renewed for seasons 5 and 6

13 reasons why i will fight netflix

1. The Get Down not getting a season 2
2. The Get Down not being renewed
3. only season 1 of The Get Down existing
4. no season 2 of the get down
5. cancelling their original series “The Get Down” only after one (1) season
6. season 2 of the get down not existing
7. non renewal of the get down after its 1st season
8. no more episodes of the get down, netflix original show, directed by baz luhrmann
9. close to 0 promotion of the get down
10. letting the get down go like this
11. there is not going to be more the get down after season 1
12. only 11 episodes of the masterpiece that is the get down
13. to ask why the fuck we are not getting a season 2

@freeform LISTEN

1. We /all/ know The Bold Type is the most critically acclaimed show your network has ever had. Let’s not kid ourselves here.

2. You have been clamoring about a network re-brand for years and The Bold Type is literally the perfect show to pilot this around with all of the positive publicity it is bringing to your network and well… brand. 

3. You pride yourselves on your networks diverse storylines and The Bold Type is the epitome of inclusive storytelling. 

4. The cast on this show is phenomenal. This is not a cast of teeny-bopper dreamboats (although the cast is pretty dreamy). These actors are delivering deep resonating performances across the board every episode that stick with you long after an episode has aired. Isn’t this what you want your shows to be doing????

5. Speaking of actors… PLEASE make Nikohl Boosheri a regular for season 2. I have seen otherwise really great shows turn disastrous because they did not lock down a talented fan-favorite actor. I do not want this to happen to a show as beautiful as The Bold Type. 

6. Announcing a renewal will actually bring more views and streams to the show because fans will see that the show is “worth” investing in. Believe it or not fans are more likely to invest in a show when they know the network it is on is invested in it too!


Current Top 10 Wishlist for Season 3

1. More Wynonna, Waverly, Nice, Doc, Dolls, Jeremy, Rosita, Nedley, and Lucado (Kate come back!)

2. More WayHaught (OTP)

3. More WyHaught (brOTp)

4. More Dolls and Doc (brOTP)

5. More Jeremy and Rosita (Jeremy is my gay baby nerd. Rosita is our smart as f*** bar keep)

6. Love to see more LGBTQ+ characters

7. Love to see more POC characters

8. Kat Barrell’s name in the opening title

9. Season 3 to be 20 episodes long

10. Wynonna Earp being renewed for a Season 4


I feel like this season proves that PLL getting renewed for seasons 6 and 7 in stead of running for 5 seasons like they initially planned, is what caused all the plot holes and filler episodes/storylines. 

I think what we’re getting now is what they intended to do in season 5, it all links back to the beginning and they did plan it all out. But then they got renewed for two more years and they knew they couldn’t make us wait three more years for the big reveal, so they came up with the Charlotte storyline, to tide us over and now, in season 7 we’re finally getting to the real story. 

Such a shame, can you imagine how jam packed and fast paced season 4B-season 5 would have been if that would have been the final season?

You can’t go back to S1 and make sense of the Spencer twin. She was an added addition after the series was renewed for a 6th and 7th season. This announcement came on the day of the season 5 premiere, meaning they would have already filmed half of S5, if not all, at the time of the renewal. This means anything Alex related (clues) wouldn’t have appeared until season 6 and onward because this plot hadn’t been thought up yet. (“I think the show was supposed to end in year six with Charlotte revealed as “A.” - Troian) 
In addition, S6 was centered around clues relating and hinting toward Charles and Charlotte’s reveal, so I doubt there were many to find. 

The series is sectioned into S1-2 / S3-6 and 7. There was so much they could have used to tie the entire series together. So many opportunities to connect the mysteries, regardless of the fact Alex’s character was an afterthought (read this post), but they didn’t, and so, this is how you must remember the show is laid out. 
S1-2; Mona is A.
S3-6: Charlotte steals the game as redcoat, with Ezra’s subplot, the book about Ali. Additionally, the Queen of Hearts: Melissa and Wilden was merely a subplot centered around Wilden’s own motives, Sara Harvey was Black Widow and Redcoat working for Charlotte.
S7: Alex Drake continues Charlotte’s legacy and avenges her death.

