what percent Elf is Aragorn, for that matter? This gets complicated very quickly. Dior is ¼ Elf, ¼ Maia, ½ Man, so his children are 5/8 Elf, 1/8 Maia, and ¼ Man. Eärendil is ½ Elf and ½ Man, which makes Elrond and Elros 9/16 Elf, 1/16 Maia, and 3/8 Man. Elros’ children would be 9/32 Elf, 1/32 Maia, and 22/32 Man. If there was no intermarriage with anyone descended from Elves, then after five more generations you’d get people who were 9/1024 Elf, 1/1024 Maia, and mostly Men.

But by the time of the marriage of Erendis to Aldarion, it was already unconventional for the  King not to marry within the royal family, and after that marriage failed it became even more unconventional. If we assume the Lords of Andunië kept the same policy (which seems likely, given their persistent extended lifespans) then, by the time of the sixth generation, all royal marriages were between people in the same genetic pool (that is to say, between people who are all around 9/1024ths Elven, 1/1024th Maia, and 1014/1024th Men) and the percentage of Elven blood wouldn’t decrease from there.

It’s still not that simple - if any descent from the King sufficed, then you might still have people with only a dash of Elven blood - people who’ve been out of the royal intermarriage pool for a dozen generations - still qualifying. That means the percentage of people with royal blood would keep decreasing! - but we also assumed no intermarriages within the royal line before Aldarion, and we know that those happened. I suspect that the ruling class all the way through to Arnor and Gondor was around 1% Elven by blood. The biggest source of the differences between Númenoreans and mainland Men would have been because of the alterations of the Valar toward their favored people, not because of the Elven descent.

KENYA, TURKANA : Members of the Rendile tribe are pictured before total hybrid eclipse in Sibiloi national Park in Turkana on November 3, 2013. Astronomy enthusiasts in Kenya caught a partial glimpse of a rare “Hybrid Total Eclipse” which hasn’t been witnessed in Africa for over 40 years, though weather hampered a view of the complete eclipse. AFP PHOTO/Carl de Souza

Acılarımı boğmaya çalıştım; ama pislikler yüzmeyi öğrendiler ve şimdi ben, bu hoş ve iyi his tarafından alt edildim.

Frida Kahlo

-Se decidi d’innamorarti di me, prendi i miei lati oscuri e riempili di luce.
– Se decidi d’innamorarti di me, tieni sopra le tue spalle le mie lacrime. Io faro’ altrettanto. E peserà tutto di meno.
– Se decidi d’innamorarti di me, prendi il coraggio a quattro mani e raccontami di te. Anche se ti sembra di non aver nulla da dire.
– Se decidi d’innamorarti di me, ama le mie debolezze e rendile con me punti di forza.
– Se decidi d’innamorarti di me, non girarti nel letto,senza guardarmi. Addormentati con me.
– Se decidi d’innamorarti di me, non darmi prove d’amore. Prova a restare con me.
– Se decidi d’innamorarti di me, dimmi che mi ami solo quando lo senti più d’ogni altra cosa.
– Se decidi d’innamorarti di me, non dirmi in cosa devo credere, ma dimmi di credere sempre in qualcosa.
– Se decidi d’innamorarti di me, tieni a mente i miei sguardi e non tutte le parole che diro’.
– Se decidi d’innamorarti di me, fammi ballare, anche se non c’è musica.” (Web)

She paused for a second, wiping the sweat off of her face from killing yet another of those lurking spiders. As she continued forward, staying close to the cliff wall, the ever-present fumes of Angmar suddenly lifted. And there it was: Barad Gularan, its naked brutality revealed in the cold daylight. She shivered as she took in its cruel majesty and despite all her armor, she could not help feeling exposed and vulnerable. Those spires look like claws, she thought, as if they are reaching into the heavens to tear down Eärendil himself.

‘What’s so appealing about pastoralism?’

