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Ladies and Germs, Tommy Centro is now in living, breathing GROOVY color! I’ll have both of these books for sale (along with the print at the top of this post) at New York Special Edition (June 14-15). I’m sharing a table with Ryan Jampole.

Colors for Book 1 and the print were done by the amazing emoxic (on joncairns art) and Book 2 was done by Mr. dio-03 himself (on top of his own lines–and check that fucking painted cover!)

If you’re not going to be at Special Edition, no sweat! Once I figure out pricing on everything, I’ll offer these up for sale via THE INTERNET.

Any questions? Email me at jakobfree at gmail dot com!




On sale at New York Special Edition. Be there or be square!

The Cycle 1: Pax Romana by joncairns, Jakob Free (me), and emoxic clocks in at 40 pages and will be on sale for 8 USD.

The Cycle 2: This City, This Fire by dio-03 and Jakob Free (still me) has 28 pages (I added a few bonus pages) and will be on sale for 6 USD.

Price for the poster has yet tbd.

And if you can’t make it to Special Edition and want some of the goods, email me at jakobfree at gmail dot com and we can make it happen.

Peace. Love. Respect. Power.