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writing an essay in college is very different from writing an essay in high school. personally, i write more research/history papers than literary essays (the liberal arts life and curse), so this is going to be a post on how a general research-y essay that has a thesis and arguments. 


  • don’t open with a quote and don’t be overly broad. 
  • avoid generalizations 
  • your intro should address the topic of your essay (ex. the significance of gardens in renaissance society), and then narrow down to what you want to talk about in regards to your topic (ex. the political influence of the Medici gardens during the renaissance)
  • thesis! it should include the argument you want to make about the narrowed down topic, and three (or however many your class requires) reasons to support it. I like to think of it as W = X + Y + Z. 
  • your thesis explains who, what and why in a concise manner. 


  • topic sentences should not be a word for word copy of your thesis.
  • the order of arguments in your thesis is the order of your paragraphs 
  • depending on the length of your essay, there should be at least two justifications to your argument. 
  • so, just as the intro has a formula, X = A + B, and so forth. 
  • A and B should be backed up with some sources/quotes. don’t forget that if you are quoting from class notes to put either the prof’s last name, or (class notes)
  • be sure to have clear and concise arguments, don’t be flowery
  • USE WORDS THAT ARE ACCURATE. thesaurus is great but if you use a word that sounds cool but doesn’t capture the meaning you want to convey then don’t use it, because it may just change the meaning of your argument
  • quote whatever isn’t yours. it is completely fine if 90% of your sentences are quotes. its weird to get used to, but don’t worry about it. 


  • the worst part in my opinion. 
  • synthesize don’t summarize. show how your arguments relate back to the thesis.
  • try not to copy paste your thesis into the conclusion, word it so that the readers understands that through XYZ, you were able to conclude and support argument W (referring back to the thesis formula)
  • do not add any new information, do not add quotes. 
  • your final sentence should tie up the essay in a pretty bow, but try to avoid clichés 


  • when writing the body paragraphs, your ‘weakest’ paragraph should be in the middle, strongest as your last, and the second best as your first.
  • if you’re stumped on the intro, skip it. write out the body first, then the intro and you’ll be able to concisely word your thesis
  • think of your essay as an infomercial. your intro is the loud and clear HERES MY PRODUCT, the body is blasting information on why the product is so cool, and the conclusion is the final push for the viewer to buy that product. make your teacher want to agree with your thesis! 
  • use a mix of paraphrase and quotes!
  • don’t forget your works cited lmao (the MLA Handbook is a gr8 tool, also OWL Purdue)
  • prime time for essay writing is in the morning or at night, but make sure you edit it meticulously 

stay humble, study hard 

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But the thing about reality shows and docudramas is that they’re all very staged and framed - music, editing, camera angles, over arching narrative construction within a season.  So now I’m thinking what on earth could compel a studio to make a Jedi positive series during their wartime dip in popularity.  

Palpatine: I would appreciate an, ahem, frank yet still somewhat flattering portrayal of our republic’s heroes.  Make ‘em look good, but not too good, you know what I mean?  

Some artsy liberal film maker who’s aiming for the space oscars: jedi having mental breakdown in the middle of wartime perfect this is edgy as hell

Cue death of the author on not one, but two accounts as the galaxy realizes that Jedi deal with trauma and stress with less screaming and more ‘haha you think i can force push myself to that ledge after three stims and two hours of sleep watch this padawan- what no of course i’m fine everything’s fine here’s three more puns about the sweet embrace of death :)))’  

Basically Palpatine wanted dirt, the producers wanted angst, and what the galaxy accidentally got instead was five season and a movie of deadpan existential humor in the form of space monk family drama. 

Palpatine would have stopped this long ago but unfortunately he created a system where profit reigns supreme and the studio execs are rolling in credits and will have you pry the show from their cold dead hands.  THIS IS FEEDING THE WAR MACHINE CHANCELLOR. WE THOUGHT YOU’D BE HAPPY.

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All of this was amazing and then I died at the bolded tag. I DO NOT KNOW WHY IT ALWAYS STARTS WITH ME. I’m a troublemaker, evidently. 

I feel like I owe the Star Wars fandom an apology because it keeps trying to be Serious and Discoursey, and I’m just over here writing recaps full of profanity and commentary about Obi-Wan’s swooshy hair, and making up stories about Anakin being a wholly ineffective Renaissance-Era gardener, or Vader sending sexts to Obi-Wan long after Mustafar. 

(To my new followers: welcome to my blog! I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into/I’m sorry.)

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And gardening gloves! And all this means, of course, that whilst Obi-Wan gets a constant eyeful of half naked Anakin, when OBI-WAN so much as takes of his gloves, Anakin suddenly can’t breath - it’s one of those things where the more clothes you wear normally, the fewer you have to take off to suddenly become incredibly hot. Anakin just became and 18th Century men confronted by some ankle. He faints.

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I have to be honest, I wasn’t expecting to start my day with a lengthy chat about Obi-Wan and Anakin, The Great Renaissance-Era Gardener Romance, but I am delighted that things worked out this way. (And also, really, given my track record on tumblr I guess I can’t say I am totally surprised.)

I feel like Anakin gets no actual gardening done, ever. If anything Anakin is an active impediment to gardening because he’s just strutting around shirtless distracting Obi-Wan and flirting with the nuns. Meanwhile Obi-Wan has like, built several sheds and grows enough food for the entire convent and several needy families, and has a rose bush entered in the county fair.