renewed passion

donald trump is president.

my name is charlotte.

i am mentally ill.
i am gay.
i am chronically ill.
i am disabled.
i am not slim.
i am dating a black girl.
i am an immigrant.
i am female.
i was illegal for six months.
i am no where near wealthy.
i am an atheist.
i am dependent on medication.
i am pro-choice.
i am young.

i am scared.

but you know what i also am?

i am going to survive.

i am going to stop at nothing to make sure my voice is listened to, that the voices of those who are not heard become heard. i am going stand with you, behind you, next to you, but never in front. i am not going to fight this new administration, but i am going to continue to fight bigotry and hate with a renewed passion and strength for the cause. i am going to spread love. i am never going to give up. be respectful, clever, and thoughtful with your fight for justice, but also be strong. it is easy to feel like your rights will not be recognised in this new america, but it is our job to make sure they are not forgotten. instead of fighting trump, fight the insane belief that your rights don’t matter. because now more than ever, we must be heard. we all come from different backgrounds, but we must stand together as a nation, fill our hearts with love, and not settle for anything less than the rights we deserve.

i am all of those categories i listed, but also so much more. i am a sister, a best friend, a student, a writer, an avid plant owner, someone who loves making people laugh, a dog-mumma.

i am a person.

no new administration will take that away from me.

guys my favorite though right now is whether or not theres also a sort of “astral plane” where the other paladins could go to when they connect on that kind of level with their lions as well.

like,, do they all look the same? do the colors of the setting change for each lion? shiro is the guardian spirit of the sky, so does that mean the other lions can project places that resonate with their own elements?

and other lions aside for a moment, the planes themselves are such an interesting concept with so much mystery surrounding them? just. aaah their entire existence is connected to quintessence, which is my literal favorite speculation topic so im just. so in love with the amount of concepts for these places that can be thrown around by fanon.

I wanna post “before and after” pics in the #gainingweightiscool tag, but I know my motivation is to get validation for how sick I was, and I don’t need that in my Healthy Life™.
Instead, I’ll just say this:
Gaining weight is cool when it’s necessary for your body. Gaining weight is cool when your body is changing. Gaining weight is cool when it brings the light back into your eyes. Gaining weight is cool when it brings you back to life. Gaining weight is cool when it comes with renewed passion for life. Gaining weight is cool when it brings you back to the things that really matter. Gaining weight is cool because, for me, it means a second (or a third) chance at being the Real Me.
Gaining weight does not have to mean just going to the gym and making muscle gains. Gaining weight can mean restoring fat to your body because that’s what it desperately needs. Gaining weight can mean gaining a pudgy (and cute!) tummy. Gaining weight can mean thighs that touch and bigger boobs and arms. Gaining weight can mean letting go of what you perceive to be the “ideal” body.
Gaining weight can be scary. And necessary. And worth it.

“Arizona! Are you ready yet?”


The voice of the peds surgeon drifted out lightly from the bedroom where she was getting ready, and Callie couldn’t help but shake her head a little, a grin tugging at her lips as she glanced at the time. They were probably going to be late for their reservation, but Callie didn’t care – it was her third official date with Arizona since she’d returned to Seattle and they’d decided to make things work, and late or not late, she was happier than she’d been in years. 

Happier than she’d ever been, possibly, because there was a renewed energy between them – a renewed passion, a lightness, a new sense of love and respect and openness that seemed different than it ever had before. That seemed more, somehow. Callie had loved Arizona before, had loved her with everything she had, but now, if it was even possible…she was more in love than she’d ever known she could be.

“What are you doing in here anyway? We’re going to be late for our reservation.”

Making her way into the bedroom, she wandered up behind the blonde where she was standing in front of the mirror, leaning in to peer closely as she touched up her mascara. Callie stood behind her, leaning a hand casually on the wall, and she just smiled as she watched, her eyes roaming down over gorgeous curves and the perfectly fitted black dress her date had on.

“Almost ready. This is our first fancy date, Callie, I want to look nice.”

“You already look amazing.”

