RenaE: Okay. Welp. I know people usually aren’t really into seeing posts like this and this is kind of our second time doing this, but we both feel it’s time we need to let this person know how we feel. Probably he or she won’t listen, but it is worth the shot. And worry not; This is the last time we’ll post these type of things.

RavenH: The insults (which aren’t that very good btw) went from our blog, to just “Me” in general. Honestly, based on the last/recent posts, this person might have run out of insults for me lol. I can assume its obviously someone on ElswordNA server, and i might have angered him/her through pvp, like other pvper’s that take the game too seriously.

RenaE: Alrighty, Hater-san. Here’s some advice to you and don’t worry! It’s not that hard. When you see our stuff on Eltag, Just scroll past it. It’s great that you spent much of your time sending your little adorable messages every single day. They really just motivate us to keep going and make us giggle a bit,but it needs to stop. We get the point. We will keep doing what we’re doing and nothing is ever gonna stop us kay? ♥

RavenH: Guys, word of advice, don’t let people like this bring you down. No one knows more about you than you yourself. As for you, anon who obviously has it in for me or something, If your too afraid to talk, i can understand. Just remember that I will always be here and ready to talk “Face to face” without hiding behind an anon’s face when you wanna clear things up okay? When your ready to talk, like adults, I’m here ^^ <3 

RavenH: I’m sure everyones fully aware of the wedding system thats coming for valentines day. Myself and RenaE are going to enter for sure so wish us luck everyone! I also wish anyone with their loved one (friend,gf,bf,etc.) luck aswell! 
PS: RenaE’s having a hard time coming up with a proposal, not to mention “If” we do win, reading it out loud in the skype call the GM’s said the winners had to do, but i’ll be sure to read mine first ;) <3