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me, hunched over My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2™ Ultimate Collection/Downloads for three straight hours, renaming and organizing files while the sun disappears over the horizon and my eyes turn bloodshot: i love playing the sims

  • Dear sister
  • I decided to give you a lesson
  • Because you took my 2000 rubles 
  • So, i hid your project 
  • In one of these folders
  • And in each of the folders
  • There are 4 more folders 
  • And project is renamed 
  • So don’t even think about using the search 
  • And you won’t find it with the size 
  • I put some different files there 
  • I think you will realize your mistake 
  • And you won’t do that anymore 
  • Your brother 

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sorry for being stupid, but, wdym merge your cc?

ok so i got multiple questions about this, so I thought it might be good to make a tutorial! Basically it gathers all the CC packages you have in your game and makes it one big file. This makes it easier for your game to read the file and speeds up the process of loading and general gameplay. I’m putting the tutorial on how to merge CC under a cut because I have a feeling this post might be a bit too long lol.

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Pre-giffing tip

Using render video instead of screencapping

I never got the hang of screencapping but when importing video frames to layers in CC from long videos, I was so frustrated that the trim controls were inaccurate and would skip sections of frames. Then I looked around and discovered the render video feature. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how I use render video to make smaller, more manageable video clips for importing into layers. This is my first tutorial so I hope things are clear.

Please like/reblog if you find this useful!

What you will need:

  1. Photoshop (I’m using CC)
  2. A longish mp4 file

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i’ve been using rules of three to keep my habitat maintained during depressive episodes (every time you get up from bed/desk/flopping on the floor, move 3 things back to where they belong) 

and now i’m using it with keeping my digital life neater, too (when I need a break I unsubscribe from 3 email lists/change 3 passwords/rename 3 files/move 3 pictures or screencaps to their proper folders)

and sometimes I get motivated and do more than 3 things, and sometimes I don’t, and that’s okay, because I am Making the Job Smaller and Getting A Small But Accomplishable Thing Done

Getting Black Hair in DAI!

Ok, so @roguelioness was wondering how to get black hair for her characters in DAI, and I thought I figured putting together a quick little guide with pictures and stuff would be the most helpful. So here you are!

First, you will need to download the DAI CLI Save Editor by ricco19 at the Nexus. It’s a really neat tool that lets you manually adjust the colors of several aspects of your character, from make-up to hair and eye color. The save editor isn’t a mod, so you can save it in a separate folder from your mods. I put mine in its own folder.

The rest below the cut!

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Apologies for my lack of output.

I’m currently organising about 860GB worth of files in about 1500 folders.

So here’s some wisdom that will help you in your life:

- Just gives your files simple names, don’t try to be clever (you will not remember three years later)

- When you download a file, rename is AS YOU SAVE IT. Don’t think “Eh, I’ll rename it later”, because you won’t.

- Alternatively, when you SAVE a file you’re working on, FOLLOW A SYSTEM (ie. TRS - Casefile 0001) and STICK TO IT. From 2012 to now, I must have changed my labelling system like, FIVE TIMES, and it took FOREVER to find all my files.

I think I may be seeing the end in sight, but this was a necessary evil that has taken me almost my entire weekend to fix.

Time is precious. Organise your shit.

This is the story of Codot, the Graphic Designer/Voice Actor/Photographer who didn’t organise and is paying the price.

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So, in order to have kids in the gay fates hack, you need to do some actual rom hacking, right? I don't know very much about it at all, but I would like to learn. Could you steer me to a guide on the basics? I read the forum post by DeathChaos25, but I don't actually even know how to get to the beginning point of unpacking the bin files. Is it similar to the gay fates hack overall? Thank you for answering all these questions we send you. And also for you hard work on the hack!

Yes, it does require some actual rom hacking! Since a lot of people have asked me for clarifications and more specifics about @deathchaos-25‘s guide, I may as well type up a new guide that’s beginner friendly. 


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Someone I work with drives me nuts. She is equal parts Church Lady, Nurse Ratched, and Violet Crawley.

Every question she puts forth sounds like an accusation. Instead of “What happened to the test file we were using?” she says “Robert, can you possibly explain the absence of the test file?”

My reply (well, the one in my head) has sixteen swear words and instructions as to where she can crawl back under. But I know better to respond so immaturely. Oh heck, it’s not that I’m so mature. The reason reason I answer nicely is because no matter what we’re working on SHE IS ALWAYS CORRECT. Always!

This time it was me who renamed a file and forgot to tell her. Yesterday we validated some numbers. Her results didn’t match my results. “Robert, we have, ahem, a discrepancy.” There were valid reasons for the mismatched numbers. I could explain them to her satisfaction. But when my blood boils I make errors and typos. It took me three emails to finally explain correctly. “Robert, didn’t you mean…” Yes, yes, that’s what I meant!!

If my lottery ticket had 09-14-55-62-65-25 on it and this women said to me, in the tone of voice she always uses, “Robert, the winning numbers were 09-14-55-62-65-25” my skin would still crawl.

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Hi I'm wondering what you mean when you say you clean your cc? Thank you!