Brown eyes met blue in the mirror, and Arizona blushed slightly – compliments from the other woman both all too familiar, and new and exciting at the same time. They gave her a rush of emotions, a fluttery feeling of butterflies in her stomach – just like every look, and every touch. She’d never truly stopped loving Callie, but the brunette hadn’t made her feel this way in years, and the adrenaline of it all was easily becoming an addiction all over again.

“Oh, yeah – the overtired, just came off a 12-hour shift look is great on me, I know.”

Callie just laughed softly, smiling as she watched Arizona blink her long lashes a few times, dropping the tube of mascara back into the makeup bag beside her. The blonde picked up her lipstick next, leaning in again as she uncapped it, and she glanced at Callie in the mirror as she sensed eyes still on her.

“Stop watching me!”

She applied the light pink colour with a slow swipe across each lip, but Callie remained fastened in place, a smile spreading across her face again, wider and completely uncontrollable.

“I can’t. I can’t take my eyes off you.”

This time it was Arizona’s turn to laugh, and she paused momentarily, glancing up to meet the eyes staring back at her in the mirror.

“You’re ridiculous.”

She laughed again as she said the words, her eyes bright and happy and playful, and she quickly finished up with the lip colour, rubbing her lips together to perfect it. She glanced back in the mirror, giving herself a last once-over, but a faint blush rose on her face again as she felt warm, soft lips make contact with the bare skin of her shoulder.

“I mean it, Arizona…” Callie sighed softly, her fingers gently reaching forward to brush blonde hair away from the smaller woman’s neck, “I can’t stop looking at you. You are so, so beautiful. And this dress is new…”

Her lips landed on the side of Arizona’s neck, and she kissed softly, letting out the faintest of sighs as she pressed a row of kisses down along a perfect, lightly freckled shoulder.

“I bought it yesterday." 

Arizona straightened her back as she replied, coming into contact with the woman behind her, and she let her eyes flutter closed as she felt fingers run through the length of her hair, and another lingering kiss being pressed just below her ear.

"It looks incredible on you.”


The name was breathed out softly, lingering on the blonde’s lips with a sigh – and Callie’s heart beat wildly in her chest, her arms sliding around a slim waist to rest low on Arizona’s hips, her body instinctively pulling closer to her warmth. For the first time since they’d been back together, the first time in…years…Arizona had spoken her full name. And it was like the most beautiful music – the love and affection and reverence carried in the tone of her voice almost overwhelming, almost too perfect.

The blonde turned in her arms and brought them face to face, and her blue eyes sparkled, framed by the dark, elegant eye makeup she’d so carefully applied. She pressed a light kiss to Callie’s lips, her head tilting slightly to the side as she pulled back, and an almost teasing smile tugged at the corners of her lips.

“I thought we were running late for our reservation.”

Callie’s hands smoothed over the sides of the soft, black fabric, her fingers coming up to delicately trail over Arizona’s bared collarbone, and almost unconsciously, she held her breath as her eyes met the ones that were now watching her. Tonight, in this dress, in this moment, Arizona simply took Callie’s breath away. The way her eyes were impossibly blue, the way her hair fell in gentle waves around her shoulders, the scent of her at this proximity that was the same as it had always been – that was a sensory overload in the best kind of way – that was home

Yes, Arizona left her breathless. And there was only thing Callie could do.

“Screw the reservation–”

Her hands came up to grasp at silky hair, her body moving to cover the smaller one in front of her, to press her against the bedroom wall as their lips met in a heated embrace. It didn’t take a second before Arizona was kissing her back, the moment not lost on the blonde as the crackle of electricity flowed between them, and as much as she’d prepared and carefully dressed up for the night – all she could think at the moment was that they were going nowhere. There was nowhere she wanted to be except right here.

She closed her eyes for the briefest of moments, her fingers finding the buttons on Callie’s blouse and working them loose as the brunette kissed her senseless. She knew this dance with Callie, and she knew it well, no matter how long it had been – and as she found her way to bare, warm, beautifully silky skin beneath the fabric of her shirt – Arizona simply smiled, eyelashes fluttering open to look at the love of her life, her voice a husky murmur in reply.

