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Haha not sure what to say. Nina (the nb girl) is mine and Rene (trans boy) is Tiamat’s OC! They’re in love.

I think we said they met one day when Nina beat up Rene’s bullies. Because she loves to fight, saw an occasion, and took it! From then they become friends and started dating at some point.

I’m too tired to explain better! Here the post where I present Nina [x]


In early days, we could only be gay in name alone. God forbid if we ever showed affection in public. It’s still not enough. Well, we’ve come a great distance, but we still have a long way to go.

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“Dan, Renee, and Allison. DAN’S good people, but she’ll work you to the bone. ALLISON’S a catty bitch you should avoid at all. RENEE’S a sweetheart. Be nice to her.”

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say that when nessie grows up, she and rosalie end up being closer to each other than she and bella are. (a personal headcanon haha.) how do you think bella would feel about that?

Short answer: I think Bella would be mostly-fine with it. 

Longer answer: There’s a really interesting parallel between Renee and Bella’s relationships with their daughters. Both of them are somewhat reluctant mothers, or at least women who didn’t immediately want motherhood. (Bella was more adamant about the no-children thing, whereas the reality of parenting in a small town was stifling for Renee). And, of course, both of them ended up with daughters they didn’t really understand and who ended up acting more like adult figures in their lives. 

(I keep coming back to that line Nessie says: “Momma, you’re special,” and how clearly it’s meant for Bella. Why would a gifted child of gifted parents surrounded by gifted coven members say that otherwise?)

Anyway, the point I’m getting at is that Renee let Bella go. She let Bella move to Forks, she let her get married, and she doesn’t seem to be interfering in her daughter’s new life. Bella might inherit the same sentiments. She’ll do her best with Nessie, but she’ll realize that Renesmee is her own (occasionally inscrutable) person, and if Rosalie is who she needs, then so be it.