Gameplan to renovate the ABC Marvel TV side

1) Considering how bad the reviews are for Inhumans and how ABC seems to want to burn off the episodes and head straight to AOS, I think it’s likely that Inhumans won’t be back for season two. That’s fine. Let the property die quietly and bring it back years from now as a movie series (like around 2024 or 2025). 

2) Also, it pains me to say this but AOS season 5 may be the final season. Considering that the show’s renewal was already a miracle, the budget’s been lowered, and that it was placed in another time death slot, I don’t think it’s likely AOS will be renewed for season 6. The only way is if season 5 is so mind-numbingly awesome that it starts pulling in bigger numbers and if ABC literally has no other shows to replace it. So for the sake of this gameplan, I’m considering season 5 as the final season. 

3) Now that we’re starting fresh, I’d say the best plan for ABC Marvel TV is to start small by focusing on a solo series, like what the CW is doing with the Arrowverse and Netflix is doing with the Defenders. They’re gonna have to start slow but they need to earn the audience’s trust. 

4) Continuing from the previous point, start off with a major character. Obviously, there are some characters that are off-limits like Iron Man and Captain America. But thankfully, Marvel is huge. Top of my head, we still have Ghost Rider, Wonder Man, Black Knight, Ms. Marvel, Blade, Hercules, She-Hulk, Doctor Druid, Mockingbird (not likely), Kate Bishop Hawkeye, Moon Knight, Shang-Chi, Firebird, U.S. Agent, Deathlok, Nova, Machine Man, Darkhawk, Captain Britain, Sharon Carter (if the movie side is nice), Irredeemable Ant-Man, White Tiger, Jennifer Kale, Thor Girl, Rick Jones, Amadeus Cho, Carmilla Black/Scorpion, Yelena Belova Black Widow, and Quake on her own.

Just to name a few. 

Literally, pick from any of those heroes and make a show about them. That said, Ghost Rider has an edge since Robbie Reyes already shown up on AOS. Just saying Marvel, I’m waiting for his spinoff show. 

5) KEEP SCOTT BUCK AWAY FROM ANY OF THESE PROJECTS. For fuck’s sake Jeph Loeb, the man has failed Marvel TV twice. Enough is enough. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.  

6) On the chance that the spin-off show has a great season 1, work on another hero. Give them the same time and effort as the other show and focus on making this new show great on its own. Maybe throw in one crossover or two but don’t overwhelm the audience. 

7) To keep the AOS team alive, at least consider adding the main characters to these other shows. Daisy Johnson would be a great deuteragonist in the Ghost Rider show (or, as stated before, she could be on her own), Fitz and Simmons could be the main support to Dane Whitman / Black Knight, Coulson and May could be old friends with John Walker / U.S. Agent, and there could be a shared past with Mack and Amadeus Cho through Helen Cho. This way, AOS’ impact can still be felt without overshadowing the main protagonists, whoever they are. 

8) Work on better marketing and follow through with strong pay-offs. I feel like that’s where AOS failed. They teased great things but the results were okay at best. Season 3 tried to hype up Most Wanted and the Secret Warriors and both projects failed. Secret Warriors wasn’t even given a chance to succeed while Most Wanted had obvious red flags from the start (lack of significant audience interest and failed to impress the execs the first time it was proposed). 

Meanwhile, season 4 hyped up Ghost Rider and achieved moderate success but didn’t go anywhere with it. Don’t read me wrong, I loved the Ghost Rider arc. However, Robbie was written off one-third of the way into season 4 and the rest of the season focused on other arcs, which probably drove off new people who were interested in GR. Yeah, I know there were budgetary reasons and different arcs to focus on but still, considering how much of the marketing was geared towards Ghost Rider, it sucks that he only appears in 9 of the 22 episodes.