It was their third date. And although she’d been patient their first time around – this time, they both knew exactly what they wanted. This time, they weren’t waiting for anything.

“Screw the reservation.”

Wow. Just seriously. This. Is amazing? Like, when I started roleplaying as the precious goddess known as Lunafreya, I didn’t expect to be greeted and so welcomed as I was. I feel so honored? Like. I’ve forever been in a fandom where it’s filled with negativity and hate but gosh.. This fandom, this beautiful place I’m so pleased to be a part of, made my life so much more peaceful and renewed my love and passion for roleplaying.

And it’s thanks to you guys! c: To those I’ve met, who’ve cheered me up and made me smile, laugh behind this screen. That despite it all, you make sure everyone’s smiling and I’m blessed to be a part of it.~ I’ll try my very best to not make this long but I wish to say my thanks to you guys. I seriously cherish you all in my heart and look forward for what the next year brings for us! 

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I’ll never forget that morning, it seems like yesterday, yet seems like decades have passed. Today marks 6 years since the Tōhoku earthquake of 11 March 2011, a quake that not only sent ripples through the ground, but also the ocean, and life as we knew it. The quake shook apart buildings, then the tsunami flooded in and washed it all away, and when all was said and done, nearly 20,000 had perished, including members of the Arai family, my family. It is a day that will haunt many for generations to come, but today, we mark this dark anniversary with a moment of silence for those lost, a warm embrace for those who survived, and a renewed passion and effort to make disasters like this something we can predict, prepare for, respond to, and recover from. The people of Japan are some of the most resilient in the world, their ability to overcome the harshest of Mother Nature’s fury is something we all admire, and look to for hope. Today is a somber day, but let it also be one where we look to a better future.


Kissing on my Tattoos Part Four

You can read the other parts here. Follow the links of the story on previous parts. Hope you enjoy. Hugs

You sighed and rolled your eyes while looking at your feet as Calvin proceeded to rip you a new asshole.

“He came with his wife Y/N! He doesn’t love you.” Calvin said trying to get through your thick skull.

“Don’t roll your eyes at me! You are better than being a side hoe.”

Your head snapped up and glared at your best friend.

“Did you just call me a hoe?”

“If the shoe fits bitch!” Calvin looked you up and down in slight disgust. “He does not deserve you or your child.”

“It’s his child too Calvin.”

“You were not too worried about that when you came running back home. Now that you saw him again and fucked him you are all in your feels.”

He was right. He was always right. Seeing Tom again renewed the passion and love you had for him. It might have intensified it and no matter how right Calvin was you knew you would text Tom as soon as Calvin leaves.  You sighed with relief when Calvin did leave and you quickly texted Tom your address and hopped in the shower. You had just slipped on a black satin nightgown when your door bell rung.  You smooth the nightgown over your baby bump and went to meet Tom. You opened the door and stifled your gasp. He was stunning. He had changed out of his tuxedo and wore blue jeans, a simple black t-shirt and a baseball cap. You instantly became wet at the very sight of him.

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Anyways Delphine was extra as fuck. Cosima constantly yelled at her, threatened her a few times, got a new girlfriend 2 hot days after they broke up

And Delphine just fucking took it. Unflinchingly. During s3 she always tried to be tender and comforting, and made hard choices and steeled herself for Cosima. And when Cosima responded to her “I love you” in s2 with “You have to love all of us”, at the end of s3 some of Delphines last words to her were “give your sisters all my love”

she knew she was gonna die. She wanted Cosima to be happy when she was gone. That’s why she went to Shay. I’m kind of torn between Delphine not telling her about her imminent demise because she A.) Didn’t want to burden her, B.) Wanted to keep her safe, or C.) Genuinely thought she wouldn’t care much. It was probably a combination of all three.

The last scene with her and Cosima at the end of s3 was so tragically symbolic. Delphine not wanting to intrude on the dinner, because she knows she’s not really invited. She knows she’s an outcast. She knows most of them there don’t want her around. Despite being rejected, she still does everything she can for them. She’s outside in the cold, while everyone else is in the warm glow of a family meal. She’s not welcome, and even though it breaks her heart she won’t say it. If that doesn’t pierce your soul idk what to say.

