The Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiingers

Every speck of matter has a story. It is the primordial motivation for every function of the universe. Some events simply have more intriguing stories than others.

For the world of Renieth, the focus is on the stars. Most beings purpose for life is dictated by the balls of gas ceaselessly orbiting unknown points in space. It is their reason for exploration, their justification for religion, their inspiration for creation. This fixation on the stars collectively provokes a belief that the stars are not inanimate objects but are the forms the gods take. The greatest of these gods is referred to as Unith, or simply the Great Ones.

While all cultures have various lore concerning the Great Ones, the story that is most uniform is the story of how he created the world.

Unith are a God who takes no shame in playing favorites. They will flit from brilliant speck to a different brilliant speck, frivolously gifting each with tremendous amounts of power with no cost to him. There where ten specks of light, the light that composed the universe before little else had had the power to form, that held the Great Ones’ attention for an unprecedented amount of time. They nourished them, shaped each one into something valuable in its own right.

It is here where the stories diverge, saying the ten things were the the things that the culture values most. Some say they were ideologies, others races, still other objects. All however say Renieth was created during this time.

As Unith became more and more attached to his ten beloved objects, they could no longer bear to be apart from their loves. Taking a knife made from their bitter tears, they cut flesh out of ten of their fingertips, creating a hole through each for their ten treasures to rest in. The flesh from their fingers flew into space, become the stars, becoming the gods, becoming the controlling forces for all ages. These new powers held no attention from Unith. Even as the other gods were forming allegiances, Unith was delicately nestling their treasures into their fingers, ensuring their eternal safety and care.

To this day, Reneith and the other nine treasures are believed to be nested in the fingers of Unith, protected by their great power and powered by their unwavering attention.