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This child, Edward’s child, was a whole different story. I wanted him like I wanted air to breathe. Not a choice—a necessity. Maybe I just had a really bad imagination. Maybe that was why I’d been unable to imagine that I would like being married until after I already was—unable to see that I would want a baby until after one was already coming.… As I put my hand on my stomach, waiting for the next nudge, tears streaked down my cheeks again.

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“Renesmee sat on my lap, playing with her locket, opening and closing it. I watched her and imagined the things I would say to Jacob right now if I didn’t have to keep my words out of Edward’s head. If it’s ever safe again, take her to Charlie. Tell him the whole story someday. Tell him how much I loved him, how I couldn’t bear to leave him even when my human life was over. Tell him he was the best father. Tell him to pass my love on to Renée, all my hopes that she will be happy and well…”

Headcanon scenario:

Nessie, about to head out to hang out with her friends one Saturday night

Edward: It’s just going to be a girls night out right?

Nessie: Yeah, we’re going to try to see a movie, grab a bite to eat, talk to the dead, and, if we have time, commit arson

Edward: Okay, have fun, and don’t come back too late

Nessie: I won’t

Nessie leaves and Bella comes in

Bella: after all that you just say have fun?

Edward: what? i want her to have fun, what’s wrong with that?

Bella: she said she’s going to commit arson 

Edward: she said if they had time. remember they’re talking to the dead first

Bella: technically she talks to the dead all the time. it’s not every day she commits arson

Edward walks toward the window, placing his hand on the glass as it rains outside, looking out into the distance, deep in thought 

Bella: ????

Edward: it’s just one of things you do when you’re a teenager

Bella, calling Charlie: Yeah, hey dad, no everything’s fine. Just lemme know if you get a call about a fire

Control - Jasper Hale x Reader

Requested by anonymous: Can you write a Jasper imagine of him training you and helping you trying to control your special ability?

I tried

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Your strong arms were wrapped around your partner as he struggled to break free from your grip.

Jasper was training you in case a battle ever threatened the family, and boy was it difficult facing him. Unlike you with your newborn abilities, he has been fighting for over 150 years. In his past, he had fought off some of the strongest clans of vampires. At one point, he had even fought for a clan and trained their young, creating warriors. The memory of working for such evil beings is still hard on him, so you always encourage him that he’s a better person now. 

He continued to gasp for air and soon gave up fighting your grip. You let go of him with a smug grin on your face and turned around to run. Before you could even get out of the clearing, he grasped your neck and pulled you back, slamming you onto the ground. He smirked down at you as you tried to calm your breathing.

“Don’t you know you shouldn’t take your eyes off of the enemy?” He asked in his strong southern accent.

You rolled your eyes. “Yeah, yeah. I promise I won’t make that mistake again.” He extended an arm to help you up.

Once your were up, you didn’t let go of his hand, but instead twisted it around behind him instead. Your move backfired once he escaped your hold and faced you. He flipped you over him and for the millionth time that day, you were on your back looking up at the gray sky. 

“Can we take a break?” You sighed.

“No.” He plopped down on the grass next to you. “But we can work on your gift instead.”

“Fine.” You groaned.

“Remember what I told you and really focus this time. I know you can do it, (Y/N).” He encouraged.

You stared up at the sky and squinted your eyes, attempting to muster up the familiar feeling of power.

For a moment, the sky darkened and a strong wind picked up but before long it fizzled out. 

“I can’t do it!” It was too frustrating and every time you tried, your head would start pounding.

“Yes you can, darlin’. Just try one more time.” He rubbed your back in a soothing gesture. “Go on.”

You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. Before long, you felt another gust of wind and heard thunder in the distance. You kept your eyes screwed shut as you focused to keep control of the brewing storm. One by one, rain drops began to shower over you and Jasper. The rain started to fall harder and you even summoned a couple of strikes of lightening. 

Your face broke out into a smile and you looked over at your mate. His golden eyes showed his excitement for you and he grinned at you. The rain was beginning to soak through your clothes so you released your power and the sky slowly returned to its normal state.

“I can’t believe it!” You shrieked and tackled Jasper into a hug. 

He laughed but soon started groaning. “Not so tight, (Y/N).” 

You quickly let go. “Right. Sorry.” You gave him a nervous smile. “I keep forgetting I’m stronger than you.” 

“Yeah? I’d like to see you take Emmett on.”

“Anytime, any place.” You smirked. “Race you back to the house?”

Before he could answer, the trees were going by in a blur and you didn’t look back.

