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As much as I LOVE my pitch black hair, sometimes I crave for just a little dimension especially for the summer.  

My friend Chad Kenyon from the Christophe Salon in Beverly Hills recently lifted my hair to a toffee/ caramel color and I’m really loving it.  However, in order to get my dark hair this light, it required some lightening action with the big bad B word, BLEACH.  With that said, I knew my ends would need some extra TLC after the chemical process, it always does.  I actually like my ends to be very textured and shaggy for that grungy rock and roll feel but there’s a difference between textured and damaged.  

So, to help mend my ends and preventing it from looking like hay, I started using Rene Furterer’s Karite leave-in repairing serum.  I just pop some on my towel-dried hair after a wash or whenever my ends need a little pick me up through out the day.  It’s a perfect light and creamy consistency and doesn’t weight your hair down like some serums out there.

I’ve been patiently waiting for the visual to drop for the VEVO Go Show performance of Tove Lo’s ‘Talking Body’….

duh, I did the hair. That, and it was a reeeeally cool experience. The video taping was done at the infamous Duane Park on Bowery. Assuming you’re not familiar, Duane Park is known for its amazing burlesque performers and shows. So it totes makes sense that someone would think it’d be a perfect venue for a Swedish girl to sing a song talking about bods. And they were right. It was a beautiful space and some of the performers actually partook in Tove’s stage show. 

I still don’t know how I don’t ever fan girl out when I get to do Tove’s hair. I seriously love her music, which is a bit weird. This is all still really new to me, working in this biz on this level. So to be singing in my bathroom mirror to an artists music and then go to do their hair is kind of a mindfuck but luckily Tove’s so chill that I don’t get anxious or nervous vibes. 

For this performance, I just defined the wave/curl pattern she had going on from the night before. I dried in a little Foundation Mist (Oribe) with my dryer (T3 Micro) to reactivate her natural curl pattern and used some Rene Furterer cream on her ends for some shine. I used a smaller marcel iron to manipulate curl shape where needed and left her accent braids as is. 

The back up dancers prepped themselves and it was pretty cool seeing the process of getting dressed up to get naked.

You must see the video.

Move over Oscar.

Rene is the new king in town.

I ran out of my Blandi Dry Shampoo prior to Chicago and swiped the free swag bottle of Furterer that I gifted to my mother.

I forgot how much aerosol cans give dry shampoos a better application. World of a difference. Though I do go through these things three times faster than the squeeze.

Oof. The price discrepancy doesn’t help. Neither does the fact that I cannot attain this with licensing discounts.

BUT! Something about the peach tone to the powder totally favors the blondes and the scalps. The scalps of every and any hue haired lass. I really lost all respect for Bumble & Bumble when they ditched their OG formulation - but we all know that already - and scratching your head when you’ve powdered your faux ginger locks with an orange remedy, well, let’s just say perpetual Cheeto fingers are not my bag.

ANYWAY - RENE KNOWS WHERE IT’S AT. This little bottle o’ magic has put me on a serious dirty hair stretch. Aside from the fact that I’m a tousled knotty mess (I prefer it that way). I’ve managed to push my normal three day no wash to five.



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Rene Furterer Lissea Thermal Protecting Smoothing Spray

Rene Furterer Lissea Line provides all the components you need for healthy, smooth, beautiful hair.

If you are someone that has to use a blowdryer or flat iron in order to get your hair to look good, than you are probably also someone that is always in search for a great product that provides heat protection and smooth styling. If there is one thing that absolutely drives many of us crazy, is having to layer product over product! It is simply not what many of us are looking for!

I for one, like the idea of using one product that can do everything I need; smooth my hair, protect from heat styling and manage frizz control. I would also love to have a product that can do all that and not be too heavy or creamy! I sometimes feel the creams can weigh down your air add simply add to much oil to your scalp.

You may be asking your self, “Is there a product that can protect my hair from heat styling, give me a smooth style and prevent frizz; without weighing my hair down”? The answer is absolutely YES, there is such a product. Rene Furterer Lissea Thermal Protecting Smoothing Spray can do all the above and even more.

Do not risk heat damage, which causes breakage, frizz and dull hair.

I tried this spray for the first time the other day and I was completely floored! It goes on like a spray, so it is super light weight. It helped me smooth my unruly curls into smooth beautiful waves, added shine to my hair and completely calmed down the frizz.! It may sound too good to be true, but this spray is truly am all-in-one styling aid!

What I loved even more was that I could spray on a little bit a day or two after styling my hair to help add shine and touch up the ends! So if you are looking for a great light-weight styling product that is going to keep your hair from frying, add shine, smooth your unruly hair and control frizz; this is the product for you! Rene Furterer Lissea Thermal Protecting Smoothing Spray does it all and gives your hair a great boost of shine, smoothness and health!

Rene Furterer offers beautiful hair through nourishment using natural oils and ingredients that give your hair all it needs from the inside out.

Beauty sleep for your strands

It might be time for me to scale back my pre-bedtime prep… Between taking about 15 minutes and featuring more than 10 different products,  you’d think I could say “I woke up like this.” (Alas, I can’t.) But before I put the brakes on my evening hair-, skin- and body-care ritual, I’m going to have to try Rene Furterer’s new Karité Intense Overnight Nourishing Treatment Leave-In.

Designed to repair hair damage and hydrate lackluster locks, think of this product as night cream for your hair. You may be inclined to think that this treatment would be thick and heavy since it’s packed with all that nourishment, but au contraire, mon frère. Instead, this lightweight serum is absorbed by the hair and dries to a powdery finish, so there’s no residue on your pillow (or your head for that matter). In case you’re worried that this overnight treatment may force you to wash your hair each morning (quelle horreur!), 86% of users say they did not have to shampoo immediately after use.

Packed with shea butter that gives your strands a steady stream of fatty acids, vitamins and a complex that helps prevent breakage, this is one way to get a jump on a good hair day the night before. And as an added bonus, the delicate orange blossom scent just might help lull you off to sleep…


Суббота - день чистоты! Время выбрасывать все закончившееся, освобождая место для новинок.

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2. DIOR Diorshow Art Pen #385 Bleu Croisière 

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5. REXONA антиперспирант. В прошлом году мне казалось, что это самое удачное средство для лета, но в этом году я попробовала другие антиперспиранты, которые мне понравились больше, аромат лучше и защита дольше. Но справедливости ради, REXONA не самый плохой вариант.

6. GIVENCHY LE PRISME Visage Bucolique Poudre Compacte Unique #1 Bucolic Blossoms

Пудра из самой, на мой взгляд, красивой коллекции GIVENSHY Instant Bucolique 2012. Сильно спресованная, очень легкая, нескрывающая недостатки, но очень хорошо освежающая и вообще хороша в качестве финишной пудры, жаль, что это ограниченная коллекция.

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Веселой вам субботы и уютного воскресенья :)