So as part of starting smaller, don’t hype up large projects that will have lackluster results. Just focus on making great individual shows at the start and then build to something big. It’s fine to have the occasional crossover but don’t introduce anything too crazy. Arrowverse and the Defenders earned their right to do crazy-as-fuck crossover/universe-affecting storylines, ABC needs to earn their stripes. 

A possible thing to work towards: The Champions. Like how the Netflix shows built up to the Defenders, the ABC shows can build up the Champions. Obviously, it won’t be the same line-up as the comics but that’s fine. 

9) Move away from S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Inhumans. We have five seasons of AOS. While it’s been great following the adventures of S.H.I.E.L.D., maybe it’s time to move on to something different. And considering the reception that Inhumans received, maybe it’s a good idea for ABC to distance themselves from that property for a while. Or at the very least, focus on different Inhuman characters.

Focus on something else, there’s room enough in the MCU. Ghost Rider is a good gateway to the supernatural side of Marvel. U.S. Agent could provide a darker, grittier look at mercenaries and world governments, Moon Knight has a weird as fuck backstory that’d be fun to watch, Miss Marvel is a fan favorite who could redeem the Inhuman concept, Black Knight opens the doors to the British/European side of Marvel, the same with Shang-Chi and Asia, and so on. To reinvigorate people’s interest in Marvel TV, maybe it’s a good idea to focus on something…all-new, all-different.

Sorry, I saw my opportunity and I took it. 

thelightwithinthedark  asked:

HEY! I was looking at a livestream with Ian JQ on Reddit and the interviewer said that Steven Universe has been renewed for a season 6. Yet she said that there will be a public statement about it and not just on the panel. I am so happy and I know for a fact that there will be another season.

hey, that’s cool. I wonder how all the sites that posted endless “Season 5 is the end!” articles will react to this (probably with “Is season 6 the final season!?!?”)

anonymous asked:

The thing is, half of those gifs you posted are over a year, some even 2 years old. How can you look at footage from S2 and get confidence, when apparently what we saw as set-up then still hasn't progressed over 2 years later? We likely have 13 eps left, and they're basically in the same place they were in 2.05. I have no doubt they can spin their wheels for 13 eps. They probably won't even see each other for the first 3-4, be separated for 3 more, then face touch in the finale. Woo hoo.

Hold on…

I posted 17 gifs, 11 of which were from season 4. Only one of them is from season 2. Are you telling me that Bellarke’s relationship hasn’t developed since season 2? We literally went from Clarke sending Bellamy to Mount Weather on a death mission, telling him that his life was “worth the risk” to Clarke pretty much choosing Bellamy over the entire freaking human race and sacrificing 50 of their people to save his life. We went from Bellamy and Clarke being enemies to co-leaders to best friends, to two people who refused to be saved if it meant the other wasn’t. We went from 2 characters with completely opposing views to a perfect balance of a ‘head and heart’ dynamic, people who keep each other centered, who don’t work as well separately as they do when they’re together. Their relationship in season 2 could have been interpreted as nothing more than a purely platonic one but there is nothing about their dynamic in season 4 that is platonic. We ended the season with a canon acknowledgement that Clarke has been radioing Bellamy every single day for 2199 days despite not knowing if he’s getting her messages, if he’s even alive. He has kept her sane (also canon) despite not even being on freaking Earth. That’s some soulmate shit right there. I know waiting for a slow burn ship to happen is painful but that’s just how it is with slow burns. That finale was all I needed to be confident in romantic Bellarke in season 5. We need to have some faith in the writers because they’ve managed to develop them really well up until now, why would they disappoint us now and ruin their relationship after all this time?

Also, why would you assume that we only have 13 episodes left…? Season 5 hasn’t even aired yet, we’re in the first month of hiatus and yet you’re already set on it not being renewed for season 6. 

