I made double fanart! 

Wanted to make something for the Interfector RP all my favorite blogs are doing and I’ve been ponifying everything lately so… tada? Sorry if I got hair/eye color/ etc wrong. 

Spent about 30-45 minutes on each character… except the Interfector who took freaking 4 hours!!! Why do I do this to myself??? Anywho… I gave TC wings, because… reasons and Reinette is too royal and fancy not to be a unicorn. 

Hope you all like it. <3

(Left to Right)

Michelle, The Tenth Doctor, Alternate Dimension Tenth Doctor, Reinette, The Interfector

I was going to go to bed... but then shit got real

Literally, just as I was getting tucked in and just doing a last check on tumblr, the Interfector gets on, Michelle and Renette initiate their plans, both Doctors are freaking out/know about everything, and I’m just sitting here like…

4:00 am in my time zone and everything decides to happen