Songs To Defend the Universe To (24 tracks) 

  • Top of the World Greek Fire
  • Hearts Like Ours The Naked and Famous
  • Lions In Cages Wolf Gang
  • One Minute More Capital Cities
  • I’m Born to Run American Authors
  • Baba O'Riley The Who
  • Could Have Been Me The Struts
  • Renegades X Ambassadors
  • Vox Populi Thirty Seconds to Mars
  • Save the World / Don’t Worry Child Pentatonix
  • Sound of Change Dirty Heads
  • Red Hands Walk Off the Earth
  • The Nights Avicii
  • Kick Ass MIKA & RedOne
  • West End Kids New Politics
  • Believe Mumford & Sons
  • Things We Lost In The Fire Bastille
  • All These Things I’ve Done The Killers
  • Centuries Fall Out Boy
  • Victorious Panic! At the Disco 
  • Frontline Pillar
  • Spiralling Keane 
  • Lampshades On Fire Modest Mouse 


War and Glory: A PearlRose Playlist

Tracklist: Renegades X Ambassadors || North Sleeping at Last || Sugar Dream Valley Shine || Love Will Lead You Back DeeDee Magno Hall || You Matter To Me Sara Bareilles || My Dear Kina Grannis || For Good Idina Menzel and  Kristin Chenoweth || Rather Be Clean Bandit || Boats and Birds (Ghost Wire Remix) Gregory and the Hawk || It’s Over, Isn’t It DeeDee Magno Hall

vorchagirl  asked:

Okay, so my memory is terrible, but I believe you've said you've romanced Kaidan in ME1 and then Thane and Garrus? I'm just wondering if you're planning on romancing anyone else in any new playthroughs? And if you'll be creating any new Sheps to do so! ^_^

Hey there :)

Yes, I did romance the 3 of those awesome people. I have already created a renegade Shepard to see the renegade path and to see some other romance. I’ve romanced Ashley and ohmygod is she not goodness and love. She is! I also romanced Miranda in ME2 and I loved the softie side of her. I already know Tali’s romance because I watched my fav Let’s Player do it, but I’ll definitely create a Shepard of my own to see her beautiful romance because I just ADORE Tali.

Oh and I also romanced Liara. This romance felt so dedicated to me, so beautiful and deep, I really enjoyed it.

In fact, I want to playthrough all romances, but I’m kind of cheating because I use the same Shepard for double playthroughs :D Like my first Shepard, Jane, in her original story romanced Kaidan, then Thane, then Kaidan. I used her for a second playthrough starting in ME2, so it was Kaidan and then Garrus till the end. I also have her Kaidan-then-Thane-till-the-end playthrough :D

My renegade Shepard will probably be replayed again to see Jack’s romance and probably Ashley till the end (not cheating in ME2).

So much to tryyy wah~ Thank you for asking! :)

Random details about your Shepard.

I found the questions from @shepard-headcanons very interesting, so here we go. I will start for my Keira Shepard this time, since I’m replaying her. :)

(tried to find pics of her that she looks more colder.)

ME Alignment: Renegade;

ME Class: Vanguard;

Love Interest: Thane Krios;

Morality Alignment (Neutral Good, Chaotic good etc): Lies between Chaotic Evil and Chaotic Neutral. More Chaotic Neutral, I guess. She is more evil when she doesn’t have a support and people to believe in her, most of those times she just wanted to get things done. But when she had Thane besides her, she really tried hard to change and do things better. 

MBTI Type: I did this test right now and it was ESTP. According to the test,  “ESTP personality types always have an impact on their immediate surroundings, ESTPs are the likeliest personality type to make a lifestyle of risky behavior. They live in the moment and dive into the action.” - it does sounds like Keira. 

Sexuality: Bisexual

Zodiac Sign: Cancer. In my headcanon, she was born in 23 June and she is 2 years younger than the default Shepard. 

Hogwarts House: I guess it is Gryffindor. She is brave as hell. 

Season (spring,summer, autumn, winter): Summer

Weather: She likes sunny days because it reminds her of her childhood on Mindoir. During the mornings when her father and she used to walk together. 

Cocktail/drink: Vodka and probably everything that has alcohol

Dessert: She loves brownie and chocolate cakes. Her mother used to cook them to her when she was a child. 

Music genre: She likes old punk and metal. She loves how those genre can be energic and how she feels alive when she listen to them.

Movie/TV show genre: She doesn’t watch much tv, but she does like to what sports in general. When she was a child/teenager, she wanted to be an athlete to overcome her own physical limits.

Sport: She likes and used to practice many sports, especially marathon, boxe and fights in general. 

Sun or Moon: Sun. She likes its energy.  

Morning or Evening: Morning, when everything is so clear. The evening reminds her of what she lost. 

Coffee or Tea: Tea. For some strange reason, it calms her down. 

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate. 

Lake or Sea: Sea. She never really cared much, but then Thane told her about Kalahira and she started to see the sea in other angle and admire it. 

Mountains or Beach: She likes mountain, especially for an adventure. 

