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[ Save - The Mindy Project ]

Nominate your favorite show that you believe deserves a renewal by: 

→ Posting in the comments section or

Sending a tweet to @kristindsantos with the hashtag #SaveOneShow.

We’ll pick the top 20 shows you want rescued, and then the voting starts the morning of Monday, Feb. 17.”


I made #RenewMindy gifs you can use to tweet and lovingly harass foxtv with! If you think of more scenes where the texting is clear and can be covered up let me know I will make them as well! 


Get out there Mindians/MindyMouses!!! Tweet your 💜💙💛💚❤️💖’s out to FOXTV and UniversalTV!! Tell them you want see Mindy and Danny’s story to continue!!! We want this magical TV show to soldier on to 4 more seasons!!! So if your an avid Twitter user please let Fox and Universal know that the they should #RenewMindy for a full 22 episode season next year!! #themindyproject Much Love Liz 😘



[ R E N E W     M I N D Y ]

Only the top 5 move onto the next round.

↓     V O T E     ↓


Voting in this round closes on Thursday, Feb. 27 at 5 p.m. PT and you can vote as many times as you’d like. The next round will kick off on Friday morning, with the five remaining shows battling it out. And make sure to spread the word to your TV friends on Twitter using the #SaveOneShow hashtag.”
'Mindy Project' Star Mindy Kaling Previews the 'Cliffhanger' Finale, Talks Season 4 Hopes

The Mindy Project has never been accused of being the CSI of sitcoms, but star/creator Mindy Kaling has gotten used to life on the bubble.   “We’ve never been a show that just glides through the renewal process, so we live in that space and try to make a show that feels fresh and funny,” Kaling admits in an exclusive interview with Yahoo TV. I can’t imagine not seeing these characters again.”

Should I feel awful about this:

Yahoo TV: If it doesn’t get renewed, will you be satisfied with where it ends? Will fans?
Mindy Kaling: No. Listen, I loved our season and I think it is a good finale, but it is a cliffhanger and the people who watch will want to know what happens to these characters.

For the love of God, foxtv renew Mindy already!

TMP Renewal Rewatches, Week 4!

It’s time for round 4 of evmlove​ and lizzylizard84​ ‘s renewals!

Reminder: If you can, watch the episodes on legal platforms like Hulu and FOX. If not, watch and tweet anyways! If we trend, we show them that this show has a dedicated audience that misses its presence!

Please please reblog even if you don’t participate!

(let’s just stick with this one, since the more concentrated we get, the better chance we have of trending!)


9 pm EST Caramel Princess Time (available on hulu plus and FOX)
9:30 pm EST We Need to Talk About Annette (available on hulu plus and FOX)

We’re also watching these again at 9/9:30 PST time, for all you west coasters! See you there!



Let’s do this!!!! The Mindy Project Live Tweet Rewatch this Tuesday March 31st, 2015 at 9pm Eastern We will be watching Danny&Mindy and We’re a couple now! Haters!!
Tell foxtv it’s not over! Tweet your 💖s out!
Thanks evmlove for suggesting we start our TMP Rewatch campaign again!! 😘

Use #RenewMindy #themindyproject


The Mindy Project Season 3 Live Tweet Rewatch continues Tuesday 4-28-15!!

Diary of Mad Indian Woman at 9pm Eastern

How to Lose a Mom in Ten Days at 9:30pm Eastern

Keep pestering foxtv with #RenewMindy
We have to get more seasons of TMP!!!

Hopefully we will get some kind of good news soon!!!