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September 11, 2017// “my love is beautiful deception” 

one year ago, I started bullet journaling, and it’s really impressive seeing how far I’ve come since then (especially considering that this spread has the same colour scheme as my first spread).  

so throughout this past year, I’ve learned: 1) it’s cheesy but practice makes perfect!! you don’t see improvement every time you make a spread, but don’t get frustrated and give up because it’s a learning process, and 2) studyblr classics like Tombow, Muji, and Mildliner always will have way cheaper counterparts (especially the latter two) so know the alternatives if you wanna save money! I recently found gel pens at an Asian mall for a fraction of Muji’s prices, and crayola supertips are honestly the best investment I’ve ever made. 

PC Otome Games that I Hope Would Get Localizations

Alongside Aksys’ releases of Period Cube, Collar x Malice, and Bad Apple Wars (alongside Idea Factory’s Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds), there have also been a lot of PC localizations this year, Nightshade, I think being the best of them so far.

Now, PC otome games don’t exactly have a good rep, because there are a bunch of terrible rapey games, a bunch of them feel rushed. But there are a bunch of really good ones too, and I hope they find localizations so non-Japanese players will be able to play them.

Most of the games I compiled on this list are games that I played on PC, with the exception of one.

1. Ayakashi Gohan

In this particular story, circumstances push our heroine to live in a town called Momiji filled with ayakashi. Of course, in this town, there are plenty of interesting people to fall in love with.

What I love most about this game is that the heroine has two paths—human and ayakashi. In one path, the heroine is introverted and in the other, she is much more outgoing. I must confess, while there is much more revelation about the town in the ayakashi routes, I did love her more in the human routes, because the games makes it clear introverted people also have their own strengths. This is also one of the games where we have a voiced heroine, something that is not too common in otome games, but I would love to see more of.

The characters are all lovely too. There’s a lot of dialogue where all the voice actors have time to shine.

Another thing that is wonderful about this game is its mystery and effective world building. Good world building in otome games is rare, and while takes a while to get the true route, going for the true route in the end is worth it. By the way, you may need tissues for the true ending, just saying.

2. Tsumikui Sen No Noroi, Sen No Inori

This game was released fairly recently, and since I noticed that most titles that tend to get released are considered to be fairy recent, this is a very good candidate for a localization if only someone would pick it up.

Basically, if you love reincarnation romances, this is the game for you. In this game, Kaoru, our heroine, discovers that she is a reincarnation of a princess of an ancient race called the kamiki, who is doomed to devour 1000 sinners in all her reincarnations. 

Like Ayakashi Gohan, I love the world building in this game. The player gets to gradually see the past in routes prior to the true ending.

Kaoru, I would say, is one of my favorite otome game heroines. Not only is she badass, but she is interesting as both Kaoru and Sera. There’s a lot of interior monologue here, but that is what I love about this game. The interior monologue helps us see who Kaoru is as a person, and one can fall in love with her alongside all the guys in this game. Oh, and she’s fully voiced too.

3. Steam Prison

This is the only game in this list that I haven’t played but it looks very cool.

Like Code: Realize, it is a steampunk otome game. The world in this game is split in two—the heavens, which is basically a city in the skies, and the earth, where all the criminals live. Cyrus, our heroine, is basically a police officer in the heavens with a strong sense of justice, not too different from Collar x Malice’s Ichika. Things happen when she gets assigned to patrol Earth.

While I don’t have this game, I hopefully I will get to amend that in case I get to go to Japan again next year.

4. Yoshiwara Higanbana

I have a two part review of this game, that you can read here.

Because we’ve already started getting r-18 otome games in English thanks to Manga Gamer, I thought that it would be great to recommend on of my favorite mature otome game titles.

Yoshiwara Higanbana is the story of an oiran living in Tokyo’s pleasure quarters. If you love historical otome games, this is one good otome game and all the male characters in this game are super interesting. One think I found refreshing in this game is how our heroine is not shy about sex. While that is a given especially since she’s in a sex trade, it is wonderful to see the heroine take the lead in this area for once. The tone of this game is rather serious though, and it mostly revolves around our heroine and Shigure, the head of the brothel where she lives in. I also loves how this game also utilizes the childhood friend character in the form of Souichirou and turns it on its head. I won’t spoil how, but that route, despite its problems remains one of my favorites in the game.

