I’m Falling For You…

Dear Lydia Martin,

I’m not as good with words as you are, and I honestly don’t even know where to start. It’s funny when you think about it, how everything we say and do is just different combinations of 26 letters…

But there’s no possible combination of those mere 26 letters that could express how I feel about you, so I figured I’d let the music do it for me.

This is a playlist of how I fell in love with you, Lydia Martin, the girl with the world at her feet and for some reason I’ll never understand, me by her side. 

I thought I’d let you know that I’ll do anything and everything to stay there, if you’ll let me.


Jordan Parrish

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Miss Jackson- Panic! At the Disco (feat. Lolo)/ Renegades- X Ambassadors/ The Curse of Curves- Cute Is What We Aim For/ Spectrum (Say My Name)- Florence and The Machine (Calvin Harris Remix)/ High- Young Rising Sons/ Viva La Vida- Coldplay/ Sweater Weather- The Neighbourhood/ Pull Me Down- Mikky Ekko/ The Call- Regina Spektor/ Rubik’s Cube- Athlete/ Daniel in the Den- Bastille/ The Scientist- Coldplay

I got tagged by deadindunwall a thousand years ago to pick my top 10 fictional characters, but only one from each franchise. There will be a lot of anime characters, because I’m a weeb, then some book, movie and vidya game ones


1. Yang Wen-Li, who would literally save the world if he was real

I love him so so much, and he is my favorite character of all time ;_______;

2. Tyrion Lannister (the book version. I love Peter Dinklage too, but book!Tyrion is best, because he’s very flawed and complex, while the show Tyrion is still the best thing about the show, but also an actual angel)

3. Lisbeth Salander (best grill of all times  O F   A L L   T I M E S)

4. Makishima Shougo (hot sociopathic bibliophile lover; favorite villain)

5. Abed Nadir (best thing that ever happened to television series, period)

6. Sendo Takeshi (BOXING HUSBANDO)


8. Garrus Vakarian (SPACE BATMAN HUSBANDO I have many husbandos shut up)

9. Gary King (literally me in a few years)

10. GlaDOS (another best grill of all times and my favorite vidya game character evar)


P.S. also Ezio Auditore and every single character from Ping Pong the Animation

I tag merlioske who never does tags anyways but cmon babe do dis, syonaivosijavientietoisuutesi // androvoid // red-russian-wolf // renegade-pietro // regenisraen // redxhawk // poke me if you want to be tagged as well or just



Alex Ich scores awesome pentakill on Kalista

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1.Name? Chloe
2. Where’re you from? Lots of places, most of them in my imagination
3. Favorite color? Either dark velvet red or royal purple
4. Favorite number? 7
5. Favorite band/artist? Ugh, I can’t choose just one! I’ll put one for each genre, as a compromise
-Indie: The Head and the Heart
-Folk: The Weepies
-Rock: Lumen, Goo Goo Dolls
-Punk(-ish): Green Day, MCR
-Pop: Wir Sind Helden
-Classical: Chopin
(As you can tell, I’m a music fanatic)
7. Tag 8 people you’d like to know better. At this point you guys probably know that I am incapable of staying within these tagging limits, so there’ll be more than 8 (more like 15) Sorry, I love you guys too much.
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I like you, Peter. I like sex with you even more. But I don’t hold hands. And I don’t talk about wishes and dreams. And I sure as hell don’t do dinner dates and movie nights…But never, even for a single fucking second, think that anything I do is influenced on what these backwoods cousin fuckers think.
—  Soraya Harman. Renegades - Chapter 5: A Good Lover / A Stressful Life…

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What's on your playlist? I need some new tunes :)

