I shall name this post: Quest Adventures ft. Dat Treb. 

Transporting our trebuchet to quest this year took a lot of effort and about 9 hours of driving on my part, and the first time I’ve ever driven a trailer. In the end our camp was never even sieged and we never got to use her in battle. I like to think that it was the threat of coming under siege by our treb that acted as a deterrent and thus we were never attacked. We did however give her a few test fires. I helped load and fire her the first few times, but once she was under control I ran to catch the ammo in my helmet/hat for fun. I’d like to say I totally caught a few but I barely came close! Although, @theprohobby did manage to catch a pretty awesome shot of me trying. 

P.S. Camping is not very forgiving on my hair :/