As can be noted for many cultures in Africa, pastoralism is historically almost like a life line and center piece to culture. For one, it can be debated where and how pastoralism got to Africa; it may be an indigenous development, it may have been an introduced idea, we most likely may never know. New archeological sites come up every 2 or 3 years jostling the concept of pastoralism between the Near East and North Eastern Africa, when it may as well just be a case of two independent developments relatively close to each other. While pastoralism spreading as a practice can be credited to Afro-Asiatic peoples (being that most livestock terminology not introduced by colonialism is more than usually of Afro-Asiatic linguistic origin), many people don’t realize just how prevalent and important the practice is. Some cultures even believe that their deity in fact made them specifically to keep a pastoralist lifestyle, amongst these are the Masaai and the Rendille, both found in Kenya and both have mythology the involves their pastoral ways. It’s this ideology, that pastoralism is a lifeline and a god (or gods) gift to the people who practice it. It’s not only been seen as a lifeline, but it’s also been a cause for mass migrations and trade to be so widespread. The example of the Tuareg is an amazing example of how pastoralism can affect trade, being that it’s what made them well suited to the long distances from Teghaza to the trading centers of the Sahel. It’s also notable in the case of the expansion of the Fulani from the Sene-Gambia in the West, to the borders of Sudan to the East. As can be seen, taking care of cattle isn’t simply just taking care of cattle.

anonymous asked:

Master Baggins, I for one am very curious about you. So I was wondering if you could answer some questions about yourself? what's your favorite food? Favorite plant? Were you as a child closer to your mother or your father? Who was your last serious relationship with? What's your favorite meal of the day? Mine is second breakfast.

Sure! However, asking a Hobbit for their favourite food is probably like… is probably like asking a Dwarf for their favourite jewel or an Elf for their favourite star; there are too many to choose from! Though, I do hear that Elves do treasure the star of Eärendil, so that may be an unfair comparison. 

But I digress. I am particularly fond of seed-cake, though I also do enjoy scones with cream and strawberries! They go especially well with tea. However, I wouldn’t say that those two are my absolute favourites, as I am fond of desserts in general, and do enjoy making them when I have the time and the ingredients. 

My favourite plant is the heart’s ease! It grows wild in the fields near Bindbale, and while Holman has tried to cultivate some for Bag End, I rather prefer seeing them growing wild and freely.  

As a child I must admit I was closer to my mother; my father was kind as summer but did not have half the amount of excellent stories that my mother could tell. I know they both loved me dearly in their own ways, though. 

My last serious relationship? It has been a long while since I last had tender feelings towards anyone, but I do remember (with a certain degree of embarrassment) my tween infatuation with Herugar Bolger. He’s five years my junior and married now, so nothing ever came of that. 

I approve of you liking second breakfast! Though I must admit I prefer teatime best, as it’s when most of my visitors come to chat with me. Contrary to whatever I may have said before, I do like entertaining guests, as long as I know them and know that they’re coming!

No but what I really liked at hobbitcon was that we got those cool bags! In them were mostly flyers and a program, but everyone got this awesome big map of Beleriand with 6 of the heraldic devices (as far as I know Eärendil, Gil-Galad, Lúthien who is so kickass that she’s got two, Finarfin and Fingolfin). And it’s in colour..!!!

As you can see I put my hand on it to show you the size in comparison.

I hope we’ll get another one next hobbitcon..! Either a matching one for the west of Arda where Lotr and the hobbit are set oooooor a map of the whole of Arda (if they exist), which would be reaaaaally awesome..!

Right now I’m trying to find a space for it and I think I’ll put it right next to my bed because there is a big blank space!

Eärendil and Elwing are a cool couple but I mean… their kids were Elros and Elrond and elven ages fuck me UP

Maedhros and Maglor are still trying to either evade the Oath, or finish it by any means necessary, this is how we get the last kinslaying

I think it rather drove them mad, and was in vain because IT HURT which means they had no claim over the Silmarils anymore (curse you, Fëanor, you prideful fool)

me and Sath agree that calling Maitimo “Russandol” and having him jump into the fiery chasm was Hugolian levels of puns, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry (at least he would be with Findekáno, wouldn’t he? RIGHT??)

annnd what is the point of living after all this, honestly

white-lady-of-greenwood asked:

"Dear Elbereth, you are more beautiful than the light of Eärendil." (Neither the mun or muse know how to seduce someone)

Try to seduce my Muse ( x )

                   “Elbereth? More beautiful than-
                           Surely, you jest.”

