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Since you just finished CCA, What is your opinion on Quess? I love her a lot, personally, and want to know your take on her.

Quess was really interesting I actually know someone like her. the kinda girl who just wants approval shes been let down so many times in her life. she finally finds someone who she feels cares only to be used by them as well Tragic…why couldn’t she have her own series? I want a story arc to just flesh out even more of her character.



Rena and Nick recently discovered a Daredevil figurine and I sent them money to pick it up for me. Well I got that and more.

They decorated the box with really awesome shit. Thanks Osborn you’re a pal!

The gorgeously awesome figurine!

RENA WROTE ME A CARD WITH CATS ON IT ALL IN BRAILLE. I’m gonna have to translate that tonight.

A super awesome sign language book and CHILDREN OF MANA I LOVE THE MANA GAMES



Okay, so renainnocenti wanted to see my collection and to me that’s more than just figures. I would have put all of my Eva stuff but that gets an entirely different photoset.

The first two pictures are my larger Pokemon statues and LoZ Phantom Hourglass gatchapons that I have. I got the entire set of the Zelda ones and I’m incredibly happy to own them. (some pieces are missing for the time being)

The second two pictures are my main collection of figurines. It’s basically split up between Eva and… non Eva. My Eva figure collection is always growing as I basically walk home with a new one every convention. Come Kitsune I hope to add Sakura Suzuhara to it. EDIT: I realized my other Misato is missing… damn cats.

The next three are some of my Video game collectors things. My Zelda gold cartridge and box, Sword of Mana box, Pokemon Leaf Green, and my sealed Majora’s Mask OST. The third one has Skyward Sword collectors edition, my AC3DS and my white GCN controller. Also featured my Mark 06 chopsticks I got from viruru

The last two feature my Legend of Zelda Collector’s Edition game guides I got from my mom for Christmas, and my Hyrule Historia and Der Mond artbooks!

There’s bound to be stuff I’m forgetting but that’s what I can fit in this photoset right now! 

renainnocenti replied to your post: my dad wants me to write out a college plan with…

I dodged him asking me. Nick happened.

Which I’m honestly thankful for. He asked about the both of you when I brought up the convention coming up and I said Nick went to school and when he asked about you I said “well she’s still trying to find a job” so I think I dodge it a bit.

I just…. really hate it when he does shit like that. It shouldn’t fucking matter. And it is REALLY not his business if someone isn’t going to college. I know he works for the university but for real, lay off. ughhhh.