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um holy shit andraste’s flaming knickers! thanks for all the likes and reblogs you guys! <3

Added “Anders’ Manifesto” prints and stuff to my society 6 account (and my etsy shop), in case you want a print or a mug or a shirt or something! I did a trimmed down logo for the shirt because I don’t like super wordy shirts myself.

society 6 (mugs, shirts, mobile phone cases!)

etsy (prints!)

Note on prints: Prints in my etsy store are slightly cheaper because Society 6 has extra fees and so forth. Just FYI.

[also! I see i have new followers! hello! thank you so much for following me. I think perhaps at 400 followers, I’ll try to do a follower-appreciation giveaway, provided I can figure out the best way to do that. <3 you guys!]