renee paul chambellan


This is my new Blog, a tribute to my favorite architectonic and pictorial style, The art Deco, also named Style 25. Since Collage I started to feel very attracted to this visual art and design style in my Art History classes. 

Now I pay a tribute to Art Deco in this tumblog, I will be posting all the greatness and majesty of this art style. I hope you enjoy it as I will.

And let’s get started…

So, here we have, one of my personal favorite buildings, the “American Radiator Buiding”, since renamed to “American Standard Building” . It’s a landmark skyscraper located in New York, designed by  John Howells and Raymond Hood in 1924 and built for the American Radiator Company.

Black brick was used on the frontage of the building, symbolizing coal, was selected to give an idea of solidity and to give the building a solid mass. Other parts of the facade were covered in gold bricks, symbolizing fire, and the entry was decorated with marble and black mirrors.  Rene Paul Chambellan were employed by Howells and Hood for the ornamentation and sculptures.