Matsui Rena's Official Blog - 08\12\2013

Alert: Relevant.


It’s Rena(・ω・)

There was an hand-shake event in Makuhari Messe today.
Thanks to everyone who came.
Spending such a very great time, even my heart feels refreshed!

I’m so happy because lately I enjoy hand-shake event even more than I already used to!

I suffer from insecurity so I felt very insecure
wondering how you’re all seeing me in the latest period…

Which is why I feel so relieved when you come to meet me
in hand-shake events or when I hear your cheering voices during lives.

But that one is not a conceited kind of relief, it’s the relief
caused by seeing how there properly still is someone looking at me.

Now that other members are spreading their fields of activity,
it wouldn’t be weird for me to lose my current position any time soon.

Lately there’s a side of me that feels so insecure as for how
I’m being reflected into your eyes, as for how you’re perceiving me.

Maybe that happens because I’m not able to see your reactions in places
such as the theater, where it’s possible to see the audience’s reations from a close distance…

Without any reactions it feels like being immersed in the dark and it’s really scary…
I’m continuously thinking about whether my way of thinking and the direction I’m walking towards are the right ones, about my way of existing inside the group, about my position etc…
Being able to see what’s really right about this kind of things is quite difficult…

It’s because of this that I want to go on working hard in order to be perceived as necessary and in order to be recognized by more and more people!
I’m sure that my tenacity right now is still not enough!

I really want to be recognized as an individual and as a Team, after all.
I think I should also properly convey what I’m feeling right now to my juniors.
I don’t know if I’m right…I might actually not be, but if I fear that I might really be wrong, then I think it’s better to properly convey my feelings.

With things as they are now, there’s nothing I can feel satisfied about.
In order to give a shape to this obscure feelings of mine, I’d like to work hard perceiving you all as my light.


Matsui Rena's Official Blog - 21\06\2013

A blog post written by a certain 21 years old SKE fan


It’s Rena(・ω・)

Good morning.

Manatsu is calling me “Rena-chan” (tln: I knew she’d be glad about it!)
Apparently, no matter how many times I tell her in a disgusting way how much I like her or how I find her cute, she doesn’t come to dislike me.

Uhahahah (tln: this laugh is kinda creepy…)

However, when I started grinning a bit as I was looking at Manatsu talking during a magazine interview, the members surrounding me said I was disgusting…

I wonder if they’d put lip sinc for each member even in SKE’s MV…
I’d be just delighted if they would!
Type A would have extra footage just like we’ve had until now, while in B and C there would be a short version with every senbatsu member’s lip-sync.
My heart would tighten at Airi’s, I’d start grinning with Manatsu’s and I’d feel like patting the screen with Churi’s.

It would definitely be great!

At least…that’s what a certain 21 years old SKE fan thought…

But it’s just that…see? We record the full lip-sync so it’s a waste for the parts that are not used,  isn’t it?
Akarin’s lip-sync in Utsukushii Inazuma was tremendously good, you know!?

Nyahahah (tln: Okay…another creepy laugh….)


Matsui Rena's Ameba Blog - 25\02\2014 (2)

Like the title says, this would be for Nogizaka46’s fans :)
I’d like to read their opinions on this, if there’s some here on tumblr!

Rena - To the people supporting Nogizaka46

I’d like to properly express my feelings to the people supporting Nogizaka46 and to all the members.

Nogizaka46 just celebrated its 2nd anniversary and is now working hard, aiming higher.  I believe it was a moment in which the group was very unite as a whole.
And it’s in such a moment that, without being informed of anything, you happened to take part in the AKB48 Group’s Big Re-Formation. I think many of you were more surprised and felt more troubled than I myself did.
Ikoma-chan became a concurrent member in AKB48, and I became one in Nogizaka46

It’s the first time for a concurrency that crosses over the 48 boundary to happen.
There are many feelings poured into the history that Nogizaka46 has built up together with everyone until now. If I were to suddenly get in there, going like “Nice to meet you! Please take care of me” I bet both members and fans would feel perplexed.

That’s because their feelings towards the group are strong.
So that I’ll start holding those feelings too, and so that I’ll be recognized, I’ll do my best in order to leave something in Nogizaka46 that will turn out to be a plus for the group.

I don’t know where the concurrency will start to be effective…it’s my first one, after all.
Also…I think Nogizaka46 is different from the 48 Groups in many aspects!
In case I’ll happen to act inadequately, or weirdly, I’d be happy if you’d tell me!