Also it hurts me that it was slightly implied she was falling into alcoholism (I’m sorry but drinking hard scotch over ur ex girlfriend by urself in ur office and pining hard is not healthy activity)

Anyway I’m never gonna stop yelling about how tragic a character Dr. Delphine Cormier is

GC: Fire

Image: The Invoking Pentagram of Fire.

Direction: South
Pentagram: Bottom right
Elemental: Salamanders
Colours: Red, orange, yellow, gold,
Gender: Masculine*

Time:  Afternoon
Season: Summer
Moon phase: Waxing
Age: Adolescence

Tool: Athame
Symbols: Candles, matches, crystals
Alchemical symbol: Upwards triangle

Virtue: To Will

Totem: Mouse
Animal: Salamanders, horses, lion, snake, dragon,

Planet: Sun, Mars, Jupiter
Zodiac: Aries(cardinal), Leo(fixed), Sagittarius(mutable)

Quality: destructive, choleric, phallic
Magic: Love, sex, passion, power, protection, desirability, courage, valour, strength
Other: Maturity, passions/enthusiasms, renewing and purifying, willpower, courage

Jewel: Fire Opal, pyrite/firestone, amethyst, fire garnet

Incense: copal, frankincense, olibanum, rose
Plant: Alder, Almond, dittany, fire thorn, flame tree, garlic, hibiscus, mustard, nettles, onion, hot peppers, red poppy, rose

To represent Fire on your altar:

  • Lit or unlit red or white candle
  • Any image or picture of fire
  • Battery powered tealight
  • Red stones/rocks/crystals
  • Any fire-ruled crystal
  • Any image, figure or representation of an animal that symbolises fire (see above list)
  • Any representation of the Sun
  • Any blade
  • The Ace of Wands or Swords card from a Tarot deck, depending on your personal correspondences
  • Image of the waxing moon
  • Any fire-ruled herb or plant

* I know the idea of gendering anything is problematic here. These are my personal correspondences for my personal practice. If you perceive the elements as otherwise gendered or not gendered at all, that’s absolutely fine. Personal correspondences are just that, personal. Find what feels right to you and use it! 


Every month I pick a tarot deck out of my collection and pick 12 cards from that correlate to each sign of the zodiac. This is #Crushascope for January 2016.

I would also love to thank Alyssa for making this gif. You can follow her at @alyssafoote

Finally I want to thank Meg, Amanda, Got a Girl Crush, and all of you for helping me get tarot groove back. I love what I do and I can’t wait to share more of it with you. I love you all and wish you the happiest new year ever. xoxoxoxo.


Hello Capricorn and happy birthday! January is going on to be a month of making a tough decision making and moving forward with it. Your sign is very stoic and you always try to be the diplomat in all you do. Don’t be afraid of what you decide ruffles the wrong feathers. What matters is that you make up your mind and stick with a decision before it brings you down.


Renewed passion for something you have lost interest in. This month will bring you inspiration and new ideas. Those ideas will also bring on new alliances. Don’t be ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ about it. You will see that January won’t disappoint when it comes to feeling inspired again.


January brings you peace, prosperity, and all the good things you have been working on. It’s time to start the new year knowing that you will reap the benefits of all the hard work you’ve been doing. It hasn’t gone unnoticed either. Perhaps a future promotion or upgrade is in the works for you.


It’s not as bad you think! The The Death card usually means changes. When I pulled this card for you the message was make a change in yourself or perhaps time to change your environment around you. Perhaps it’s time to finally quit smoking or look for a new job. But in order to move ahead you gotta change you first. These kind of changes usually lead to amazing things. So don’t lament too hard.


It’s a good month to really put yourself out there and have some fun outside of work. You need a fresh perspective and staying indoors with Netflix and chill will not be enough. Enjoy the company of your friends and make plans to try new things. It will be a great way to start the new year.