We went from this:

Originally posted by autumnkru

To this:

Originally posted by bellameblake

I mean…

2017 TV Cheat Sheet: The Complete List of Which Shows Are Canceled or Renewed!

Brace yourselves, TV fans – it’s time to discover the fate of your favorite shows!

Each May, the TV powers-that-be decide which series will continue on for another season, and which ones will be cast aside into the small screen abyss.

To help you sort through the overwhelming amount of TV news out there, ET has brought back our annual TV Cheat Sheet so you have a one-stop-shop master list all of the renewals and cancellations from ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox, and NBC.

We’ll be updating this list regularly with all the latest network news, so keep checking back to see what happens to those TBD TV shows…

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American Housewife – Season 2
Black-ish – Season 4
Fresh Off the Boat – Season 4
Designated Survivor – Season 2
The Goldbergs – Seasons 5 and 6
Grey’s Anatomy – Season 14
How to Get Away With Murder – Season 4
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Season 5
The Middle – Season 9
Modern Family – Seasons 9 and 10
Once Upon a Time – Season 7
Scandal – Season 7 (Final Season)
Speechless – Season 2
– Season 3

American Crime
The Catch
Dr. Ken
Imaginary Mary
Last Man Standing
The Real O'Neals
Secrets and Lies
Time After Time

Still Waiting to Hear:
Downward Dog
– Series premieres May 17
When We Rise

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The Amazing Race – Season 30
The Big Bang Theory
– Seasons 11 and 12
Big Brother – Seasons 19 and 20
Blue Bloods – Season 8
Bull – Season 2
Code Black – Season 3
Criminal Minds – Season 13
Elementary – Season 6
The Good Fight – Season 2 (CBS All Access)
Hawaii Five-0 – Season 8
Kevin Can Wait – Season 2
Life in Pieces – Season 3
MacGyver – Season 2
Madam Secretary – Season 4
Man With a Plan – Season 2
Mom – Season 5
NCIS – Season 15
NCIS: Los Angeles – Season 9
NCIS: New Orleans – Season 4
Scorpion – Season 4
Superior Donuts – Season 2
Survivor – Seasons 35 and 36
Zoo – Season 3 premieres June 29

2 Broke Girls
American Gothic

Brain Dead
Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders
The Great Indoors
The Odd Couple
Pure Genius
Rush Hour

Training Day

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The CW

The CW

The 100 – Season 5
Arrow – Season 6
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – Season 3
The Flash – Season 4
iZombie – Season 4
Jane the Virgin – Season 4
The Originals – Season 5
Riverdale – Season 2
Supergirl – Season 3
Supernatural – Season 13

No Tomorrow
The Vampire Diaries

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Bob’s Burgers – Season 8
Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Season 5
Empire – Season 4
The Exorcist – Season 2
Family Guy – Season 16
Gotham – Season 4
Hell’s Kitchen – Seasons 17 and 18
The Last Man on Earth – Season 4
Lucifer – Season 3
Lethal Weapon – Season 2
The Mick – Season 2
New Girl – Season 7 (Final Season)
The Simpsons – Season 30
Star – Season 2
The X-Files – Season 11

Making History
Scream Queens
Sleepy Hollow
Son of Zorn

Still Waiting to Hear
24: Legacy
– Season 8 premieres May 31
Prison Break
Shots Fired

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The Blacklist – Season 5
Blindspot – Season 3
The Carmichael Show – Season 3 premieres May 31
Chicago Fire – Season 6
Chicago Med – Season 3
Chicago P.D. – Season 5
The Good Place – Season 2
Great News – Season 2
Law & Order: SVU – Season 19
The Night Shift – Season 4 premieres June 22
Shades of Blue – Season 3
Superstore – Season 3
Taken – Season 2
This Is Us – Seasons 2 and 3
The Voice – Season 13
Timeless - Season 2

The Blacklist: Redemption
Emerald City

Still Waiting to Hear:
Celebrity Apprentice
Chicago Justice
Little Big Shots
Trial & Error

While you wait for your favorite fall series to return, press play on the video below for a list of the hottest TV shows premiering this summer!