Please take care of me.

Matsui Rena

Matsui Rena's Ameba Blog - 25\07\2013



It’s Rena(・ω・)

I had the day off today but, I went to the lesson room anyway.
Together with the teacher I enjoyably went to some practice.

Especially since Boku no Taiyou Stage has many similar moves, we should polish and improve each one of them!

I wanted to prepare some of the steps with the teacher, and to focus into the atmosphere of the songs!

I’m sure that, without only relying on the songs, what’s important is the pace of the atmosphere we are able to produce ourselves.
But not only as in…a melody is cheerful so let’s just make cheerful expressions.
There are songs that keep changing keys from the intro to the conclusion, so I don’t think we should keep our expressions and movements the same for the whole time.
As I danced while talking about that…

…a few hours passed in the blink of an eye!


Only astonishing things seem to happen lately lol

Another astonishing thing that happened is when, during the recording for 1+1 wa 2 ja nai yo,  me and Nonchan  had our birthdays celebrated together!

For some reason one candle was broken lol

But the surprise really made me happy!

Also, you know?
Jurina wrote on the blog that she feels lonely lol

I wasn’t sure whether to say this or not, but…
During S’ Senshuuraku, as my eyes met Jurina’s,
she suddenly started crying and said

“It makes me feel lonely that we’re going to separate!”

I didn’t know she’d feel so lonely because of me so it left me astonished!
But I also was very happy.
It was another reason that made me realize
that after all, Jurina really is like a little sister for me. lol

And Young Champion, with a photoshoot with me and her alone after a long time, is currently on sale!

I have a shooting I’m looking forward to tomorrow!

I’m going to work hard!


Matsui Rena's Ameblog - 15\04\2013


It’s Rena(・ω・)

The 2 days concert in Gaishi Hall - [Kawaranai Koto. Zutto nakama na koto\Something that won’t change. That we’ll always be comrades] safely came to an end.

I was surprised to know that, aside from the people who could make it to the concert, there were also many who couldn’t come but stayed outside. If we were able this year as well to perform in Gaishi Hall, is just because there’s so many people supporting us that that wouldn’t even fit all in the place.
Thank you so much, really.

This time it not only was the first big concert after a year, but it also was the graduation concert for 9 members.
When, during the last performance, the graduating members sang Tabidachi Sotsugyougumi’s [Sore wo seishun to yobu hi], the place, that was filled with colorful penlights got dyed in white.
I not only was very happy to see that, even though the place was so huge, the fans cooperated all together in order to give such a wonderful scenery as a present to the graduating members, but I also realised that SKE is being supported by amazing people.

All the graduating members properly gazed in front of them, and they looked so cool.
I cried lots, but I couldn’t just keep sobbing while looking at them!
Still, huge drops of tears started flowing.

Emiri has been like Team S saviour,  that came helping us out with our Stage so many times.
To be honest, I would’ve loved to be able to work hard with her being in the same team…
Today she’ll have a birthday celebration stage, while tomorrow’s one will be her graduating stage…
I hope she’ll receive so many words of congratulations and gratitude that she won’t be able to hold them all. 

As for Haramina, I’m really happy I could work together with her for Oki Doki’s senbatsu.
Her dynamic way of performing is really cool and captivating.
But what I like the most is her happy face while she’s eating.
She looks like a kid during that moments and she’s really adorable.

Kasusu made it in to senbatsu with last year’s Janken Taikai and I was able to look at her doing her best from a short distance. I’m so happy she’s gradually getting more and more cute and shining.
She has a misterious power able to sooth everyone with her calm and gentle smile.
I want her to keep following her own pace.

Ririchan is…really cute!!
Ever since the first time I saw her I thought she was adorable, looking like a rabbit!
Her eyes are always flaming and filled with curiousity and everytime she speaks everything gets more brighter.
When she was wearing the red graduating outft she looked a bit as she was stretching herself out and that was so very charming.

I worked with Ogichan for a long time, being senbatsu members and both thinking of her leaving and of not being able to see her playing with Yuria anymore feels incredibly sad and lonely.
Looking at her singing Sore wo seishun to yobu hi during the rehearsal and on the actual stage, really hit my heart intensely.
And she was so…SO pretty during Manazashi Sayonara.
Ogichan is a confident and responsible girl. I want her to keep doing her best believing in herself.

