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Kim Seokjin : Occupation - Kindergarten Teacher

♥(ノ´∀`)Happy Birthday @caramoccii / @ask-seokjinnie !

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AKULA Ballistic - Concept Design ~ EDONGURAZIU

Concept Design of a futuristic weapon platform using case-less ammunition, heavy CHF-B (cold hammer forged barrel), NRPC (nylon reinforced polymer chassis), ergonomic extendable stock with integrated monopo. Modular for either Human and Non-Human use. Chassis can be attached to frames of choice with the rail-track on the bottom side. Using EOI (External Optic Interface) it can be suited to fulfil multiple roles with few adjustments of optics, barrel and ammunition.

So, I had something more fancy planned, but I got sick over the weekend.  I didn’t want to go without posting anything for too long so I quickly sketched up an Ahsoka.  She’s my favorite character of the series, possibly my favorite character of the entire star wars franchise. 

Anyway, the fancy drawing I had planned will most likely be coming out later this week, along with a speedpaint.

Shin Godzilla - English on-screen text edit by Red Menace

This fan edit is an English visual presentation of Shin Godzilla. The textless presentation of the film featured on Funimation’s Blu-ray was used as the main visual source.


Notes on this edit:

  • The modern Toho logo has no English version that I’m aware of and so was left in Japanese, but the Showa-era one was replaced with the English Toho logo from Kraken Releasing’s Godzilla vs. Gigan Blu-ray.
  • The blue Toho Eiga card was replaced with a digital re-creation of the Toho Pictures card used in numerous International versions of Godzilla films; the specific iteration used as a reference here was from Godzilla vs. Mothra.
  • The title itself was rendered in a format similar to that of the Japanese title, based on the official English logo (see above).
  • All on-screen expository captions were rendered in English in a visually similar serif font to the Japanese captions, specifically a close recreation of the Romaji font that appears throughout Neon Genesis Evangelion, using my original translations from @shin-godzilla-captions with a few minor modifications. The placement and timing were based on the Japanese version.
  • The end credits were assembled from Toho’s official English credits that appeared on the Funimation poster, the cast list on Wikizilla, a complete Romanization of the entire Japanese cast list (courtesy of @astoundingbeyondbelief), and the IMDb credits, with certain features of the formatting directly replicating the original Japanese credit roll.
  • The “The End” card was rendered in Lisbon CG, possibly the most obvious instance of creative license in this edit. My rationale is that since the “Owari” kanji in the Japanese version is rendered in a style similar to that seen in many Showa series films, I would use a font common in the title sequences in the US versions of the Showa films.
  • The Japanese audio and chapter breaks are from the Toho Blu-ray, meaning the chapters are broken up based on the opening logos and the music cues on the soundtrack.
  • The English audio comes from the Funimation Blu-ray. Both audio tracks are the untouched 3.1 mixes.
  • The subtitles are from the SubAnons fansub, but modified to suit this presentation of the film.


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