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Super girl Season 2 Episode 15 thoughts:

Alright first of all, this episode was the best one in a few episodes.

1) LENA!! She was helping Kara!

2) Their conversation at Catco – it seems like they’re hanging out, which is amazing.

3) Supergirl literally holding Lena in her arms….I can die happy now.

4) It seems like Alex and Kara fixed things, it was nice to see them having a moment on the spaceship.

5) Sanvers got a lot of screen time this episode. Needless to say, I am a fan.

6) I have renewed disdain for Snapper. 

7) I’m going to pretend that Lena brought Kara potstickers…not the other person.

8) And last but not least: why is Mon hell still here.


Timeless Scenes for every episode (1x16)

It’s barely been a few days since the season(!) finale and none of us are really over it yet, but I wanted to get this out of my system because the episode was fantastic and heart breaking and I check for new fanfics every hour. (It’s only a small problem okay…)

Here are some of my thoughts on the scenes above and why they’re my favorite.

1- Noah… First, thank the heavens she finally broke up with him. Second, I felt bad for him in this episode, even though I never liked him; and now that my theories about her mother are canon I really don’t trust him. Like if Lucy is Rittenhouse royalty there’s no way that her mother would let her marry someone she didn’t truly approve of (which means he’s likely Rittenhouse too). But it was nice to see him look like he cared(s) about her and has a heart. I’m sure he’ll be back next season making her life more miserable along with her mother… SMH. (AND YES I HAVE 78% FAITH, WE’RE GETTING ANOTHER SEASON, BC IT WOULD BE WRONG TO NOT RENEW THIS SHOW).

2-Oh Jiya. I love Jiya. This scene was gold.

3&4- Any scene where anyone recognizes that Lucy and Wyatt are married af is my favorite.

5- Ethan Cahill killed me, a whole lot. I love him and he’s the one redeemable Rittenhouse member. His and Lucy’s relationship is the best and he treats her with so much love and respect. And he sees her and Wyatt as married af too, so that’s also amazing.

6-This scene made me so sad. I felt horrible for Flynn and wished he could have gone to save his family. AND FINALLY we got some answers in this scene even though it only led to more questions. And bc they have really good chemistry, and even though I am 100% a Lyatt shipper, I can recognize that Lucy and Flynn have got something good going on beneath all that mystery and loss too.

7&8- I hate slow burn ships and I would have given anything for them to be honest with each other and just shout that they love each other. But hugs… hugs and safety and comfort are some of the best things about a relationship. And this hug… they didn’t have to shout anything, it was so obviously there.

9- Same thing, but I’m glad Wyatt’s finally seeing that he doesn’t need to feel guilty for loving Lucy and wanting to move on with his life. It was a great natural progression that shouldn’t be rushed (I know I just contradicted myself from 7&8, but it’s true and taking care of grief in a positive way is something that needs to be done proper).

10- Jiya… again, I love Jiya. And I knew she could hear him. I was glad they at least got a semi-happy ending.

Okay, that’s all for now and not all of my posts will be this long I promise; but I’m just still so full of feels after that finale!

All gif maker credits available when you click on the images. 

Bonus (gif maker tag is on the gif itself):

11- I’m glad Connor wasn’t the evil dick we all thought he was. I mean I’m still mad but I don’t hate him. I didn’t want to believe he was evil but at the same time I found it totally plausible; but this scene where he’s back being his dorky self and his earlier scene with Agent Christopher where he explained he was playing the long game and protecting Rufus- that’s where he really redeemed himself for me.

