If the period beginning with the discovery of Deinonychus is known as the Dinosaur Renaissance, what could other periods be known as?

  • Stone Age: up to the end of the 18th century. Fossils were not widely recognized as belonging to extinct organisms. Calling this “the stone age” is appropriate, because people thought fossils were just weird rocks that happened to be shaped like testicles and such
  • Bronze Age: end of the 18th century to 1858. Extinction was recognized and the first prehistoric life was recognized, but evolution was not yet understood. The first attempts at reconstructing extinct animals occured, with varied but often limited success.
  • Classical Greece and Hellenistic Era: 1859-1893. The era of the first complete dinosaur skeletons, the Bone Wars, and evolution being accepted. The bird-dinosaur link was popular.
  • Pax Romana: 1893-1930s. The end of the Bone Wars marked the end of an era in paleontology. Furthermore, Dollo’s Law seemed to be the death knell for the bird-dinosaur link. However, many more iconic dinosaurs were discovered and some of the first major paleobiological work occurs. Charles Knight produced some of the most iconic paleoart in history.
  • Dark Ages: 1930s-1969. Few major discoveries, paleoart got lumpy.
  • Renaissance: 1969-1996. Dinosaurs were shown to be active creatures, and proven to be the ancestors of birds. Anatomical rigor began to return to paleoart, this time with far more data backing it up than ever before. Jurassic Park made dinosaurs mainstream.
  • Enlightenment: 1996-present. Feathered dinosaurs were first found, resulting in a revolution in our understanding of dinosaur life appearance. Cladistic analyses became a standard part of paleontology, revolutionizing taxonomy. Histology and CT scans entered the paleontologist’s toolbox. The Internet reshaped the paleontological community in many ways.

Ai Weiwei, Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn, 1995.

Happy birthday!


We made it to the Renaissance Festival today! And despite what looked like some potentially ominous clouds in the morning, the weather cleared out and we had a lovely day. We all tired out by early afternoon, but got to see a bunch of stuff and met up with some other family and friends along the way. We’ve got one more adventure this week (we’re planning to hit the State Fair on Tuesday), but then it’ll probably be a little quieter around here for a while.

Numbers and Nobles: The Magical Tradition of Numerology in Spain

Spain has always been a country full of contrasts. It is often regarded as heavily Catholic and the place where the Inquisition began. At the same time, there have also been witches and individuals who believed in fairies, gnomes, and other spirits. Spanish people have tried to cast the future as well. When did numerology take hold in this part of the world? Where did it have its roots? How has it affected Spanish society over the centuries?

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Gorgeous @merfairycelestiapearl in the custom giant wings I made her a while back 💖 Also, just FYI, I may have a special announcement today or tomorrow so make sure to check back!
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Went to the ren faire yesterday and of course, had to dress up. I was finishing up eating lunch when the young girl in the pink striped shirt saw me grabbing some napkins and literally freaked out about my outfit and complimented me multiple times. I guess they were trying to find me again, and came to ask me for a photo, knowing that I didn’t work at the faire. This is why I do what I do - dressing up for fun and brightening up people’s days because they brighten my day too. Thank you, Phil, for capturing this moment.

You can find the original video here, but I wanted to upload it separately, because I love this video/moment so much, and there’s no telling if my friend will delete this video.

We each came home with something fun, but this belly dancing skirt was my Renaissance Fair impulse purchase of the day. I’ve eyed getting a whole outfit for a while, but decided I would at least get this as a start. I don’t know how to belly dance, but honestly I’d love to try it out, I’ve heard it’s a lot of fun (and good exercise!). In the meantime I can torment the cats and/or entertain guests with my shiny, jingly butt.


Ancient Roman intaglio ring of Venus Victrix, dated to the 1st century CE. The names of the angels Charariel (who may actually be a demon) and Barachiel were inscribed on the reverse sometime during the Renaissance. The gold setting is more modern, dating to the 19th century. 

The different aspects of this ring show how historical eras connect, that history is an ongoing process. It is a fascinating piece.  

Went to the Renaissance Fair with the boyfriend today.

I went with him and a couple of his friends.

Besides the scorching hot weather, I had a good time.

We saw some cool shows, too: A juggler (with added fire), a knife throwing show (same as last year, but still kinda cool), a Birds of Prey show (one of my favorite parts, especially the owl), and a comedy troupe called Vixens En Garde (PG-13 type thing, the ladies’ characters were mercenaries who moonlight as actors to get money; they did an abridged version of Romeo and Juliet).

A pic of my sunburned self in my Ren Fair outfit (minus the horns):

Things I got today:

They had a sword shop, so I got a sword. I chose to get a blank one so I could paint it if need be. They had both painted and non-painted swords/daggers/battle axes/whatever other type of sword (BF got a painted battle axe). They even had some Legend of Zelda swords and Cloud’s sword from Final Fantasy.

I was looking at these dragon orb necklaces at a booth, and BF volunteered to get me one. I got a green one. Each color symbolized something, but I don’t have the card that said what on me right now.