Wizard101 | The Umbra Queen | Morganthe

Cast me out
Devil’s ashes live under my nails
Where’s the hope, belief in humanity?

Strangers look down on me
Fallen angel, that is I
Now is ever do or die
Together, no man left behind
We are the left behinds

I’ll lead you all you left behinds

> Morganthe, from Wizard101. Transparent, drag over a dark background for a secret surprise. ;)


I reached 800 followers here on my art blog miliusprime, and so I’ve decided to make a giveaway to celebrate and give a big thank you to all those followers and friends who’ve supported me in my art, writing, and roleplaying. This is for you.

The Prizes:

1st Place: A digital CG color piece featuring one character of your choice in an environment of your choice + one full character outfit ref sheet of up to 4 outfits for one character of your choice.

2nd Place: A full body digital CG color piece featuring one character of your choice with a simple color background.

3rd Place: A full body pencil sketch featuring one character of your choice scanned at min 300 dpi.

Examples of my art can be found in my art tag by clicking the “Renée’s Art” button on the left.

The Rules:

  1. You’ve gotta be following this blog. New followers are welcome, but blogs that unfollow after the giveaway are automatically disqualified. Don’t be that person c’mon lol.
  2. Reblog this post to enter. Each person who enters gets their name in the list just once. However, likes are very appreciated and will make me smile so they are worthwhile too. ;) Haha
  3. No giveaway blogs please. This is for me to thank my followers and friends. Yes, I’m checking. :P 
  4. People who I have blocked are not eligible to participate 
  5. Feel free to reblog this however many times you like! Spread the good word lol. But don’t spam your followers ;)


The time to enter in the giveaway ends at Midnight on 3/27/2016 ! Winners will be announced within the week and those who win will be privately messaged as well. Winners should be prepared with reference images of their characters.

Good luck everyone! :)


Keeping Secrets | Solas & Emma Studying Ancient Elven  (HD)

> It was great when Solas finally caved and agreed to teach Emma (more) ancient elven. Now they can take their nerdage to new heights. Solas here thinks that if he stares hard enough, he will eventually achieve x-ray vision and will be able to scan Emma’s brain to find out why she knows so much. Emma here is saying… well, somebody caption what Emma’s saying here lol.