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So this was just posted on Twitter today!

Who’s feeling brave? I have an idea that will take every single person’s help!


What if we submit a video to the Lucifer writers with a montage of us holding up signs to renew Lucifer for Season 3?

I figure our song of choice could be Unsteady. Unless you guys think something more upbeat like All Eyes On Me. Or something else too!

I think it’d be a lot of fun. Show the writers who we are and the different people from all walks of life love the show.

So depending on how many people want to participate, each person could either snap a picture or maybe 5-10 second video displaying their sign.

Then, one person could be designated the collector and editor of the video package. When completed, we can upload it and send it to the Lucifer writers. 😈

Input is really appreciated! This would be something that could be put together within a few days time.

Anyone on board with this? Drop a comment below!


Renew Lucifer Project


The response has been immeasurably large for this project! So first off, let me thank everybody who has helped pushed this to become a reality.

Secondly, let’s thank @mariamorningstar for stepping up to the plate and volunteering to be our video editor. :)

So here are the nitty gritty details!

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Friday February 10th @ 12PM EST.

What’s Required:

1) A photo or short video of you, your friends, your family, your dog, an entire classroom of people…etc… holding up a sign that says #RENEWLUCIFERS3 (Feel free to be as creative as possible. It just doesn’t have to be at your home, it could be outside, at school, at a mall, a park - get as creative as possible! I fully encourage it, but the only requirement I do have, is to just be yourself!)

2) OPTIONAL: We’re creating an intro, so if you guys want to stand behind a white wall and video tape yourselves saying the follow as our introduction, we’ll cut together an amazing opening!

“This is a thank you.”

“To the cast, the crew, the writers, directors, and all those involved in the amazing production of Lucifer.”

“The fans have spoken. And we really want a Season 3.”

“We’re ready to make a deal with the Devil. But in the meantime, let’s celebrate you.”

Where to Send Your Submission:

Please send all submissions to

Inside the email:

Please attach your photo or video(s)

Include either your name or your username (if you don’t want your real name to be used)

City and Country you live in

We’ll make a credits list at the end of the video with everyone’s names and places you’re from, so everyone can see how far and wide we originate from!

Again, the deadline for all submissions is 2/10/17 @ 12PM EST.

If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me an email from the above link or on here.

The most important part, is to just be yourself and have fun with this! I look forward to hearing from everyone!

Good luck! :)

EDIT: Willing to extend final submission date to February 18th. So if two days isn’t enough time. Never fear, we won’t leave you out. We want everyone to participate. I only made a short deadline because people tend to forget with too much time. 😈
"I am giddy with lightness": an update from Callie Curry and the Bamboo Renewal team

In 2016, artist Caledonia Curry and The Heliotrope Foundation launched a Kickstarter project to build a resilient, sustainable bamboo home for an extended family in Cormier, Haiti, as part of a larger effort to create works of art and social architecture in the country. More than six hundred backers helped bring the project to life.

The build is now nearly complete, and Curry expressed her gratitude and shared the team’s progress in a recent Project Update. Read on for an excerpt, and see the full update here.

Sketch of Mamma Louisana embroidering a wall hanging.

Keep reading


I don’t want to talk about these I hate them part 3

Part 1
Part 2
Apple issues $1 billion green bond after Trump's Paris climate exit

Here’s the story:

Apple Inc offered a $1 billion bond dedicated to financing clean energy and environmental projects on Tuesday, the first corporate green bond offered since President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris climate agreement.

The offering comes over a year after Apple issued its first green bond of $1.5 billion - the largest issued by a U.S. corporation - as a response to the 2015 Paris agreement.

Apple said its second green bond is meant to show that businesses are still committed to the goals of the 194-nation accord.

The tech giant said proceeds from the green bond sales will be used to finance renewable energy, energy efficiency at Apple facilities and in its supply chain and procuring safer materials for its products.The offering also includes a specific focus on helping Apple meet a goal of greening its supply chain and using only renewable resources or recycled material, reducing its need to mine rare earth materials.Last year, Apple allocated $442 million to 16 different projects from renewable energy to recycling from its first bond offer.

One of the projects it funded was a robotic system called Liam to take apart junked iPhones and recover valuable materials that can be recycled, such as silver and tungsten - an attempt to address criticism that Apple’s products, while sleek and seamless in design, are so tightly constructed that their components can be difficult to take apart.

Although green bonds comprise a small fraction of the overall bond market, demand has grown significantly as investors seek lower-carbon investments. In 2016, $81 billion of green bonds were issued, double the number from 2015, according to the Climate Bonds Initiative, an organization that promotes the use of green bonds.Governments are also embracing the use of green bonds as a way to meet a 2015 pledge by world leaders to limit global warming this century to below 2 degrees Celsius.


Get out there Mindians/MindyMouses!!! Tweet your 💜💙💛💚❤️💖’s out to FOXTV and UniversalTV!! Tell them you want see Mindy and Danny’s story to continue!!! We want this magical TV show to soldier on to 4 more seasons!!! So if your an avid Twitter user please let Fox and Universal know that the they should #RenewMindy for a full 22 episode season next year!! #themindyproject Much Love Liz 😘

The Top 10 Solar States

Environment America published a report documenting its findings of how solar is growing as a source of power. “Solar electric power tripled in the U.S. between 2011 and 2013 and ten states are responsible for 87% percent of that growth,” Environment America reports.

