A few months back I had the absolute pleasure of filming with the wonderful people at @makeyourownmedieval on the process of minting medieval coins at Abbey Medieval Festival. I was only a little bit nervous about hammering my hand… but the coins got progressively better as I practiced!

Thank you so much guys! The history geek inside me was so giddy!!

There were so many Moods™ today at the renaissance faire

-Guy in full plate armor on his lower half and topless sitting under a bush in a really weird spot looking dead inside while smoking a cigar

-Hugely tall guy in a black metal band tank top and a black top hat loudly struggling to get out of a porta potty, then fanning himself delicately with a hot pink feather fan

-Girl in shitty mismatched black lace goth getup tripping, deciding to stay down, and pulling out a massive rainbow vape

-This guy who literally tied his baby to his shoulders with his dreads

Renaissance Faire!!

So, last weekend I went to the ren fair and it was honestly one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced. First thing I did when i got there was buy elf ears because I’ve wanted a pair for a while. I saw a few shows, like this father-son knife throwing show and this magic show performed by a witty magician. For a lot of the day, we wandered around, looking at all of the shops, chatting with employees and just enjoying the atmosphere. The last event we (my dad and I) saw was a joust. At one point, the knight we were rooting for told us his horse’s name was Leo and that “he is a very good boy. He’s the best horse” so our entire section started cheering for the horse instead of our knight, but our knight was loving it. As I left, we saw a group of people dancing and one held out there hand, offering to dance with me, so I took them up on the offer. It was such a great, fun filled day and I can’t wait to do it all again next year!

Also gave me some great inspiration for my d&d campaign I’m working on…