renee wolf

I gotta get back to reading Academic Articles™ for school but first I have to share the sadness i caused myself by thinking about recent Minkowski developments again

like, she was JUST starting to overcome things and take control, get her responsibilities back. Possibly for the first time, really, as she said. She was motivated and more secure in herself than she’d been in a long time 

and then like when we meet her again at the end of episode 54, something is OBVIOUSLY wrong. She’s likely being controlled, and more directly so than she has been this entire time, and it’s just…. it’s rough to hear her being put into that place right as soon as she was starting to get her footing again

Eiffel: which country has the most birds

Eiffel: portugeese

Eiffel: wait

Hilbert: that’s a language

Hera: portugull

Eiffel: nice recovery

Lovelace: don’t you mean nice redovery 

Minkowski: turkey, how did we miss turkey