  • fic: what the FUCK i want this
  • fic:i could do a sexy anders cosplay with this
  • fic:'s_Coat_-_2_-_Black_-_Anders_companion_armor.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20120905162602
  • bobby fullbrite:fggfhghhghghg im laughing
  • bobby fullbrite:i dont want you to do a sexy anders cosplay i dont want anyone to do a sexy anders cosplauy
  • bobby fullbrite:also its storming and theres lightning and rumbles
  • fic:dont deny my kin feels...
  • fic:>:^3c
  • bobby fullbrite:youre the root of all evil merc

Seriously contemplating a Mass Effect tattoo. I was thinking about the usual N7 or paragon/renegade ones, but then I thought, what about a half sleeve of all my favourite Mass Effect ladies? I mean, it’d be like their heads, or maybe full body, I don’t know.

Any thoughts? I already have a few tattoos and was thinking of putting this nee one on my right upper arm/bicep. Some one give me ideas!

anonymous asked:

Amy how do you like Jeeps like as a brand? I'm very partial to Fords but I've DREAMED of owning a Jeep for years! But my stepdad and real dad keep trying to steer me away from the brand

I love my jeep. My last 3 cars have been Jeeps. They can be very expensive because they are always in demand. The wranglers are out of my price range sadly! they also dont get great gas mileage but the patriot and renegade do and they are on the lower end pricewise.

for me, i will probably always buy jeep because when i got t-boned and my car flipped twice, i literally walked away with a scratch. the jeep’s roll cage area is really great and i know the likelihood of that happening again is probably zero but i was impressed by how it held up to a serious accident. plus i just like the look of them. i have had zero problems with my jeeps (although other people complain about them).

My dad is partial to Fords too. I think everyone has “their” brand LOL but for me it will be Jeeps! 


I’ll never forget the look on that Nephrite’s face when you pulled her out of the cockpit!

Pearl clearly put a whole bunch of points into the vehicles skill so now she can drive, pilot, fly, and operate (and hijack and reverse engineer!) anything. It’s one of my favourite things.

doing Thane’s personal quest - while interrogating this dude, me and Thane played Good Cop/Bad Cop, except I accidentally told Thane to play Good Cop. so we were both Good Cop.

It was Good Cop/Good Cop.

and so it played out as the funniest scene I’ve seen in the whole game so far

Shepard: we don’t need to let this get out of hand
Thane: your cooperation would be greatly appreciated in this matter
Shepard: your constitutional rights and autonomy will be completely respected
Thane: tell us where he is and we’ll make it worth your while
Shepard: would you like a stick of gum
Thane: say one simple name and we’ll disappear immediately
Dude: ?????????????????? Are you going to… even hit me, or
Shepard: pretty pretty please tell us

Me and my sister were just absolutely howling, I thought I was gonna fail the whole mission

AR didn’t need to do that. He knows that John is on the Other Team, that now that the game has started he’s legally allowed to kill him right then and there. He has a way to escape and leave the boy behind to ruin the game for Prospit and win for his kingdom.

Instead he chooses to sacrifice himself, because the safety of a child in peril is more important than politics.

AR is such a good person…

in the garden: a renegade pearl fanmix (art by @creepyknees)

you have her face and her eyes but you are not her.

ii. kishi bashi - bittersweet genesis for him AND her
iii. susanne sundfor - accelerate
iv. fka twigs - give up
v. st. vincent - laughing with a mouth of blood
vi. glasser - shape
vii. bjork - hidden place
viii. tori amos - bells for her
ix. hiatus - we can be ghosts now (ft. shura)

–> listen!

Borders And Horizon Lines

Around the time Mr. Greg originally aired, @zombee made an interesting remark about how amazing it was that each line of the bridge of It’s Over sounded like the title of a Pearl/Rose fic. In an attempt to break out of an awful writing slump, I decided to use just that as prompts for a bunch of interconnected ficlets, all different but in relatively familiar and comfortable (for me) Pearlrose territory, in thematic rather than chronological order. So here they are, ten in all - nothing too polished, but hopefully effective. Only bold, precise, and experimental if you squint. ~3700 words.

War and glory

The raids and battles of the tense, packed day all go surprisingly well - it almost seems like a miracle. Their reunion is teary-eyed and giggly and just the smallest bit light-headed with relief, with hands tangled in hair and haphazard kisses. But there are no injuries to speak of, seven eager new recruits are joining the ranks of the Crystal Gems, and Pearl is humming at Rose’s side with a happy bounce to her step. Keeping the compliments coming is the easiest thing Rose has done in a long while.

“Oh, and I loved that little flourish you did at the end there, with your swords? Very precise and imposing, good for sending a message and leaving a lasting impression.” Pearl preens at that, and Rose is all too happy to continue and drive it home. “It was all very charming, too. You are charming.”

“Y-yeah? I am?”

The little sideways looks Pearl keeps shooting her are irresistible, and easily drive away any remaining doubt regarding that statement Rose might have had. “Absolutely. Look at me, I am charmed, completely won over. Can’t you tell?”

“Well, I do try to be at my best… It’s, uh… I just don’t like to presume…”

“I know you don’t,” Rose softly cuts into the reluctant stammer, punctuating her point with a peck to the hand that had been on its way to cover Pearl’s increasingly blue face before she soundly captured it in hers. “But please always presume this. Look at you. What more could I possibly want?”

“Well, a few more quartz battalions surely wouldn’t come amiss,” Pearl starts only half-jokingly before Rose pulls her into her arms.

“I’d rather have you than a thousand of them.”

Believing her is the easiest thing Pearl has done in a long while.

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