Start the year off with making peace with the things that didn’t go right. You can’t go into the new year holding on to the bad emotions. I’m not saying to forget about them or sweep them under a rug. I’m saying to make peace with them. Things didn’t pan out like you wanted to in 2015 but that doesn’t mean it will continue in the next year. Not if you let it. Be more present this month. Listen to your gut more too. You will be more in tune than usual so if something doesn’t feel right to you keep yourself at bay.


It’s time to take your power back from yourself this month. It’s time to master your own emotions. You’ve been letting them run the show for too long. I know it’s easier said than done but perhaps think about the bigger picture. Empower yourself with deep reflection and love for yourself. I wish I had pulled the Chariot instead as that card is all about taking control of a situation that has been bugging you down for far too long. Here is a theme song for you


Your integrity is your biggest strength. You know your worth now let others around you see that too. Put your best foot forward by showing the world how amazing, smart, and hardworking you are. This is also a good month to start putting new ideas into motion. You have the connections so make it happen.


Pick your battles this month Virgo. In a perfect world you would get your way all the time. However, you have 11 other signs to deal with. The best way to win your battles is through diplomacy. “You give a little, I give a little.” It will feel like an uphill battle but you will win if you master the art of compromise.


You will focus on the relationship with yourself this month. Are you giving up too much of yourself for the sake of others? Don’t wear out and make sure you make time for you. People will be asking you for more advice this month but don’t let it drain you. Have a small piece of tourmaline or obsidian handy to fight off draining vibes.


Victory is yours this month. Conflict resolution is at hand and you will be the winner. It’s been a rocky road but you will be a champion this month. Ride into every meeting with the confidence of a warrior and the charisma of a politician. You will go far my friends.


You’re setting a new goal this month and you are willing to do the work to get there. Your efforts will not go unnoticed. You’re on a path to success and your goal will be met. Have a clear head and don’t rush things. It may backfire and you don’t want to backtrack.

About Sonia Ana Ortiz:
Sonia Ortiz is American made with Cuban parts. She has been reading tarot for over 20 years. She is a licensed Reiki Practitioner, Bruja, Graphic Designer, and Guacamole Champion. She is the mother of the 2 best tuxedo cats on Earth. January’s horoscope used a mix from the Dali, Morgan-Greer, and and the Goddess deck (I really could not decide on one). You can follow her across all social media at @soniaaortiz.

GC: Elemental Spell Challenge

Winds wishing spell

Either wait til the wind is blowing in the direction for your wish, or re-word your wish to suit the current direction.

South wind:
Wishes for love, sex, passion, power, protection, desirability, courage, valour, strength, maturity, passions/enthusiasms, renewing and purifying, willpower, courage

West wind:
Wishes for healing, love, purification, psychic work, weather magic, fertility, nurture, emotions, the subconscious, the Otherworld, transformation, mystery, compassion, secrets, fertility

East wind:
Wishes for psychic work, thoughts, ideas, flights, wind, breath, learning

North wind:
Wishes for money, fertility, manifestation, fertility, embodiment, solidity, sensation, steadfastness, life, growth, nature, physical body etc

Just whisper your wish to the wind and let the wind carry it to fruition!


The Films of Hayao Miyazaki
Release Dates: December 5, 1979 – July 20, 2013
In a 2002 interview with the animation titan, Roger Ebert argued that Hayao Miyazaki might be the greatest talent in animated film-making history, which is lofty praise, but an argument that is hard to dismantle. Miyazaki’s film create complete worlds and mythologies, populated with heroes and villains who frequently blur between the fine line that separates them, and centers his stories around complicated, smart, independent female heroines. To watch even the weakest of his eleven animated features you can still be awed by his imagination and the creativity with which he tells these stories, a renewed passion for the art or the inspiration to create your own.


