Philosopher Portraits

The artist Renee Bolinger pairs famous philosophers with famous artists based on the compatibility of their ideas. 

I’ve made an effort to pair each philosopher with a like-minded artist, often from a similar time period. Philosophers were selected based on requests, hence the somewhat eclectic nature of the group. Each of the paintings in the series is an 11"x14" oil on canvas.

Prints, mugs, and various other forms of each piece are available at my storefront. If you like them all, the Philosopher Portraits Calendars might be perfect for you. Large-scale posters of some of the pieces are available here.

Self-Construction Simone De Beauvoir. Paired with Frida Kahlo for their shared interest in self-portrayal and the social construction of femininity.

Meh. Albert Camus, paired with Edvard Munch’s The Scream.

Formulaic, v.1 Ruth Barcan Marcus. In the style of Roy Lichtenstein, an artist whose work is similarly focused on the analysis of a particular formula.

Frozen Delights Jeremy Bentham. Paired with Wayne Thiebaud, largely for Bentham’s emphasis on hedonist utilitarianism, but partly also for his famous desires concerning the preservation of his body upon death.

Ecce Homo Friedrich Nietzsche. Paired with Paul Klee, for their similar emphasis on delight in primitive forms.

Man with a Book Immanuel Kant. Paired with Pablo Picasso, since both focused a great deal of their work on the obstacles to direct perception of the external world.

On the Nature of Things Aristotle. Paired with DaVinci’s sketchbook style, for their similarly exacting studies of nature.

Cave Drawings Plato. Paired with the Lascaux cave drawings, as a reflection of Plato’s famous allegory. In progress