Realizations [Nate Archibald x Reader]

Title: Realizations

Prompt: Reader is Chuck’s girlfriend, and after he sleeps with Blair, she ends up seeking comfort from none other than Nate Archibald.

Pairing: Nate Archibald x Reader

Fandom: Gossip Girl 

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He places his hand over her torso as she sleeps, mindlessly tracing figures with his fingers over her naked skin. He kisses her shoulder lightly, smiling to himself as he rencounters last night’s events. 

He was woken up by her loud knocks on the door, and to say he was surprised to see her standing in the hallway was an understatement. They were friends, of course, but it wasn’t like she would randomly visit him at one in the morning. She was, after all, Chuck’s girlfriend. It was the look on her face what startled him the most - she was furious, that he could tell; but she was also sad, and even disappointed at the same time. She kept a straight face as she told him what had happened and started sobbing as soon as he threw his arms around her. 

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A melancholy event has recently been announced from South Carolina, Colonel John Laurens, a man of inestimable value, has been slain in a rencounter with the enemy near Charleston… The enemy having detached a party into the country to procure provisions, Colonel Laurens, ever foremost in danger, joined the party of continentals as a volunteer, to counteract their object, and while advancing on the enemy with great intrepidity, he received a mortal wound. His death is universally lamented, more especially at this late period, when the contest is supposed to be near a termination. No eulogy can exceed the merit of this noble and very useful officer.

A Military Journal During the American Revolutionary War, from 1775 to 1783
By James Thacher

This entry is dated November 10th, 1782

Adorkable / EXO request

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Kris: You were so happy to finally rencounter yourself with Yifan that you just couldn’t help to skip all around him making silly noises.

What are you doing?

Tao: You’re not an early person, and this morning you couldn’t be any more asleep when you dressed yourself. You had been all day long running errands asking yourself why everyone looked at you so weird, maybe it was because you had styled you hair different or maybe it was because you were wearing your shirt backwards… Tao just couldn’t miss the opportunity to immortalise your stupidity.

Luhan: This was the very first time you were going to wear high heels, it wasn’t really your style, but you wanted to impress your man, so you wore the highest stiletto heels you could find. Luhan knew you had done this for him so he didn’t say anything when you started acting out sexy but instead spread your ankle while trying to impress.

Chen: Having big boobs is such a problem, so fixing your bra is just like an unconscious act for you, and it’s okay, as long as you don’t do it front of your boyfriend and his bandmates…

EXO:    O.O

Chen: *approaches you discreetly*

Baby I don’t think you should be doing that here…


Baobei why are you so cute!!

Xiumin: The two of you were out for a romantic evening, staring at each other, holding hands and smiling. Your latte was delicious, just the perfect blend of coffee and milk, creamy and hot…  But wait, what is that in your upper lip? Haven’t you noticed it? Nope, you haven’t, but Xiumin did, and he just couldn’t help but hold his laughter as you continued talking about everything and nothing at all with your big milk handlebar.

Suho: You didn’t know how to dance, but that has never stopped you to have fun, Suho knew what he had done when he took you clubbing with them.

EXO: *whispering to one another*

Is Y/N-ah having a seizure?…


*faking smile* 

shut up or I’ll kill you.

Sehun: Finds out you like to imitate his dance moves when you are alone…

Baekhyun: You rapidly step out of the elevator after having pressed every button and leaving Baekhyun behind… 

OMO, you’re a such a child…

Chanyeol: Nobody is dorkier than him.

Dork you said?…


You:*walking towards the restaurant exit, stupidly walks into the glass door*

Kyungsoo: You had just re-discovered you can actually see your nose but your brain choses to ignore it, you you look continuously at it, so you end up squinting continuously… 

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Fencing incident, Boston, 1660:
“While at Boston, there appeared a fencing-master, who, on a stage erected for the purpose, walked it for several days, challenging and defying any one to play with him at swords.
At length, one of the judges, disguised in a rustic dress, holding in one hand a cheese, wrapped in a napkin, for a shield, with a broomstick, whose mop he had besmeared with dirty puddle water as he passed along — thus equipped, he mounted the stage. …

The fencing-master railed at him for his impudence, asked him what business he had there, and bid him begone. The judge stood his ground, upon which the gladiator made a pass at him with his sword, to drive him off.
A rencounter ensued — the judge received the sword into the cheese, and held it until he drew the mop of the broom gently over his mouth, and gave the gentleman a pair of whiskers. He made another pass, and was plunging his sword a second time, it was caught and held in the cheese, whilst the mop was drawn gently over his eyes. At a third lunge, it was again caught, and held in the cheese, until the judge had rubbed the broom all over his face. Upon this, the gentleman let fall his small sword, and took up the broad sword.
The judge then said, ‘Stop, sir; hitherto, you see, I have only played with you, and not attempted to harm you; but if you come at me now with the broad-sword, know that I will certainly take your life.’ The firmness with which he spoke, struck the master, who desisting, exclaimed, ‘Who can you be? You must be either Goffe, Whaley, or the devil; for there was no other man in England that could beat me.’”

John Hayward, A Gazeteer of Massachusetts, p. 164. Boston, 1846. The passage is quoted from an older work, Stiles’ History of the Judges.

The Palace Hotel is the epitome of Gstaad. With it’s luxurious and classic chalet decor, delicious comforting food and wonderfully warm staff The Palace is to Gstaad what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. Lucky enough to have lived in this little town, I have grown up within these walls; from the romping in the playroom with friends, to family dinner to rencountering these friends a decade later in the timeless Greengo Nightclub. Returning to my dearest childhood town is the highlight of my year and never goes without a plate of infamous Palace Hotel pasta!

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