Renavis is a very important character in Cathexis, though I don’t seem to draw him very often.  

He is an old god, hair once black now turning silver, and he is proud of his age, but not of the way it takes form.  In the last few thousand years, he’s aged visibly, and it may not seem like so much, but he takes it pretty hard and tries to compensate for it whenever able, in whatever way.  As Rebirth, he is a concept that’s outlived many others, which he knows is something to be proud of, but he can’t even remember the names or faces of the gods that’ve passed before.  Gods come from different places, some are born and some are made.  Renavis can’t remember his mortal life, if he ever had one, whether it was in the past or the future, what universe he was spawned in, or if he was dredged up from Eden.  All these things are what fuels both his pride and his insecurity.  He has a disdain for our world and its people, since he’s had to deal with most people when they die, and is the first to judge them, and every person makes him grimace a little more as he flips through their lives.  As a council member, he sits very high up, but most of the cases he tends to take him outside of the empire and he doesn’t speak to the ein sof often, which is something no one else is aware of.  He entertains the hobby of acting as the DA for the surrounding arctic territories, and mentors potential council members, but he doesn’t take on too many.  Those are far more enjoyable for him than sitting on the council, a task he finds mentally numbing.

Renavis was Chimera Scarlet’s guardian for a period of time, and then Griffin’s, leading Griffin to become the ADA before his untimely death.

The symbols on his face are Old Persian cuneiform.