renee magritte son of man

the signs as famous paintings (not necessarily based on the artists’ actual sign)

ARIES: The Starry Night, Vincent van Gogh (1889)

TAURUS: The Birth Of Venus, Sandro Botticelli (1484-1486)

GEMINI: Impression, Sunrise, Claude Monet (1872)

CANCER: The Kiss, Gustav Klimt (1907-1908)

LEO: The Scream, Edvard Munch (1893)

VIRGO: The Son Of Man, Rene Magritte (1964)

LIBRA: Christina’s World, Andrew Wyeth (1948)

SCORPIO: Guernica, Pablo Picasso (1937)

SAGITTARIUS: Nighthawks, Edward Hopper (1942)

CAPRICORN: Saturn Devouring His Son, Francisco Goya (1819-1823)

AQUARIUS: Self-Portrait With Thorn Necklace And Hummingbird, Frida Kahlo (1940)

PISCES: The Persistence Of Memory, Salvador Dali (1931)


1. Self-Portrait, Vincent van Gogh
2. Lady with an Ermine, Leonardo da Vinci
3. Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci
4. American Gothic, Grant Wood
5. The Son of Man, Rene Magritte
6. Girl with a Pearl Earring, Johannes Vermeer

by Marco Sodano

AAH! This is almost as bad as the time I got pranked in college (Don’t ask)! Where’d all these balls come from? Who cares? All I care about is where they’re going, and that’s to their respective owners! And I know who they are because for some reason, each ball has a cutie mark for me to go on! So far, I’ve identified the cutie marks of the following:

Ace, AeroSalt, ALOS, Amelia Pond and Doctor Whooves, Applejack (Bounty Hunter), Aqua Marine, Ash (in Equestria), Banana Pie, Batpony, Bo Diddly, Braeburn, Bright Idea, Burning Stream, Cantershire Commons Mod, Captain Flintlock, Chain Rattle, Chiptune, Degama, Edgar Allan Poeny, Electro Beats, Fanny Pack, Frosty Mint, GoldDrop, Johnny Lightem, Kai Theta, Lola Cloudmaker, Lovely Pages, Lucky Star, Miss Romancedy, Mysticwings, Nombre, Nurse Nimble, Occult, Opalescent Pearl, Penpoint, Pinkamena the Serial Liker, Poké, Potpouri, Prosecutie, Sarsaparilla Hoofer, Secret Tale, Shaula, Siyah Lace, Snew Pea, SoloFire, Sonata Dusk, Starlight Gear, Steel Strings, Sugar Kisses, Sweet Disaster, Sweet Treats, Sweetgrass, Sweety Peach, Tequila Shots, TinkerGlide, Toola Roola, Viola, Winter Snow, and Zap Point.

If your name’s been called, please collect your ball. Thank you!