NEW - - Exclusively available through Designs From Time.

I’ve searched for YEARS for a really nice Tudor Rose machine embroidery pattern and they just aren’t out there!  So, I had one replicated using this hand embroidered piece from Pinterest as my inspiration.

Badges will be sold through my Etsy store. Price includes cost of patch, postage within the USA, and a $3.00 fee that PayPal charges me for each transaction. 

4 x 4 inch badge:  $11.00

6 x 6 inch badge:  $15.00 

Linen Handkerchief with Tudor Rose embroidery will be available soon.


Godzilla at Ye Olde Medieval Faire

I had some fun at the Medieval/Ren Faire! Got to eat one of dem giant turkey legs. Wasn’t messy at all. NOPE TOTALLY CLEAN.