renee hartvelt

Cannibal killer Issei Sagawa relaxes on a balcony in Paris, during the study year he killed Dutch woman Renee Hartvelt and dined on her body over a period of two days.

Sagawa became obsessed with eating beautiful Western women as a young man, and when he met Hartvelt while studying in Paris he fantasized about frying her breasts in oil and dining on her flesh.

This hideous dream came true when Renee agreed to record a poetry reading with Sagawa at his apartment; he shot her as she sat at the table and quickly dismembered her with an electric carving knife. Sagawa described eating her flesh in estatic detail:

“I bit a nipple and swallowed it whole, it slid down my throat like a slice of tuna. I decided to fry her breast, but it was too greasy for me to eat so I threw it away. I started on her pubic area but she had been having her menstrual period at the time, and the smell was atrocious. I sliced off the meat of her thighs and her flesh melted sweetly in my mouth…..”

Sagawa sampled Renee’s flesh for two days before packing her mutilated corpse in a suitcase and throwing it in a swimming pool. He was swiftly arrested and cheerfully described his horrid crime to police, who pronounced Sagawa mad and had him imprisoned in an asylum in Japan, his native country.

Sagawa voluntarily discharged himself from the hospital after a mere three years, due to a legal loophole in French law that has no specific punishment for the crime of cannibalism. Indeed Sagawa’s confessions were so horrific he was immediately declared mentally disabled and deported. After his release he became something of a minor celebrity, and continues to give interviews describing his crime and endorsement of cannibalism.