Malcolm Turnbull has blamed the power outage in South Australia on renewable energy, whereas experts have blamed the massive fucking storm that took out several transmission poles.

“This is all the fault of Labor trying to aggressively demand we have renewable energy! As you can see, tackling climate change has caused serious damage! Coal wouldn’t have done this to us!” Turnbull said at a press conference. “Coal would’ve been supportive, it promised it’d always be by our side when we needed it most. I trust coal.” He sniffled a little at the fond memory of his gentle lover.

“The claim that this giant fucking storm that took out transmission lines is completely unrelated to the blackout right now. Sure, some people might claim that climate change is a leading factor in increasingly larger and more damaging storms, and that’s why we need renewables, but clearly those “scientists” are the people who are to blame for this state-wide black out.”

“So to further reiterate my point… if we just replaced renewable energy with coal, and then also electricity transmission poles with coal, then we will have a very coal electricoal infrastructure… coal.” Turnbull said.

“Are you just being paid by political donors every time you say the word “coal”?” asked a journalist.

“No not at coal. That’s incoalrrect. Vote coalition.”

so uncle gramps was cancelled, regular show and gumball are ending after a season, adventure time in two seasons, is the CN renaissance period coming to an end goddamn
An 'Agent Carter' Movie Could Still Happen, According To Hayley Atwell
It seems all hope of seeing Hayley Atwell's Agent Carter return to the screen may not yet be lost.

After all, for as long as Hayley Atwell’s Agent Peggy Carter remains absent from our screens, there’s really no way to solve the central problem that it created.

Thankfully, though, Atwell herself recently opted to spread a gentle sliver of hope onto the dry, dry toast of disappointment, and to reassure us all that we may not yet have seen the end of Peggy Carter.

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We Talk About Mary Jane Watson’s Dress with a Couple of Wedding Experts
Marvel recently got inspired by all of the Secret Wars crossovers to release a tie-in with Spider-Man titled “Renew Your Vows” which features a poorer version of the hero as he struggle…
Marvel Actress Hayley Atwell Says: Give Agent Carter a Movie!
Hayley Atwell Says: Give Agent Carter a Movie! In this new interview. Atwell affirms her commitment to continue to play Peggy Carter.

Tuesday proved to be an amazing day for the ABC canceled show Marvel’s Agent Carter. In the midday hour, fans of the series were treated to an interview with Hayley Atwell at Comic Book Resources that could leave them feeling pretty hopeful about the return of Peggy Carter in some format, be it television or, wait for it — film.

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British company Pavegen has developed a new paving tile that captures the energy of footsteps and turns it into electricity.

On a small scale, one day’s worth of foot traffic over a few tiles could power one street light overnight. In another recent field test at a music festival, dancers stomping on a dance floor with Pavegen tiles generated enough energy to recharge their mobile phones.

The company’s first big field test will come this summer at the London Olympics. Pavegen will be installing its system just outside the Westfield Stratford Shopping Center, one of Europe’s biggest and busiest urban shopping malls. The tiles will be placed on one of the main pedestrian thoroughfares leading into nearby London Olympic Park. Depending on the foot traffic, the company hopes its tiles might be able to power the mall’s entire lighting system. More.

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Renewable energy had its best year yet

A new report has found that renewable energy power capacity around the world grew more in 2015 than in any other year in  history. A majority of the new additions to sources of renewable energy in the power sector came through wind, solar and hydropower. And that’s good news for those down on their luck.

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Try to be more like an owl, wind turbine

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Owls are notoriously silent predators. On the leading edge of their wings, these raptors have comb-like bristles on their feathers. The bristles break up sound waves and prevent the telltale swoosh sound of an incoming strike. Meanwhile, the downy feathers on the underside of the wing and the owl’s legs soften air pressure, adding to the quiet. End result: Mouse did not see it coming.  

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Wind turbines, however, are not so stealth—they disturb their neighbors, be they human or animal. Scientist Nigel Peake, who studies fluid mechanics, might have the answer: Make turbine blades more like owl wings. Peake’s team added evenly spaced fins across an airfoil and put the imitation owl wing in a wind tunnel. It worked, cutting noise down by a factor of 10. It turns out that adding fins to blades might also help generate more energy, because the wind farm could spin the turbines faster without worrying about making more noise. The scientists are now working with a wind turbine manufacturer to test their idea out. So owl wings result in more rodent snacks, fewer stressed fish, fewer edgy squirrels, fewer complaining humans, and less coal burned—they’re quite the invention.