But that would be the last time because he doesn’t realize he has the ultimate force of nature in front of him. These women are so powerful. Together, they are as powerful as the ocean and the ocean is f—ing angry. - Director Jean-Marc Vallée


I’ve already written a post about the colour purple in The OA but I think the use of yellow is also really interesting. Usually, yellow would be used to symbolise happiness, but that isn’t the case in The OA since none of these scenes are happy. Instead, I think it’s to do with it being the opposite side of the colour wheel to purple.

Some of the only times we really see yellow as the main colour for a scene in the show is when Hap is getting Praire and Renata to join his study. In both of these scenes, Hap is acting very different to how he usually does. He’s charismatic and polite. He’s also very fake, lying to them about the study or at least leaving out major details. This is different to the scene’s in the basement which are usually purple/blue and show Hap’s true side.

The other main time the colour yellow is used is when Homer is in the hotel in Cuba. This is the only time we properly see Homer outside of the basement, and he acts very differently in Cuba. This also links to the opposite-of-the-colour-wheel idea, that Homer is in such a different situation, he acts in ways we wouldn’t expect him to behave in the basement. I think the colour yellow is used in scenes where we see characters acting opposite to how they usually would.

Both the original five and the family have been personally touched by disability, addiction, or other physical and mental adversity. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything, but I’m interested in your thoughts, so please add on.

Original five:
1. OA is blind.
2. Homer suffered a traumatic brain injury during a football game.
3. Scott has an illness, maybe related to using drugs. Hep c or hiv, probably.
4.Rachel’s brother is disabled.
5. Renata is kind and understanding when Homer nearly has a panic attack in the hotel room; it can be inferred she knows someone who has suffered mentally or emotionally before, because she isn’t scared away.

The family:
1. Steve might have a personality disorder, or something like oppositional defiant disorder. Trouble controlling emotions; outbursts of rage.
2. Jesse’s mother committed suicide.
3. Buck is trans and uses drugs.
4. French uses drugs, and his mother has a health condition, or is at least an alcoholic.
5. BBA’s brother was a drug addict, likely died of an overdose.