Newest Addition To The Family

Summary: time to pick names for baby (y/n)

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Chapter 3


Rosalie was seated on the couch surrounded by the females in the family while the men stood off to the side watching them all fuss over the child. Renesmee was asking her mother, Bella, questions on the child. Like was she that small as a child and was her head that little and Bella answered each and everyone of them. Esme was snapping pictures of the baby, already planning a photo album for the young child who was giggling up a fit into Rosalie chest, and Alice was smiling while making silly faces to get a reaction out of the child.

“Where keeping the kid.“ 

Emmett spoke up breaking the men’s staring away from their mates, “Emmett, you have to understand that child could have a family somewhere.” Carlisle tried reasoning with the buff vampire, Emmett huffed, “The only parents that little girl needs are Rosalie and me, her so called family your talking abandoned her and left her for dead in the woods, I was hunting whem I csme across them.” Carlisle and Edward exchanged a look, Edward knew what his adopted father was going to say next so he spoke up, “You know Emmett, raising a child is hard.” Emmett snorted and said, “We all pitched in to help raise Rensemme before Bella was awoken as a vampire, so it shouldn’t be hard for me and my mate to raise this child-” Emmett turned around and faced Carlisle, “C'mon, please. This is all we’ve ever dreamed off.” He begged. Edward and Jasper exchanged knowing smirks, knowing that he would give in to the thought of a new family member. “Fine then, but at least let me give the child a check up.”

Grinning Emmett rushed off to tell Rosalie the good news, who them handed the child to Alice amd hugged her mate, she was finally going to have that little family she always wanted. 

“I think this is good for them, you know?” Alice said handing the baby off to Carlisle who nodded on reply before walking off to his office to get his supplies, he would give the baby a check up in his and Esme shared bed room.

“Well aren’t you just a precious little human.” Carlisle smiled, the child kicked her legs up and giggle at him. Her red eye’s beamed up into his gold ones as she wiggled around in his arms, while he was checking her Carlisle noticed her heart was slow but still there beating healthy in her little chest. Thinking nothing of it the doctor vampire would have thought that she would cry from being around a stranger but nope she only wiggled around to check out her new surroundings.

Once he was all done he walked out with the child in his arms Rosalie instantly leaving her spot from the couch to remove the baby from his arms, Emmett smiled at her. He’s never seen her this happy before not even she was this happy when it was announced that they were mates, sure she was excited but he knew that hole that was once in her chest was filling up with love and hot for their newest addition.

“She needs a name!” Alice jumped up from her seat by her mate Jasper and beamed speeding off only to return a few moments later with a couple of pens and paper, she handed them out and told everyone, “Well we know that the child is a girl, so write down at least five girl names you think would fit her.”, everyone took a glance towards the baby taking in her features before they got to writing down names.


1. Sofia Cullen/Hale

2. Jane Cullen/Hale

3. Emily Cullen/Hale

4. Charlotte Cullen/Hale

5. Rose Cullen/Hale


1. Harley Cullen/Hale

2. Jamie Cullen/Hale

3. Sharon Cullen/Hale

4. Peggy Cullen/Hale

5. Max Cullen/Hale


1. Angelina Cullen/Hale

2. Claire Cullen/Hale

3. Marianne Cullen/Hale

4. Harper Cullen/Hale

5. Brianna Cullen/Hale


1. (Y/n) Cullen/Hale

2. Margaret Cullen/Hale

3. Annie Cullen/Hale

4. Charlie Cullen/Hale

5. Isabella Cullen/Hale


1. Evelyn Cullen/Hale

2. Emma Cullen/Hale

3. Olivia Cullen/Hale

4. Ava Cullen/Hale

5. Mia Cullen/Hale


1. Madison Cullen/Hale

2. Chloe Cullen/Hale

3. Victoria Cullen/Hale

4. Grace Cullen/Hale

5. Lily Cullen/Hale


1. Hannah Cullen/Hale

2. Miley Cullen/Hale

3. Aria Cullen/Hale

4. Layla Cullen/Hale

5. Riley Cullen/Hale


1. Laura Cullen/Hale

2. Samantha Cullen/Hale

3. Zoe Cullen/Hale

4. Natalie Cullen/Hale

5. Allison Cullen/Hale

After both parents, Emmett and Rosalie went over the list of names from their family members they smiled at the name they chose, “We got it-” Rosalie smiled standing up with Emmett following soon after, “We’ve decided to name her (Y/n) Grace Cullen/Hale.” They announced, the Cullen/Hale family erupted into cheers at the new family member.

“We could throw her a birthday party tomorrow!” Renesmee shouted in joy, the family looked at Rosalie and Emmett for permission. Both parents struged and smiled, “Sure.”