As for Team S members, we’ll still be able to perform together so I’ll write about them when those Stages will be over…

Even though I decided I wouldn’t absolutely cry and I would’ve bid them farewell with a smile, looking at the graduating members made my eyes’ inner corners get hot and when it was time for Tooku ni Itemo’s intro I started crying out loud together with Jurina.
It looks like my heart perceived these graduations in a more huge way my mind would’ve ever thought…

Lastly, there’s something I shouldn’t forget. That is…Shawachan.
During the concert’s second performance I had the chance to sing [Nice to meet you].
When I went to see the Stage with Shawachan, I cried seeing her performing that song.

I’m really, REALLY happy I met you.
I’m grateful for the miracle of having met you by chance, with so many people in this world.

That’s what I felt for Shawachan, at that time.
So, even though I couldn’t sing it with her, I thought I wanted, one day, to sing that song. And, amazingly, I was given the chance to do that in the Gaishi Hall concert.
That made me really happy so I tried to sing it  treating it with all the value it’s worth of.

Now…when I thought about how I should’ve closed this post, the final answer was this concert’s title:

[Kawaranai Koto. Zutto nakama na koto\Something that won’t change. That we’ll always be comrades]

Even 1st generation graduated members went to see the concert.
No matter how much time passes since one leaves SKE, that won’t change the fact that we spent the same time in the same place.
They’ll always, always be precious comrades.

Matsui Rena's Ameba Blog - 08\09\2013

Oh, it’s an interesting post but anyway seriously…how can one really go say someone they oshihen-ed from them? -.-

There’s no use in it, damn… O_O
You’d just ruin their mood because in one way or another it’s still something sad to be told.
And, if Rena is writing it here, no matter the arbitrarily used “light” tone, if you ask me is definitely because she saw or heard about some member being hurt because of this kind of episode yesterday.


It’s Rena(・ω・)

Just like yesterday, today as well I’m taking part in AKB’s hand-shake event.
Thanks to everyone who came yesterday!

I had everyone congratulate me, and that made me very happy.
Also, since you all talk about lots of things - also related to yourselves - I had really fun being able to talk about so many different topics!♪

Oh, right!
Yesterday there also were some people going to their former oshi saying that they changed oshi. (tln: You know, the oshihen)
Welll, you know…
I myself have been told many times, until now, “I changed my oshi from Renachan to someone else”, and well…one would feel down-hearted being told such a thing directly…

Instead of saying it with words, if you could just nonchalantly do like this, everyone will understand anyway!

Just saying lol

In my case, anyway, I’m actually happy to be able to talk both with people supporting me and with those supporting other members.
When I see goods or T-shirts of other girls I end up talking about nothing but them lol

Oh, I was about to forget!
As I was thinking I would want Airi’s GekiOshi towel…

…Nanako already goooooooooooot iiiiiiiit!!!
I was too laaaaaaaaaaaaateeeeee!!!

I guess I have no other choice but to buy it…(*゜ロ゜)!!

That’s what I was thinking when…

…Sa-Sasshii gave me her GekiOshi towel!!!
So well, I guess that maaaaaaaaybe I might be having this towel around my neck at some point during today’s hand shake event…(-ω-)

But, of course, you’re all…

RenaOshis, right? ・*・:≡( ε:)


Matsui Rena's Ameba Blog - 23\04\2014

Not directly related to this post, but it almost moved me - all considered - to read Tsuu on her blog write that she’s happy Rena was their leader T_T

Rena(Boku no・ω・Taiyou)

It’s Rena(・ω・)

Team E’s Boku no Taiyou Stage finished without any issue.
Thank you for all the 45 performances.

Miyamae started crying as we formed the circle, as the Stage started the atmosphere was already filled with the realization of it being really the final one, I felt like I met eyes with you more than I’ve ever done, and every single moment felt so very precious to me.

From the middle of the Stage, Naruchan kept crying the whole time in the dressing room, and Rion and Tsuuchan were shedding tears as well.
For the Stage to come to an end, for Igucchi and Kintarou to graduate, for this Team E to be over…
We all had a lot of different feelings filling our hearts.

To me, this Team E is a very precious Team.
I wasn’t able to do anything leader-ish at all but, each time I appeared in a Stage I could clearly feel how everyone was properly in order and moving forward.
We were harshly criticized in the beginning so, if we managed to reach the Final Performance having fans feel like they didn’t want for it to end is only because of everyone’s efforts!

