Tooling up an armguard and thought it was a perfect time to show you all a bit of my process every mark is hand hammered onto the leather after it was cut with a swivel knife, hope to share more soon!

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Favourite Renaissance women | Chiara Matraini 

Se per voler seguir la stella mia…

Chiara Matraini (Lucca, June 4, 1515 – Lucca, November 8, 1604) was an Italian Renaissance writer from Lucca. Primarily known for her love poetry, composed in the style of Petrarch, she also authored a number of spiritual prose and verse texts. Matraini wrote throughout her long life, publishing her last text, the Dialoghi spirituali (1602), when she was well into her 80s. Her many projects included genres that were uncommon for women writers of her time, such as an oration on the art of war, a translation from Latin to vernacular, and several didactic religious texts. Matraini’s writing demonstrates an eagerness to compose in an authoritative voice.

She was married to Vincenzo Cantarini, with whom she had one son. Her husband’s early death apparently facilitated her active literary life. Her literary contacts included Benedetto Varchi and Lodovico Domenichi.

A mysterious mail…

I received a strange letter earlier this week. It was from a distant country, far far away from my homeland. A country I never went to. Besides, a strange smell emerged form the envelope, a complex scent of leather, paper and… magic? What could possibly be inside it?

Oh I see! It was the spells sent by @bizarre-trader, the greatest trader in the Multiverse!

Here, they are, in all their glory:

Thank you Yeen for your gift. I have a lot of fun in joining your Random Commander Challenge for the New Year. I will look forward for the next one!

By then, may your trades be always successful and your travels full of adventures!

working on Kija print for my flower set even though I have deceased after my midterm…………..