W.A.S.P. - by Marco Plouffe

Full-size [here]
Turntable of the sculpt [here]

“Here’s a Keyshot render of my W.A.S.P. ZBrush sculpt with some post-prod texture and effects in Photoshop. If you guys are interested, I’ll be showing a couple of polishing tricks at the ZBrush Summit 2015 and also giving a design workshop with Cedric Seaut under our company Keos Masons. You can see our portfolio [here]”

The man tried his best to improve his English to better interact with some of his fans from the other side of the world.

He cut his own salary when the Wii U wasn’t as hot as they planned.

His compression abilities were amazing.

His dedication to earthbound.

Heck- his dedication to the the whole company.

He truly loved gaming.

I’ll miss his smile and passion.