The #OneChicago franchise — or at least part of it — is in no danger of going anywhere.
NBC has renewed Chicago Fire and the spinoffs Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med, TVLine has learned.
RELATED2017 Renewal Scorecard: What’s Coming Back? What’s Getting Cancelled? What’s on the Bubble?
Fire — which celebrated its 100th episode last December — will be heading into its sixth season.
The offshoots P.D. and Med, meanwhile, have been picked up for Season 5 and Season 3, respectively.
No decision has been made yet about the future of Chicago Justice.


Unpopular opinion again:

While season 12 of Supernatural isn’t as bad as 6 (Sorry, aside from one episode it was awful) it’s pretty bad. It’s wrecking characters that are mostly beloved and storylines are all over the place. I’m so disappointed in season 12 I don’t know how it got renewed.

I just can’t with this season. They are running out of sharks to jump. With the exception of the Hitler episode this season is my second least favorite.

hear me out;

So like I know some people are hella salty about Walker’s absence/death (NOT CONFIRMED) but I am going to try and give Simmons a chance, hear me out.

Okay, so he’s just doing his god damn job he has to pay his bills and considering CMBB didn’t get renewed for a third season being offered a ‘secure’ (🙄) place on a top rated show was something he wasn’t going to pass up.

Secondly, the man has just joined lmao so I feel that it’s wrong to make impressions of him based on what’s happened with CBS and the writers and not based on your opinions on his character itself.

Lastly, I think that there’s really no use fighting about whether it was wrong or right to fire Gupton now because there’s literally nothing we can do about it, they’re already 5 or 6 episodes into filming, so it’s no use.

Basically, all I’m saying is just give the man a chance. I know the circumstances aren’t great but he deserves a proper welcome, even if it’s not what you wanted

Blindspot Ratings: episode #304

Unfortunately, not great news on the ratings front this week for our Blindspot. Down to a 0.6 rating, up slightly in total viewers (3.42 million vs 3.38 million last week).

Not looking great for an upward adjustment as its half-hours are 0.6/0.5. Will have a better idea when unroundeds are available. But hopefully it can find some steadiness heading into the winter.

No need to panic for Blindspot just yet. It still is a likely renewal due to many factors other than ratings. But some steady ratings certainly wouldn’t hurt!

Thoughts on, “No Regrets” (Agents of Shield)

So many great and sad surprises! Spoilers below.

1. Gotta start off with the one I’m sure most people are pumped about. Freakin’ Tripp is back! So great to see his face. Its been too damn long! A little surprised Jemma’s reaction to seeing him wasn’t bigger. Even though she knows its fake, he’s been dead for a few years. It would catch me off guard is all I’m saying. Super happy to see Tripp!

2. Mace died! I don’t remember if we knew that was the real Mace or not, but he sure died a heroes death. That was a fantastic scene. He died knowing that what he was doing would save lives and that’s all that mattered. Regardless if they were “real”, they were real to him.

3. I really liked what Ward said at one point. He asked Jemma if she could feel the love between Mack and Hope. She said yes. Then asked, “Doesn’t that make it real?” (Or something to that effect). That is a great question. Can believing something’s real make it real? I would argue yes. Just looking at the placebo effect. People think a fake pill works and then it somehow actually works! Its a weirdly proven thing.

4. “…a hive like itch.” That got me so good! Coulson cracking jokes without even realizing it.

5. “Nevertheless, she persisted.” Fitz about Daisy. They just keep slipping in these very current political things. I dig it! 

6. The May/Mace fight was solid. 

7. Loved how they got May to turn. It was because of the kids and Mace’s sacrifice. That was really good!

This episode was packed full of other goodies, but I’ll just end it here. Such a fantastic season. They need to hurry up and renew another season already!



TV Renewals Update (May 10):

  • The CW has renewed iZombie for Season 4 and The Originals for Season 5
  • ABC has renewed Modern Family for Seasons 9 and 10
  • Fox has renewed Gotham and Last Man on Earth for Season 4
  • NBC has renewed Chicago P.D. for Season 5, Chicago Fire for Season 6, Chicago Med for Season 3 and Blindspot for Season 3