The research students who appeared in the Stage have been Wanchan, Reona, Aisa, yuzuki, Arisa, Kaotan, Yumechi, Ruka, Sakipon, Kumachan, Mayuko-chan, Yukachan, Juna and also Kumichan and Mizuho!

Since I happened to be very often absent, Yuzuki and Arisa are the ones who came in helping the most, so much that I think Arisa has performed more times than I did, and Yuzuki has been part of at least half of the 45 Stage performances with all the Team E members.
Since Yuzuki also appeared in the performance right before the final one, there was a sticker with her name attached, on the box with the outfit’s shoes.
That somehow reassured me, making me feel as she was going to perform together with us as well.

Research students are very relevant existences in SKE.
A vital requirement that supports the Stages.
Thank you all for having built Team E with us!

Rion, I’m glad I was able to sing Higurashi no Koi with you.
Now that you’ll be in Team S, be sure to work hard without feeling any hesitation towards your seniors, okay?

Igucchi, I’m so happy I got in the same Team with a person like you, with such passionate feelings. I feel sad and I’d like to peform again with you but…Please make your dream come true! Congratulations on your graduation.

Tsuuchan, I love how friendly and cute you are.
I had so much fun every time at the handshake part
with you and Rion in Run Run Run.

Naruchan, you looked so precious as you cried even though you said you wouldn’t lol
Thank you for having taught me the steps every time!

Umechan, thank you for having helped me out all the time!
You’re everyone’s mood maker, a necessary presence in Team E. Next time please allow me to support you.

Kintarou, I’ve been soothed by your fluffy and loose talks ‘till the very end. I’m glad you could have the former Team E send you off. Congratulations on your graduation.

Momona, since I couldn’t appear in  your last Stage I’m really glad I met you today.♪ Even now I feel happy that I could start off with this Team E together with you.

Yucchan, we’ve always been next to each other during Boku no Taiyou and nothing ever surpassed the feel of security I could perceive from that. Thank you for having helped me out so much and for having led the Team!

Non-san, I actually think you’re the Team E member that follows her own pace the most. You’ve always been so cute during the initial part of BINGO!♪
What an outstanding Idol aura!

Meimei, it made me happy how you kindly called me Leader and how you often came interacting with me during songs.
You’re indeed very cute

Nanako, even though you’ve already graduated you’re an important member of the Team. I’m happy that even now you’re keeping in touch with Team E’s members.

Naochan, your expressivity range is wider than anyone else’s and I’ve always thought that was really impressive.
I feel so relaxed when I’m with you.

Honochan, your expressions got better day by day, and you did your best when lowering during Juliet!
Yours is the growth I could feel the most.

Miyamae, you’re always so dynamic! When I happened to think “Uh? Who’s the member moving so hugely?” it was always you! Also, ever since the Reformation was decided you’ve been feeling sad. Thank you for having come to like Team E so much.

Reika, you’ve been such a mood maker. It made me happy to see you always smile. It helped a lot how you’d hit everyone’s back to spirit us up before the Stages!

Boku no Taiyou Stage performed with these members is over.
But there’s actually still the Sapporo Event left with this Team E.
Together with the 12 members and the support ones I’d like for us to light our last fireworks as Team E.

Thank you for having followed such a good for nothing leader.
And fans, thank you for having supported us.
We’ll work hard so that each one of us will become such a special member that, when we’ll get together once again, we’ll have your huge cheering voices welcom us.


Matsui Rena's Ameblog - 13\04\2013


It’s Rena(・ω・)

There was the 1st day of the Gaishi Hall concert today!

Thanks to everyone who came!
And thanks to everyone who couldn’t come but supported us!

The stage of the Gaishi Hall…I would’ve never thought to stand on it 2 years in a row…
Today, surrounded by all that cheering, for some reason, even though I was happy, that energy made me feel frustrated…like “I should work harder and harder!!”
I wanted to give off an aura that could exeed that huge aura of enjoyment you all had!

And this time we had lots of cute, cuuuuuute outfits!!♪

The one in the upper pic count as well but they were all colorful and lively and just looking at them would make me feel happy!
That was the message the outfits wanted to convey this time.
Moreover, I even had them make a new outfit for Kareha no Station!!

A long white dress.

