Star Wars: The Old Republic: Valkorion - by Wojtek Fus

“Something I was really happy to do at One Pixel Brush very recently for Star Wars: The Old Republic marketing! I was provided with the amazing chracter model from artists at Blur!

Software used: 3dsMax, Vray, Modo, PS”


Futuristic Kitchen 2040 - by Ângelo Fernandes

“This scene is a Futuristic Kitchen set 25 years in the future. We wanted to create an intelligent environment that helps cooking in every step of the process and in every bit of the kitchen space as well. The worktop is smart and adaptable, for example, it will only heat where the pan is. Also, it detects the elements it is in contact with and gives information about them if it’s the case, as well as display recipes, videos, texts, etc.
Image created at Visual Method studios.”