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Samuel L. Jackson, Julianne Moore, Benicio del Toro, Christina Ricci, Gina Gershon, Joe Pantoliano, Jennifer Tilly, Adrien Brody, Renée Zellweger, Kirsten Dunst, Kerry Washington and Javier Bardem photographed by Henny Garfunkel at The Sundance Film Festival, from 1994 to 2003

The Journal Entry... [Part 1 of 2]

Trigger Warnings: Ablest Slurs, Bullying, Assault, Physical Harm, Humiliation, Invasion of Privacy, Sexual Language, Swearing. [Listen I’m new to trigger warnings, and some of these may be in excess. If so, I’m sorry – just let me know if I screw up and left out some or went overboard. I’m trying to be sensitive to some potential readers out here.]

Listen Along With Me – Music Track(s) I Listened To While Creating This: I actually listened to the whole album “Minutes To Midnight” by Linkin Park while writing this, however these were the tracks I would skip back to sometimes:
”Bleed It Out” Linkin Park
”Leave Out All The Rest” Linkin Park
”Shadow Of The Day” Linkin Park
”What I’ve Done” Linkin Park
Author’s Notes: Alright guys, this is it. I hope you all sincerely enjoy the next several works I’ll be putting forth in the community. I’ll have a upcoming fics/imagines master post coming soon, these will be works that will be coming along in the future so you all will have a better idea of what to expect from this blog. 

Depending upon the feed back of this story, I might leave it open for a sequel. So after TJE Pt. 2 is published, send in your feedback and we can talk about it then.

With the introduction out of the way – here’s the synopsis of what this story will be about: 

As a writer by heart, you cannot help but write in your journal on a daily basis. Your journal has become almost your lifeline. You even bring it to school and hide it within your locker, sometimes in your backpack and even in-between books if you have to go to the library to study. Seeing your head bent over a table, scribbling away furiously, is nothing new to most people – especially to a certain video and theater production guy who’s curiously been watching you, watching him for quite some time. After a particularly cruel encounter in The Commons makes you flee in humiliation; an ally in disguise finds your journal abandoned on the table and makes a choice to step in…

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Black Fantines

1. Melba Moore (Broadway)

2. Alexandra Foucard (Broadway u/s)

3. Thursday Farrar (3NT)

4. Tonya Dixon (3NT)

5. Daphne Rubin-Vega (1st Broadway revival)

6. Nikki Renee Daniels (1st Broadway revival u/s)

7. Lisa Simone (Muny)

8. Allyson Brown (West End)

9. Kelsie Adkisson (Arkansas Repertory Theatre u/s)

10. Allison Blackwell (Dallas)

11. Brittney Johnson (2nd Broadway revival u/s)

12. Stephanie Umoh (Casa Manana)

13. Montego Glover (2nd Broadway revival)


Rene Moore and Angela Winbush - I’ll Be Good

Flash, we meet
Passin’ in the streets
Words unspoken
Silence unbroken, hey

Just by chance
We fell into romance
The cry of success
Left no room to guess