Everytime I passed by some staff members they’d tell me “Are you getting married?” and I’d answer “I’m going on a trip alone” lol
Kareha no Station is a very precious song for me
That’s why I’m very happy I could sing it on Gaishi Hall’s stage.
I’m going to treasure it even more from now on.

And today the new  team formations were announced.
I passed from Team S to Team E.
I love Team S, but I think getting separated might be a good thing.
I tend to depend on others so I need to be in a strict place for me.
The new Team E has lots of young members and I can’t wait to build together with them the new team.
The image is a fluffy one but filled with ambitious girls, I’ll make it the most loved Team of all.
I like getting higher and higher so right now I’m very excited.

Even so, Team S is a very important place for me…
I’m going to enjoy my remaining time here (she means in Team S), treasuring it as the most important thing for me.
It honestly feels sad and lonely, though…

I feel like tomorrow will become a special day.

Let’s make it a fun stage in which everyone will stay with a smile!

Matsui Rena's Ameba Blog - 21\09\2013


It’s Rena(・ω・)

There’s been a hand-shake event in the Seibu Dome today.
Thanks to everyone who came.

Most of the times it was winter when we held hand-shake events in the Seibu Dome, but this time, without suffering from the coldness, we managed to shake hands in a very pleasant climate.

I don’t usually step down on sports grounds, but the lawn felt so good and soft that, even though I know I can’t, I felt like laying down and taking a nap on it. 
Green places make me feel so relieved♪

Everyone’s so relaxed! *・:≡( ε:)

But still, even more than that, what soothed me was this person!!

Asuka…Err, I mean Airin!
Ahhhhh, this pic is tremendously cute!\(^o^)/
What’s with this angel!?\(^o^)/

I have other pics of angels from the hand-shake event so I’ll be sure to post them some other time, okay?

Ahhh, this Airin’s cuteness exceeds anything else!!
I want to play baseball!!


Matsui Rena's Ameblog - 18\04\2013

Rena(Nakama・ω・no Uta)

It’s Rena(・ω・)

Today we performed the last stage for Kuuchan, Shiitan, Miichan and Kanachan.
So many thanks to everyone who supported us.

I perceived today’s Stage as the shorter one among all the Stages performed until now.
As soon as I notice it we already were at the Encore and I kept thinking all the time that I didn’t want it to end.
No matter what it is about, putting the word “The End” to something feels sad and lonely.

Miichan stood on the stage with all her energy and, as usual, was very lively.
Miichan’s dance is so powerful I can perceive the breeze her moves generate so, no matter where I am, I get it.
And her feelings were so passionate.。
I wonder if she’s so well liked by the junior exactly because they can feel her passion…
I kinda feel like she could come again in SKE as a dance teacher!

I think Kanachan, who got promoted to Team S from being a kenkyuusei, and was able to join the senbatsu, really worked hard.
Last year, due to her leg injury, we weren’t able to stand together on Gaishi Hall’s Stage.
A year is not much time, but about that same stage this year I can’t help to think about how much things can change in such a short time.
Still, Kanachan has always been SKE’s cute mascot.

Shiitan’s the member I should be more thankful to…
Every time I couldn’t appear on stage, she would perform in my position.
When, after several months, I appeared on stage again, with Shiitan  going back to her own position after just as much time, I could be no match for her incredible adaptation ability.
Even Kareha no Station…I think Shiitan might’ve actually sang it more times than I have…
That’s why I don’t think of it as my song, but as mine and Shiitan’s song.

As for Kuuchan, I think she really turned into an adult in these 4 years.
When I was feeling down, I’ve been saved so many times by her cheerful smile.
Kuuchan did her best in the Gaishi Hall concert and during the Stage, saying she wanted to have her fans looking at her Idol self until the very end.
And I think that, until the very end, Kuuchan has been the best Idol ever.

Conflicting, laughing, crying…we shared lots of emotions…
When asked what I like about Team S, I can proudly say:

I love everything about it.

Kuuchan , Shiitan, Miichan, Kanachan,
congratulations on your graduation.
And thank you, thank you so much.

Matsui Rena's Ameba Blog - 21\12\2013

A wonderful post if you ask me (why would you ask me, though? Well anyway XD).
What she says abotu Yukko is quite touching.

Rena(Stage after・ω・a long time)

It’s Rena(・ω・)

Yesterday I performed in a Stage after a long time.
It looks like I really wanted to appear in a Stage, so much that I kept remembering all this time the date of my last appearance. lol

It’s not the first time I end up being unable to appear on stage.
But I guess this one was the longest period…
I myself am shocked about it.

