rendigo draws


Since it’s 4/13 i thought i’d post some homestuck wips i never finished! these were supposed to be part of a 12 print series for @whatpumpkin that never really got off the ground, unfortunately. There’s about a million things I’d change on these now but I’m still v. fond of tavros and his trash horse

every time I draw a homestuck I end up drawing the characters differently (it’s too fun NOT to play with their designs) so before i got started on the paradox space comic I did some practice sketches. Terezi changed the most between drawing these and the final inks and they got a bit streamlined (5 pages in 9 days…..) but I still really like these!

Guess who got ripped off~~~~🎶✨💫

Today I filled out Baby’s First DMCA, and man, please. Don’t do this. If you want a shirt like this THAT bad, just write me. You’re not gonna make bank over low-res sweatshirts with stolen art. It’s not cool and it’s not fun to have to take time out of my day to deal with things like this, and it’s really disrespectful! Don’t be a jerk, okay?

rrramune  asked:

not sure if you are aware but hot topic is using your art and selling it on shirts hottopic(.)com /product/homestuck-miss-universe-girls-t-shirt/10444178(.)html

oh man, I had no idea it was up already!! Yeah, I knew about this! @welovefinetees asked to print this old contest design a while back, and made me part of their artist program! (It was in the top 10 but i lost! oh well!) Then hot topic bought a run of it from them, and I totally flipped! As part of their artists program I make a percentage from all sales, so don’t worry. This design may have lost that contest, but now I’m totally getting paid for it! It doesn’t look like it’s up on welovefine yet, but I’ll post about it as soon as it is! Here’s a clickable link to the hot topic page!