renee is a beautiful person

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#renee is a beautiful person

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listen i love all the foxes (matt and nicky alone make me want to write gilgamesh-esque epics in their praise) but the girls. the girls

  • dan wilds is a goddamn force of nature but i think people expect her to be after three years of captaining a team that was shitty to her and absolutely fucking owning her past as a sex worker (and her old stripper friends are mentioned!! frequently!! with much love!!). and her reaction to neil or anyone on her team (HER team. HER family.) is so heartbreaking like she will go to the ends of the earth for all of them, even the twins.
  • but allison has no such excuse, so when u sit back and realize that this girl not only gave up her inheritance to play Exy, she also takes an hour to get ready in the morning ur like ‘fuck this is one of the strongest female characters ive ever seen ‘ and ur fucking RIGHT she is, playing after Seth, fucking backhanding andrew when he was way out of line, patching up neil with as much care as she had anger on his behalf like how amazing is it that she was introduced as a ‘catty bitch’ and then shes like one of the first people neil thinks about when he thinks about strong women
  • so when u realize all that you get sucker punched with the beautiful person that is renee. renee who is a glowing pastel cloud of pretty and nice and good christian girl aesthetic. also she started the whole ‘ending a cycle of violence’ thing when she gave her knives to andrew (who gave them to neil symbolism). renee who was in a gang and knows so much horror and is probs neck and neck with kevin in understand neil’s background. renee who could fuck u up so easily but instead saves people. she saved andrew, she saved jean.

in conclusion: the foxhole girls, women in a co ed sport where women are discouraged from playing