Without even the time to feel nervous, as soon as I came to my senses the first song started and MeiMei was saying “Ehh! It started!! Hey!! It started!!” lol
It felt so nostalgic thinking about how we always noisily chatted before theater performances until then…
And once Team E Stage starts…it all gets really lively!!♪

Getting on the stage, even more than the sudden excitement, I gradually started to feel spreading the joy of standing there with everyone, I saw the fans in front of me, and I really felt happy being able to finally see that scenery I wanted to see so much.
I guess it’s because of that, that the Stage ended up in the blink of an eye.

Laughing lots, singing and dancing lots, expressing myself…
It was just like in the origins, such a blissful space.
After all I don’t care if it would mean overdoing…I really want to appear in Stages!!!

Yesterday we held Yucchan’s Birthday Celebration.
Yucchan’s fans were all so warm.
Yucchan herself felt it and in the backstage she kept saying: “I’m so happy!”
Inside SKE, Yucchan stands out for her looks and performance skills.
So many times, a dance teacher that took care of us until now, asked me: “Why isn’t Yukiko-chan in senbatsu? She’s so charming…”
I feel the same way.
Yucchan is probably a kind of girl that cannot get settled inside the borders of an idol.
Still, there’s a whole lot of people being attracted by her charm and, after all, I really do want to watch Yucchan as she makes her dream come true while being supported by her fans!

Yucchan is being particularly reliable recently.
Thank you for holding the Team up!!

And…about Umechan’s first work as a reporter!
[Macau Grand Prix 2013] will air on December 29, from 17:00.
A video announcement was streamed during the Stage and it showed Umechan doing her best despite being nervous.
Her figure as she walks towards her dream is, after all, wonderful.

Everyone, be sure to check it, okay?♪

Well then, I’m going to do my best at work now!


Matsui Rena's Official Blog - 28\06\2013

Related to this.


Its Rena(ω)

I reached my destination without any problem.

I guess itll be night in Japan next time Ill post something.

I strongly regret that I left Japan without telling my beloved Churi-chan.
m sorry, Churi-chan.
As I think of that, I remember the night we spent together in Hawaii.
Having fun in the dark creating shadows pictures in the room.
We ate litchi, didn’t we?

Once I’ll be back in Japan I’ll tell you everything about my trip.

Well then, after eating my stomach is full so I’ll do some muscle training, I’ll practice a bit and then I’ll go to sleep.

Even if I’m not in Japan I still love you all!!!


Matsui Rena's Ameba Blog - 15\05\2014


It’s Rena(・ω・)

Today there was Team E’s [Mirai to wa?] live in Sapporo.
It was Team E’s last live.
Thanks to those who came.

We were allowed to put our own ideas were put in this concert,
and we made it as if it was a touring Stage.

Which is why we sang many Stage songs in the setlist.
The reason is that, since we barely have any chance to go perform Stages or lives in Hokkaido, we wanted to show how we are during theater performances.

So well, we shed a lot of great sweat!
It made me happy that Yumechi performed with us and that Sana, Donchan and Kumichan stood on the stage together as well.

But more than anything else,
it was so pleasant to perceive the passion of the audience.
Such a bliss.

In the end, we sent baloons with our signs to the audience.
Wishing for you to rejoice, we wrote on each one of them!

(on the baloon: I love it too much. Matsui Team E. Zepp Sapporo 14\05\15)

Hopefully this will turn into a nice memory.

I’m really sad this was the end for this Team E.
It’s a Team that gave me a lot of feelings, so I want to go on
by treasuring all those memories as much as I can.

All of you who supported Team E,
thank you so much for having loved this Team.


Matsui Rena's Ameba Blog - 04\02\2014


It’s Rena(・ω・)

I ended up being late reporting it here, but
the Nagoya Dome concert ended without any problem!
And with that, the Tour that started in October is over too.
Thanks to all the people who came and to those who cheered on us.

This Tour made me realize that there’s still a very long future ahead of SKE and that I want to become able to create Stages and concerts that will make SKE be loved more and more!
There ae different things to be leant both from huge stages and from small theater-like ones.
All that we experienced and perceived in this tour, will be connected to our next stages.

Now, even though quite slowly, I’d like to look back at the Nagoya Dome concert.
I’d be glad if those who couldn’t come will feel some of the enjoyment.