Arizona is the clear winner, producing  275 watts per person. But recent changes to the law regarding net-metering are making it harder for home-owners to choose solar. Vote Solar and other organizations are opposing this change; keep up with them here.

Close runners-up are Hawaii, Nevada, and California. There were also several smaller states on the list, including New Jersey, Delaware, and Massachusetts.

This month we’ve seen the organization of a great national event series, we’ve learned more about solar power and we’ve dished out advice on renewable energy! Read more HERE!

Candle Magic - Pt. 1

Candle Color Correspondences

Black: banishing or absorbing evil/negativity, binding, defense, hex breaking, grounding, learning, mourning a loss, power, pride, protection, releasing, reversing, safety, scrying.

Blue: astral projection, calming, communication, counsel, devotion, fidelity, focus, forgiveness, friendship, good fortune, guidance, happiness, harmony, healing, health, hope, inspiration, intuition, loyalty, meditation, organization, patience, peace, prophetic dreams, protection, sincerity, sleep, spiritual inspiration, tranquility, truth, understanding, will-power, wisdom. 

Brown: animal/pet magic, balance, concentration, construction, food, grounding, house blessing, learning, locating lost objects, material goods, real estate, stability, study.

Copper: money goals, passion, professional growth.

Gold: attraction, cosmic influences, creativity, deities, energy, enlightenment, happiness, luck, money, prosperity, protection, strength, success, sun energy, understanding, victory, wealth.

Green: abundance, acceptance, ambition, balance, beauty, counteract envy/greed/jealousy, employment, fertility, goals, good luck, growth, harmony, health, love, marriage, money, nature appreciation, peace, physical and emotional healing, prosperity, success, wealth.

Grey: neutrality.

Indigo: psychic abilities, self-awareness, wisdom.

Ivory/Beige: balance, harmlessness, neutrality.

Lavender: calming, compassion, consciousness, higher-self, inspiration, manifestation, selflessness, spirituality, spiritual assistance, understanding.

Lilac: calming, inner healing.

Magenta: immediate action, life path, life purpose.

Orange: action, ambition, attraction, business success, career, celebration, courage, creativity, encouragement, energy, fun, goals, intellectual matters, intelligence, investments, joy, justice, legal matters, mental clarity, opportunity, overcoming addiction, prosperity, self-expression, strength, success, vitality.

Peach: rejuvenation, restoration.

Pink: affection, caring, compassion, devotion, domestic harmony, faith, femininity, fidelity, friendship, love, maturity, nurturing, peace, partnership, protection of children, romance, self-improvement, spiritual & emotional healing.

Purple: break habits, confidence, contact with spirits, divination, drive away evil, healing, independence, influence, meditation, power, protection, psychic ability, spirituality, spiritual growth, spiritual protection, success, wisdom.

Red: action, aggression, assertiveness, attraction, blood, competition, conflict, courage, danger, determination, energy, fertility, health, independence, love, lust, mercy, passion, power, protection, sex, strength, survival, vitality, war, warmth, will-power.

Rose: compassion, creativity, endurance, forgiveness, healing, humor, joy, love, opening the heart, romance, security, stability, strength.

Silver: astral projection, clairvoyance, dreams, intuition, meditation, protection, psychic abilities, remove negativity, stability, telepathy, victory.

Turquoise: brotherhood, changes, humanity, intellectual and intuitive insights, originality, renewal.

Violet: ambition, astral projection, divination, financial success, idealism, independence, inspiration, meditation, power, psychic abilities, psychic revelation, spiritual world, spirituality, strength, success.

White: all purpose, balance, balancing the aura, clairvoyance, cleansing, consecration, divination, happiness, healing, higher self, innocence, magic involving young children, meditation, peace, protection, purity, purification, repels negativity, spirituality, spiritual strength, truth, unity.  May be substituted for any other color.

Yellow: abundance, action, attraction, changes, cheerfulness, communication, concentration, confidence, creativity, divination, endurance, energy, great fortune, health, inspiration, intellect, intelligence, justice, joy, knowledge, learning, logic, luxury, memory, positive attitude, progress, prosperity, solar/sun energy, understanding, visions, wisdom

Candle Masterpost

universique  asked:

I've been missing out, but what happened to K-Much?

nothing! kind of. k-much as a group is now dead. at the beginning of the year they hosted a renewal project through makestar wherein they announced the group would be changing their name and ‘re-debuting’ with a new member. 

at the end of february makestar announced be.a as the group’s new name (short for be artist, chosen by fans) and a week later, at the beginning of march, bomb was formally announced as the new fifth member.

be.a then spent the next 2 months finishing up preparations for their redebut/comeback before finally releasing the single album ‘magical realism’ and it’s title song magical’s mv on may 25. currently they are promoting their song through guerrilla performances in the shopping districts of seoul as well as performing at middle and high schools throughout the country.


With a dozen peer-reviewed studies showing the transition to 100 percent clean, renewable energy (sourced by the wind, water, and sun) is technologically possible, what would you do to help our cities, towns, states, and country make this transition as quickly as possible so every American has access to affordable clean energy over the next 30 years?