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This is Maria Christian, my former cast director at the Michigan Renaissance Festival as her character, Princess Isaade M’boukou. Maria’s been designing and wearing African-Elizabethan fusion garb to MiRF for decades, so she has a few different gowns and headpieces in rotation. In addition to her duties keeping the stage acts organized, as Isaade she acts as an impresario at the feasts, talks about West African traditions and folklore, and is much needed and treasured PoC representation on the cast.


Mark + renaissance fair

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CS AU Week
Day 7: Free for All  - Renaissance Fair AU

This is not really mine, I’m just the conduit. This is a gift from @killihan-jones to @duathadun. I hope you like it.

Emma Swan is the seamstress from the renaissance fair in which Killian Jones is the main attraction. She can’t really blame the roaring women that seem to lose her mind over him - the man is, after all, quite attractive and a perpetual flirt. But Emma Swan can play that game too, and she’d be lying if she didn’t admit she has enjoyed leaving him speechless once or twice (or thrice). The one thing she doesn’t realize until he finally gets the courage to ask her out is that he only has eyes for her.

“It’s the fourth time this week, Killian. What do you do with the buttons of your vest? Ask the audience to rip them off?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know, Swan? Or even better, wouldn’t you like to be the one that rips them off, darling?”

“Why would I want to rip off buttons I have to sew back myself? That makes no sense.”

“Then what would you do?”

“Unbutton them slowly - very slowly -, my fingers softly tickling the hair on your chest while I work my way down, one button at the time.”

“Bloody hell, Swan, they should be casting you as the bar wench.”

“Keep talking, pirate, and one day I might consider showing you how it’s done.”