Oh Lordy, this is a long one but I will try to get it all in:

General points:

  1. Once I download CC I rename it using ReNamer to remove any special sighs like &/%([ etc, as reading those can slow down the game
  2. Then I will give each object a code before it like “Obj_kid_” or “CAS_top_af” so I know what it is
  3. I don’t rename the actual file name, cause if I redownload it forgetting I already have it, then if it keeps the file name I will realize its a duplicate
  4. Then I run all my new CC through s3rc to compress it
  5. Then it goes in a “test” folder under mods first to make sure its not corrupt
  6. If its okay, a copy goes into a Backup folder, where like the codes I have a file for everything, so CAS>Hair>AF, Build>Walls etc. This means I always know where to find my CC
  7. Then I put it into CC Magic where again I have the same folder set-up. I NEVER manually merge, its a pain and you cannot undo it.
  8. I NEVERRRRRRRRR install sims3packs, I always convert to .package using s3ce

Specific Points:

  1. Patterns: I convert them to packages then fix them following this tutorial
  2. Houses: I convert them to packages using s3ce, then I usually use dashboard to find the lot file and put that into my Library Folder, and IF (usually not the case) I want the CC from the houses I may look through the other package files. Usually I don’t as I will get a million duplicates, shit loads of clutter. Installing a house as sims3pack can mean up to 600 files installed! And if you install 2 houses you probably have like 200 duplicate files that are in both. Again, NEVER install sims3packs!
  3. Clothing/Accesories: Now often creators don’t know about this method of keeping their file sizes down, so I open each bit of clothing in s3pe, delete ALL duplicate images. This will mess it up, so I then open them in TSRW, make sure to replace the missing images using “Browse” while also deleting any presets I don’t want or any stencils I dislike. This usually likes halves the file size! I will also make sure it is in all the categories I want and not for any silly categories or valid for random.
  4. AF Clothes: So I made my own preg morph (EA’s bump is too small) so in addition to the above I actually remorph all my AF clothes to have a bigger bump ;)
  5. Hair: Again, just check for correct categories
  6. Makeup: I sort my makeup, so all nosemasks go into Eyeliner, all eyebags go into Eyeshadow, all babyhairs go into Lipstick. Then, as creators often forget, I enable makeup for teens and elders too. For Blush, I also enable it for toddlers and kids.
  7. Contacts: I enable them for kids and toddlers if creators have forgotten
  8. Poses: I have a special folder for poses, and if they are not poselist enabled I will save the preview picture online and rename it to the pose code, so I have a sorted folder with photos of all my poses
  9. Skins: Each skin is opened in Skininator and given my ramps and a special icon with the name of the skin (I hate berry ramps and don’t need 5 ramps per skin). In this way my skin panel is very organized. In addition, I use “COMPACT SAVE” in skiniator. I dunno why creators don’t but it drastically reduced the file size. I saved 3GB of CC just by resaving my skins….
  10. Objects: Just make sure they are categorized the way I want. I also remove half the stuff from “Misc Decor” and stick it somewhere else. Aka, pillows/blankets go into “sculpture” for me and are also sorted into “beds” if they are for beds.

My mods folder used to be a mess, with merged packages, duplicates and a lot of CC I didn’t use. It had 36GB. Now I am down to 10GB literally just by cleaning my CC. I lost 6GB alone just by removing duplicate _IMG files and compressing my CC and skins….

Obviously most people don’t have the patience to do all the above, but hey, I load my game fully in super speed, I don’t have any lag whatsoever and in build/buy mode my categories load faster cause I don’t have loads of CC I don’t need.

Oh yeah, my FAQ page also tells you ways to get your game to run faster ;)

Hope this helps you Nonny!

Being Alex’s twin brother and pranking the superfriends would include

Originally posted by agentdanvrs

*I didn’t know how to write this request as a fic so I turned it into a would include instead*

• You and Alex have loved pranking people since you were kids

• In school you ended up having to be put in separate classes because you got in trouble so much for pulling pranks together on your teachers and peers

• Eliza didn’t approve of you and your twin sisters shenanigans 

• “Alexandra, you know how much I hate it when you and your brother play these immature pranks”

• “Jeremiah don’t you dare encourage them” 

• When Kara came into the picture she didn’t quite understand the purpose of pranks

• As you all got older Kara learned to hate the pranks just as much as Eliza

• The pranking got put on hold you two went to different colleges 

• But when you both ended up working at the DEO you brought the antics back 

• It was just like you were kids again 

• J’onn was off limits obviously 

• Everyone else was fair game 

• You once set up the printer to spray toner on Vasquez 

• Alex came up with the idea to give Kara fake potstickers at game night

• “What did my potstickers do to deserve this!”

• You may have drunkenly painted James’ Guardian suit pink one time 

• “Don’t throw such a hissy fit Olsen, we were drunk and on the bright side, now you look like the pink power ranger” 

• He made you wash all the paint off by yourself while Alex got away with it

• Winn always thought the pranks were hilarious

• Until it was his turn and you renamed all his personal files on his computer

• “Oh come on! Alex, Y/N, not funny” 

• Even Maggie wasn’t safe

• You rigged the pool table at the dive bar so none of the balls that Maggie hit would go into the pockets

• The stick also left black chalk on her hands

• “Alright, very cute Danvers and brother Danvers” 

• They all group together to try to prank you guys back but fail miserably

• You and Alex are the untouchable pranking duo