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injustice 2: *continues to add female characters that aren’t batwoman to the line-up*

Arrow Takes On the Gun Control Debate With Some Heartbreaking Flashbacks
Exclusive! Get a sneak peek of Wild Dog's backstory.

There’s a new sneak peek inside this article. 

In this exclusive sneak peek of the flashback story in tonight’s episode, Rene and his wife come to blows when he wants to carry a gun just to take their daughter, Zoe, to a hockey game. He wants to protect his daughter in a bad neighborhood, but his wife doesn’t think that’s what the gun was supposed to be for.

And Rene shirt looks really familiar

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Let me teach you how to dance
Let me lead you to the floor

Simply place your hand in mine
And then think of nothing more

Let the music cast its spell
Give the atmosphere a chance

Simply follow where I lead
Let me teach you how to dance


The ‘Royal Family’ is in town for a bit of vacationing and to welcome Laurens home. Despite having (for the time being) retired from improv/talk show comedy, George stays true to his snobbish, self-centered wannabe monarch character on social media. He only takes breaks to brag about his wife.

(Featuring Lea Michele as Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz)

“İnsan kalacağız biz bağışlanmazlık pahasına.”


Görsel :  Nelson Mandela’s Wife proudly hanging kurdish Flag in solidarity with kurdish women freedom fighters.

Arrow 5x13

I know this is a filler episode, but it was damn good in my opinion. Secretly, I really wanted to see Prometheus, but the episode was very symbolic to today’s society, and it was necessary to reveal the new recruits’ backstories a bit more, since they were just recruited very fast and out of nowhere in the beginning of the season. 

Gun control is something of a touchy subject. There have been a lot of school shootings, movie theatre shootings, and cop shootings over the past decade. As Curtis said, as a black man, he is much more likely to be shot by cops. He shared his concern with the right to bear arms. However, Rene had a different opinion. This was a great segway into Rene’s past. Although Rene isn’t the same Wild Dog in the comics, this origins are very similar with his comic book counterpart Jack Wheeler’s. Rene was in the army/Jack was in the marines. Rene’s wife was shot in an accident (drug related)/Jack’s girlfriend was shot in an accident (mob related). Etc… I am starting to really like this character. And for those who keep up with my blog, I did not like him at all in the beginning. Hopwfully, for the future fillers, they expand on Curtis’s past and made Rory’s as well. 

Thea and Vigilante’s return: Super excited to see both of them again. 

Prediction: Something is going to happen between Diggle and Dinah. I have a feeling. It could be short lived but they have great chemistry together.

I hate how all the CW Valentines Day stuff happens a week later, but Cupid is coming back with her all female team. Pretty awesome :O

So, I’m seeing on my dash that some fangirls are pissed about Roman being married.

Pissed…that he’s married…to his long time girlfriend? To whom, I think, he was with before the WWE? And I believe she’s the mother of his daughter, right?

I can only handle seeing the Dean and Renee bullshit, but hearing that some fans are actively pissed that their favorite wrestler is in a loving marriage….

One question: Fucking WHY?

You know when the last time I heard fangirls being pissed about a famous person being in a relationship was? Like, fifteen years ago, when I was a freshman in high school and obsessed with boy bands. And I heard this from other young teenagers/middle schoolers about their favorite band member having a relationship.

You know what that is? Insanity.

To those that are angry about Roman’s marriage, are you fourteen? Are you prepubescent? Well then get off the computer and calm down because a nearly thirty year old man wasn’t gonna date you anyway.

They actually mocked you guys in the MTV original movie/series for the fake boyband 2gether, but I’m gonna assume most of you are too young to know what that is. You know, where the one guy had to pretend his long time girlfriend was his sister because he had to appear “single” to appease fangirls….like you guys.

The fact that they even actually thought that way, and probably still do, is ludicrous. These guys, and girls, are not here for us to imagine that we’d actually be in a relationship with them. Sure, we fawn over how attractive they are and make jokes about it, but the normal people don’t actively get pissed that they’re in a relationship and hate their spouse/significant other. And if you do? You know what, fine. But shut the fuck up about it. Stay off the computer. Don’t put your idiotic thoughts out there where someone could see it.

Because, you do realize that one day, Joelle might see your awful comments. His daughter. She’ll see what you guys say. That goes for ALL celebrities, all the wrestlers. Their spouses, family members, children, possibly them can see what you say. THINK about that. And if you can’t wrap your minds around that concept, or the concept that these real people do not exist for your sick, deluded fantasies, then you need to get off the computer and go home.

Jesus, fangirls. I can almost understand some of the hate for the wrestlers dating other wrestlers if you claim that you just don’t like that other person, but you people don’t even know Galina or the other “regular people” that these wrestlers date/marry. So calm down. Go outside, or something. Jesus.