This is a game that made me cry a number of rivers, and consume like a gazillion tissue boxes.

5. Chou No Doku Hana No Kusari

Another adult PC otome game. While it is quite old, I think it deserves a localization, because this is one of the best adult otoges out there. As such, it is no surprise to me that it topped the list as the top rated adult otoge out there in this month’s Cool-B Sweet Princess.

Set in the Taisho period, our heroine Yuriko, is an impoverished heiress who loses her parents under mysterious circumstances. There’s definitely a huge mystery lurking around the house and the question as to why her father gets murder, and her mother going mad before dying. Basically, this game would be what Downtown Abbey would probably look like if the writers made it darker and incorporated a little incest.

Just a warning though—there is incest and rape in this game. In fact there is one route that pissed me off because while I loved the initial chemistry in those characters, one moment he just goes in and rapes the heroine, and she falls in love with him like Scarlett falls for Rhett after that deed. I will not spoil which one is the incest route, because that will ruin a significant part of the end game.

But what I loved most about this game is that we see how the heroine matures. In one route too, she gets to go at the mystery on her own, and forge her own path. Honestly, that route is my favorite. It is rare for a heroine to be given this opportunity and given her own closure, and I am glad they game this opportunity to Yuriko.

6. Ken Ga Kimi

I must say, this is I think what got me to love PC otome games.

This is another Edo period otoge filled with samurai and fantasy creatures. Not only do we have another weapon wielding heroine in Kayo, one thing this game had it going was the fact that you can make characters either choose the ken route, wherein he chooses to live for the sword and most likely die a tragic death, or the kimi route, wherein he chooses to live for you.

While the common route is long, it is worth it once one gets to the individual routes.

7. Taisho Alice

To say that a lot of people were disappointed in E2 Gaming’s localization of this series of games is an understatement. I do believe this game deserves a second chance at localization, if second chances are at all possible.

I have the original  games on PC, and I would say, playing through all the routes was wonderful because of how the game tries to rewrite these fairy tales. All of the routes are wonderful, and I feel like if one can rewrite Amnesia, it has to be the way this game does it. Our heroine is pretty spunky and she speaks a lot of Engrish. Part of what I would find interesting in an English localization would be to see how some of her quirks would be translated.

Like I said, there are a lot of wonderful PC otome games out there. If people can think of others, please do comment so other people would get to know about them.

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Because I’m NozoNico trash, and YZW’s not allowed to have the last say -rolls

Prince of Stride: INFO

After seeing the fandom react after episode one, it has come to my attention that there are many misunderstandings and false information circulating about Prince of Stride. I feel that a few things need to be cleared up before the fandom proceeds into watching future episodes.

This is going to be a very lengthy post and may contain spoilers so please read at your own risk, but it is filled with tons of information and personal thoughts which I hope will clear up a lot of things about the series.

This post is a massive collaborative project between myself and other otome Tumblr users, so many thanks to @redthreadoflove​ (Ito), @azusakun​ (Hoi), @youkas​ (Jo), @yumedesuka​ (Yume), @kairyn​​ (Kairi) and @katcalaveras​​ (Kat) for their help with this post! I could not have done this without their help and guidance. Ito has also written a very good post about PoS which you can read here. Hoi has played the Prince of Stride game on PS Vita, thus her knowledge about the game has been very valuable in the writing of this post.

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Sweetest and most cringe worthy manga?

You can try:

- Ao Haru Ride
- Boku wa Ookami
- Hana to Akuma
- Hana Yori Dango
- Hirunaka no Ryuusei
- Hibi Chouchou
- Hokagou x Ponytail
- Kamisama Hajimemashita
- Kimi ni Todoke
- Kinkyori Renai
- Kiss/Hug
- Last Game
- Orange (Takano Ichigo)
- Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji
- Ouran High School Host Club
- Namaikizakari
- Nijiiro Days
- Taiyou no Ie