Never been less turned on | Ugh no | confused | I’d give you a try | Yes, yes, YES | I’M READY NOW DAMMIT

uhh ok

Húrin is free but at what cost


Elu Thingol you shouldn’t have done that

dwarves, WHAT THE FUCK

kinslaying again, how fancy

Dior, please be reasonable

Tuor being buds with Ulmo IS MY JAM

Turgon, you should listen to the man, okay, his words come from the Valar

Idril Celebrindal, you bae (ohoho Eärendil is born)

Maeglin, why did you betray Gondolin, you fucking twat (but there you fucking go and get killed, good riddance)

GLORFINDEL MY GOLDEN FLOWER I WEEP (why didn’t you put your hair in a braid or a ponytail or a bun WHY)

Manwë remains a prick UGH

SEA-LONGING oh god this takes me back forward

Dannazione ragazzo, non innamorarti di una ragazza solo perché ha un bel culo, o una terza piazzata bene. Non innamorarti solo perché ha belle forme, quelle con il tempo andranno a farsi fottere. Piuttosto, innamorati del profumo della sua pelle, dell'emozioni che ti regala con un sorriso. Innamorati dei suoi abbracci e delle sue carezze. Innamorati delle sue imperfezioni, rendile uniche e inimitabili. Cogli la sua vera essenza, ubriacati di lei. Non badare alle forme, scava nel suo animo e arriva fino al centro del suo cuore. Innamorati di questo, perché è l'unica cosa che troverai sempre….
–Bob Marley

aşk bir güveçtir

aşk keşfedilmiş bişey, bi karışım. kimya.

bundan çok eski zamanlarda, teknolojinin beden olduğu zamanlarda, ınsanlar duyguları birbine karıştırmayı öğrendiler. işte aşk da öyle bi karışım.

bu zamının insanları sabırsız bi dünyada yaşıyor. yapacakları hiç bişey yok.

sabır. (yani sakince bekleyebilme enerjisi, gücü, kudreti)

aşk belli duyguları sırayla karıştırmayla elde edilir. her bir karışımdan sonra beklemek gerekir. 3 duyguyu/elementi atmak için alttaki 2 duygunun birbiririne kaynaşlamsı gekerir. eğer kaynaşmadan üzerine diğer duyguyu atarsak olmaz m diyosun. hayır. ortaya aşırı kıskançlık çıkar, beklentiler çıkar, boş vaatler üzerine oyalamalar çıkar.

duygylar doğru karışmış bi aşkın konuşmaya ihtiyacı yoktur.

aşk bi güveçtir

My drawing of some teenager related to Eärendil & Elwing: #old Elrond + #healthy Elros.
Galadriel & Celeborn: #adorable Celebrían.
#Colorful Amdír: #white Amroth.
[Amroth] & #gorgeous Nimrodel.
[Elrond] & [Celebrían]: #good Elladan + #fit Elrohir + #beautiful Arwen.
#Amazing Oropher: #blonde Thranduil: #green Legolas.
Thengel & Morwen: #free Théoden + #pretty Théodwyn.
[Théoden] & Elfhild: #sick Théodred.
Éomund & [Théodwyn]: #hot Éomer + #cold Éowyn.
[Éomer] & [Lothíriel]: #happy Elfwine.
Arathorn & Gilraen: #great Aragorn.
[Aragorn] & [Arwen]: #cool Eldarion.
Adrahil: #sweet Ivriniel + #cute Imrahil + #lovely Finduilas.
Denethor & [Finduilas]: #dark Boromir + #awesome Faramir.
Imrahil: #blessed Elphir + #crazy Erchirion + #blue Amrothos + #delicious Lothíriel.
[Faramir] & [Éowyn]: #fresh Elboron. (at Skogafoss, Iceland)

“Üzüntülerimi boğmak için içiyordum…
Ama artık o lanet üzüntüler yüzme öğrendiler.” (Frida Kahlo) 🙆