She was raised to feel guilt about the sins she had committed, and every time she did something deemed immoral, or wrong, she felt that suffocating sense of doom, as if her only escape would be to run away forever, and never look back. She felt that way last night as she did shots of Grey Goose that someone else paid for. She felt that way as she stumbled home on the old, cobblestone streets with that man she met three hours before. She felt that way as she tripped, and reached for his hand as she nearly fell, laughing hysterically to herself as her breath hung frozen in the winter air. She felt it as he put his arm around her waist and squeezed it tightly, digging his strong fingers into the dip that formed, just as her hip curved out below her waist, where he was gripping with wandering fingers. She felt it as she went home with him, and let him take off her dress, revealing the lacy lingerie she wore below, just in case something like this were to happen tonight. She felt that ever present guilt aching in her stomach as she kissed his soft lips, and lowered herself onto her knees. She felt the guilt begin to knot up in her stomach, because she was taught that all of this was wrong, and dirty, and not ok, because she was a woman, and it made her a slut. But as she began to lie back on the bed, and felt the pleasure that his mouth and skilled tongue could bring to her, she began to let go, and allow herself to be human, and feel every sensation that her body could feel. She was feeling these things because her body was designed this way, to feel happiness, joy, pleasure, love, all of it. It was ok. And she felt free. Finally, truly, free. And she gave her body and mind permission to let go, and sink into the indescribable awakening that shook her from toes on upward, until her breath caught in her throat. And she didn’t feel bad, or wrong, or like she was sinning. She felt like she had found herself, lost in the ecstasy of a moment, a woman wrapped around the body of a man, more free than she had ever felt before, because she finally allowed herself to exist within a moment, rather than before or after it, which was entirely new for her. She gave herself away to the desire she had been repressing, and as soon as she did, she became reborn, renewed, and reignited. Here she was for the first time, birthed from a deep seated need that she finally embraced, and she felt like she had detached from the anchor holding her down, and began to float to the surface, gasping for air. By taking control of what she needed, she found freedom and release from what trapped her before. Here she was, living in the infinite abyss of her pleasure, and she had never felt more alive. She didn’t feel disgusting or disgusted, or like a sinner or a whore; she waited for the guilt to knot up in her stomach, but it never did; the guilt never came, and that’s when she knew she had let go, and was finally free. She was reborn from the ashes of the life she burned to the ground last night; that girl was dead, and she lived in her place now. And as she lay in those damp sheets, as the sun began to rise as the dawn was breaking, she felt as though this was the very first day of her life, the first day she had truly lived, and she inhaled deeply, waiting for everything to begin again, anew.

Original Work: Kelsey H. 4/10/15

So now people cant show support for someone who’s probably changed their life and given them hope for the future of women’s wrestling and possibly even renewed the passion for it in many of us. without being criticized for “over looking the other talented female wrestlers” because you can’t show support for one and still have other favorites right? But you hate it when people say you can’t be and AJ fan and a Bella fan too…

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I hope one day Sasha cuts a promo on how annoying and wishy washy the IWC is cause y'all are getting on my nerves and I know y'all must be getting on hers too.

(ARTICLE)160426-SHINee’s Onew Feels Renewed Passion for Singing, Following “Descendants of the Sun”

SHINee’s Onew teams up with Cosmopolitan magazine for his latest photo shoot, where he shows off his charisma and youthful, yet dignified looks.

Dressed in contrasting outfits such as a stylish and chic white shirt-pants combination, or a casual gray hoodie, he wears quintessential “boyfriend” looks that anyone could love. In another cut, Onew looks free-spirited while wearing a pair of shorts, with the nearby beach as a background and the sun shining brightly.

The idol, who received a lot of love for his role as doctor Lee Chi Hoon in “Descendants of the Sun,” explains how he felt a little burdened because the much-loved drama was his first official attempt at acting. He reveals, “The script almost never left my hand on set, and the first thing I did when I woke up was look for the script in order to practice.”

Onew also says that this production was a turning point for him, and ignited a passion within him. He elaborates, “I felt a lot of excitement, passion, and greed while preparing for my role. I’ve worked hard as a SHINee member, but I felt as if I was a trainee again, practicing hard in order to debut. These days, my hunger to sing has grown, and I plan on practicing on my own,” showing his dedication towards both acting and singing.

The rest of his interview and photo shoot can be found in the May edition of Cosmopolitan.

via: Soompi