21 Questions - Nicole & Zuri

Classic (Pat Lok Shymix) - The Knocks

Collapse 2.0 - Zeds Dead

Coming Home (Lost Kings Remix) - Gorgon City

Drive - Dornik

Famous (Brenmar Remix) - Charli XCX

Feels Like Summer - Panama Wedding

Flirt - Boycrush

Forgiveness - Made in Heights

Get Free (Paige Remix) - Major Lazer

I’ll Be Good (LYNOS Remix) - Jaymes Young

In My Place - Lincoln Jesser

Karaoke (Halogen Remix) - Smallpools

Left Behind - cln

Lifted Up - Passion Pit

Lose It (Jerry Folk Remix) - Oh Wonder

Mine (Elephante Remix) - Phoebe Ryan

Persuasion - AM & Shawn Lee

Petrol Station - Sorcha Richardson

Pretty Thoughts - Alina Baraz & Galamatias

Real Love (BLACKLYTE and ALMOND Remix) - Clean Bandit

Renegades - X Ambassadors

Right Now - Hopium

Runaround (Chordashian Remix) - Little Daylight

Runnin’ (STWO Remix) - Kehlani

Say You Will - Trails and Ways

She Talks Too Much - Elohim 

Show Me Love (EDX’s Summer Indian Remix) - Sam Feldt

Slow Burn - Made in Heights

Swimming Pools - Yuma X

Talking Body (Jax Jones Remix) - Tove Lo

The Cops - Vanic x K. Flay

This is Love - CAPPA

Together (Original Mix) - The Magician

Tradewinds - Goldroom

Unstoppable (FKJ Remix) - Lianne La Havas

Vagabond (Milkman Remix) - MisterWives

Veins - Keyes

Waited 4 U (Odesza Remix) - Slow Magic

White Lies (Crush Effect Remix) - Odesza

Woke The Fuck Up - Jon Bellion

You’re Mine - Lola Marsh

Thanks for the #RenegadeLife photo John G. there’s nothing better than a Renegade sunset. 

huh, each further day I am realizing my portrayal of Bucky is anything but to be considered a ‘paragon’. off duty, he’s a cocky and dorky guy who cares about those he trusts, but once he’s on a mission (whether it’s as Winter Soldier for SHIELD or even Captain America,) he reminds me more of a Renegade Soldier. one who’ll choose the the more crude approach to achieve the ultimate mission objective.

though, at the beginning of his recovery, he’s generally a lot rougher with pretty much everyone.

yEAH. definitely should clarify that about my portrayal because I’d like to think that’s my very own way to portray him <3


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  1. Why did you choose your URL? WELL…. It’s a long story… too long probably.. I saved over 20 URLs for Zack before I chose this one….
  2. What is your middle name? Elizabeth o:
  3. If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be? GRIFFINS.. or a Dragon tbh…
  4. Favourite colour(s)? Navy Blue and Orange
  5. Favourite song? Renegades by X Ambassadors tbfh
  6. What are your top five fandoms? Final Fantasy, Jurassic World, The Royals, Kingdom Hearts, A song of Ice and Fire ( not in that order )
  7. Why do you enjoy Tumblr? Hmmmm… My friends mostly… Cause otherwise Tumblr kind of sucks… x:
  8. Tag 9 10 of your Tumblr crushes: gaiafleur, queenxcersei, abrideoffire, backwaterheroics, steelhart, lazuliss, xreveried, xvaleant, aetla, exclair ( tbh idk if this means you’re supposed to do it…?? But I tagged ppl I crush on sooooo.. you guys can do this if you want idek )

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Wait whats the singles club?

It’s box set of four songs (in the mourning, renegade, hello cold world and monster) that Paramore released in 2011

It was basically letting us know they are still a band and making music despite losing two members and i love it a lot a lot 

This is how a #Renegade gets its feet wet. Thanks to John G. for this #MuddyMonday pic!

Playing ME2 now and like

Man, I know next to nothing abt Martin Sheen other than he spawned that one embarrassment but if I ever saw him or heard that smug voice in public my face would twitch and I’d probably hallucinate a renegade interrupt icon flashing just in my peripheral vision and it woukd take every ounce of willpower out of me not to punch an old man.


Watch Minions Full Movie

Minions Stuart, Kevin and Greg are hired by Scarlet Overkill, the super-villain who, alongside the girl inventor husband Herb, hatches a plot to take over the world.


Release Date:July 10, 2015
Genres:Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family
Production Co.:Universal Pictures, Illumination Entertainment
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:Kyle Balda, Pierre Coffin
Writers:Ken Daurio, Brian Lynch, Cinco Paul
Casts:Sandra Bullock, Steve Carell, Jon Hamm, Katy Mixon, Hiroyuki Sanada, Jennifer Saunders, Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud, Dave Rosenbaum
Plot Keywords:funny, minions


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