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I really wish Alex and Lena got to hang out this season. They could bond over science! And maybe being their family's unfavorite child? (Though that was way worse in Lena's case than in Alex's case, but still.)

It’s about Kara, at first.

Because Alex is an excellent liar, and she knows Lena is, too.

Which is exactly how she knows that Lena’s skills at lying come from the same place hers do: survival.

Which is exactly how she knows that Lena isn’t lying about loving her sister. About her sister being Lena’s hero. Kara, not Supergirl.

So at first, it’s about Kara, that they bond.

They laugh softly – like she did with Maggie – about how no, the glasses really don’t help. About Kara’s hilariously transparent slips of the tongue about flying on a bus, about what planet she’s from, about not being able to see without her glasses. 

But that’s all it is: about Kara. On their own, they don’t know what to talk about, at first.

Polite exchanges about work and about how Maggie’s doing. But it’s strictly focused on Kara.

At first.

Then it becomes about the science. 

The science, first, because these are two women who grew up wanting to change the world, who grew up knowing that their minds were special but feeling that themselves as people would never quite be… enough.

The science, first, because Winn won’t shut up about this genius idea he and Lena had yesterday, and Alex wants to smack him on the back of the head for not inviting her. 

She refrains. She’s working on it with Maggie.

But Winn still gets a stern talking-to, and she gets invited to all their super secret science meetings after that.

So they talk about reversing climate change and growing food in seemingly impossible conditions and truly renewable fuel and ways to defeat Cadmus for good.

And that’s when it bridges from science to… life.

Because Cadmus has taken both of their parents, in too many ways to count.

And that’s when they start getting beers – well, Alex gets beers, Lena gets red wine – together, when it’s no longer about Kara or quantum physics or biomechanics.

That’s when it becomes about… them.

About watching a sibling receive more love than they know what to do with; about never quite measuring up; about dreaming of making their mother proud, about taking comfort when they talk to the stars at night and see them twinkle, because sure, it’s light from thermonuclear explosions dozens of lightyears away passing through Earth’s atmosphere into their retina, but they both imagined – imagine – that the stars that they can never reach are, somehow, more proud of them than their mothers will ever be.

Sort of, for Alex. Because Eliza at least would never abandon her.

It’s those nights that she holds Lena, rests her cheek on Lena’s hair, wondering if this is what intimate friendship with a woman who’s not your girlfriend and not your sister feels like.

And then there are nights that Lena sighs and turns down her laptop because Alex Danvers, like her little sister, has free reign to pass by Jess and come into her office whenever she wants.

Nights that Alex has gotten into another fight with her mother and can’t tell if it was her fault, or not, or both, and Lena knows all about gaslighting so please, can she help her make sense of it?

Lena tends to avoid hard liquor at work, but she starts keeping an extra bottle of bourbon in her office, just for Alex. Just in moderation. With water.

Because she and Alex are too similar sometimes; both of them could easily flip off the edge, dive into oblivion.

But they don’t.

They don’t, because of a lot of long, complicated, painful, and glorious reasons.

But one of those reasons, now, is because they have each other.

all i’m saying is that brooklyn nine nine better get at least 15 seasons 

The actual world’s biggest solar farm-in-the-shape-of-a-panda

There are quite a few news stories being written regarding the world’s largest solar farm that is, incidentally, in the shape of a panda. Based in Datong, China, many have shared the above image of the 100MW farm from Panda Green Energy (come on, go with it) which, despite the appeal, is just an artist’s rendition. Snopes managed to acquire a drone shot of the actual farm, below.

Next, the Materials World blog will tell you Father Christmas isn’t real, take the Tooth Fairy to task, and proving the non-existence of God (QED) before vanishing in a puff of logic.


After I wrote about my coming out story and the significance of queer Muslim representation on @theboldtypetv for @glaad, I opened my DMs so that folks could come out or make a confession anonymously. 

Here are just a few. 

Check out the whole thread on Twitter:

Okay, so this is not the usual stuff you see on my blog and I bet most of my watchers don’t know this show, but honestly? Killjoys is just finishing its third season (no news of renewal yet but it’s a strong possibility) it absolutely BAFFLES ME that it is not more popular among Tumblr crowd.

Seriously. This show is so much better than most people give it credit for, especially from season 2 and up. Go and watch it now if you like any of the reasons below:

  • Totally bad-ass WOC lead and her two male sidekicks who are absolutely aware that they are sidekicks and have no problem with it whatsoever.
  • Bounty hunters in space. If you miss Firefly you should really watch Killjoys.
  • Female empowerment. Women are absolutely amazing characters. Ladies run the show behind the scenes as well.
  • No sexism or racism in the universe. Diversity in race, ethnicity, sexuality.
  • Healthy approach to sex. Casual hook-ups are fine, so are relationships. Or multiple relationships. Polygamy is okay. Pegging is cool. Total respect for sex workers.
  • Gay warlords. Gays in space. So much gay and it’s totally normal - no one even bats an eyelash at all the gay.
  • Unusual approach to religion. Masochistic (hot!) monks.
  • Science and nerds save the day as often as brute force and soldiers.
  • The show knows what it is and can make fun of itself pretty often. They don’t try to pretend to be something they are not.
  • No fake drama for the sake of drama! No terrible secrets that characters hide from each other for three seasons. Conflicts get solved fast.
  • The team is a family. The guys are actually related. The female lead briefly hooks up with one - it doesn’t last, but it doesn’t ruin their relationship. For the other brother she is a ‘boss/wife/platonic life partner’ (as said in the show). They all would go to hell and back for each other.