point… if we just replaced renewable energy with coal, and then also electricity transmission poles with coal, then we will have a very coal electricoal infrastructure… coal.” Turnbull said.

“Are you just being paid by political donors every time you say the word “coal”?” asked a journalist.

“No not at coal. That’s incoalrrect. Vote coalition.”

so uncle gramps was cancelled, regular show and gumball are ending after a season, adventure time in two seasons, is the CN renaissance period coming to an end goddamn
An 'Agent Carter' Movie Could Still Happen, According To Hayley Atwell
It seems all hope of seeing Hayley Atwell's Agent Carter return to the screen may not yet be lost.

After all, for as long as Hayley Atwell’s Agent Peggy Carter remains absent from our screens, there’s really no way to solve the central problem that it created.

Thankfully, though, Atwell herself recently opted to spread a gentle sliver of hope onto the dry, dry toast of disappointment, and to reassure us all that we may not yet have seen the end of Peggy Carter.

Kit Simpson Browne,

We Talk About Mary Jane Watson’s Dress with a Couple of Wedding Experts
Marvel recently got inspired by all of the Secret Wars crossovers to release a tie-in with Spider-Man titled “Renew Your Vows” which features a poorer version of the hero as he struggle…
Costa Rica has been running on 100% renewable energy for 2 months straight
76 days and zero fossil fuels.
By Bec Crew

Costa Rica ran on 100 percent renewable energy for 76 straight days between June and August this year, according to a new report, demonstrating that life without fossil fuels is possible - for small countries, at least.

This is the second time in two years that the Central American country has run for more than two months straight on renewables alone, and it brings the 2016 total to 150 days and counting.

According to Costa Rica’s National Centre for Energy Control (CENCE), 16 June 2016 was the last day this year that fossil fuels-based energy was used by the national grid. (Data for September is still forthcoming.)

Since then, the country has been powered on a mix of hydro, geothermal, wind, and solar energy, with hydro power providing about 80.27 percent of the total electricity in the month of August.

Geothermal plants contributed roughly 12.62 percent of electricity generation in August, while wind turbines provided 7.1 percent, and solar 0.01 percent.

Just like last year, when Costa Rica managed to power itself for a total of 299 days without burning oil, coal, or natural gas, 2016’s milestone was helped along by heavy rainfalls at the country’s four hydroelectric power facilities.

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Germany generated so much renewable energy, electricity prices went negative

Over the weekend, Germany did something amazing: It produced so much solar, wind and hydro energy that the cost of electricity actually went negative for a few hours. Yes, companies were actually paying some people to use electricity. This is an incredible achievement, but it revealed a problem going forward.

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