Let’s start from the 1st Day.
As for the opening, the 1st generation members sang [Kamigami no Ryouiki]. That’s the song of us 1st gen members.
I was happy to be able to sing it in the Nagoya Dome of our dreams, but everyone started crying and I was infected too.
More than an opening, if felt like the climax of the concert already lol

This is true for any generation, but the members from thesame one are special comrades, connected by a mysterious kind of bond.

Our first single: [Tsuyoki mono yo]

Akagumi’s [Dareka ni sei ni wa shinai]

And a lot of other nostalgic songs followed!

Then we performed [Michi wa naze tsuzuku no ka?] for the first time.

It’s the song for Aichi Toyota’s CM.
Singing this song makes me feel like going out,
and also gives me a lot of positive and face-forwarding feelings.I like the part of the lyrics when it says
“The amount of excitement waiting for us
is that of all the roads of the world."♪

I stil have so many pics it would be impossible to post them all!
Tomorrow I’ll write about Kareha no Station.


During the opening of the \st Day, the members were
near the guest seatings, dressed as security members, and there was one
who got mistaken as a real guard by the staff!!

Who might she be?


Matsui Rena's Official Blog - 25\06\2013

I can perceive Rena’s S side here, enjoying the troubled manager XD
Does the manager have a thing for Rena? lol


It’s Rena(・ω・)

I kept giggling all day because my manager’s movements were just so cute!

When our eyes meet she makes surprised faces and starts breathing a bit roughly, agitated
It looks like she gets nervous.
Today too, at lunch, she looked troubled when our eyes met. lol

So cute and air-headed!

Churi just sent me a pic of a magazine model saying she looks like the manager.
And she actually does!
I think she also looks like HKT’s Meru-chan!
The smiling face is really smilar!


Well then, I’m gonna work hard tomorrow too!


Matsui Rena's Ameba Blog - 12\07\2013


It’s Rena(・ω・)

Today’s Music Station was the last one for Shinoda-san.
Thanks to everyone who watched.

Today’s one also was the last music show appearance for Shinoda-san.

「Ue kara Mariko」
「Koi suru Fortune Cookie」
「Namida no sei ja nai」

were the songs performed today.

I took part in Koi suru Fortune Cookie.

I was watching Shinoda-san’s graduation song - Namida no sei ja nai - from the back and I got teary eyes looking at Shinoda-san and Kojima-san singing while holding hands.
I realized how she really is graduating and I suddenly felt sad.

But there’s still the Fukuoka Dome concert so we shall work hard all together for it!

I also felt how the more the time I spend with her, the more I come to like Shinoda-san.

I’ll work hard in order to become a loved leader just like Shinoda-san.


Matsui Rena's Ameblog - 16\05\2013


It’s Rena(・ω・)

Sayonara Crawl is about to be released.
I shall write something abou the MV today.

The full version hasn’t been released yet but anyway, this time we did the shootings in Okinawa.
Unbelievably we were even able to shoot in the so very famous Chuukai Aquarium!!

There were lots of various fishes inside huge water tanks, like manta,s rays and even a big whale shark!!
I had only seen one of those in Oosaka’s Kaiyukan, but since this time we did the shootings in the aquarium after it got closed we all took our time to properly gaze at the shark’s tank!
I feel as if the blue of the aquarium’s water tanks has the power to bring comfort to people’s hearts.

Moreover, for this MV I shooted image scenes in pair with Renacchi!!

We face each other,

our eyes meet…


I avert my eyes.

There’s no way something like that could be used for a shooting\(^o^)/

Even though I say so, we were actually able to do some shootings with us properly looking at each other and being close and friendly, but the scene that was chosen to be used, in the end…

…is one with me being helplessly embarrassed.

Oh dear…I feel like I really understood why fans might feel nervous when they come to hand-shake events!
It’s embarrassing when a cute girl looks at you, isn’t it???

Please be sure to also pay attention to me being crazily in love with such a Renacchi and other cute members!♪ (tln: <- MIO! XD)


Matsui Rena's Official Blog - 18\04\2013

(First an・ω・d last)

It’s Rena.(・ω・)

There’s the graduation stage today.
It’ll be the last one for some precious comrades of ours.
It’s also going to be the first and last stage to be performed by the full members of the current Team S.

At Gaishi Hall, when the stage with the graduating members passed over our heads I finally realized they were going to graduate for real and tears started overflowing with me thinking it was impossible for something like that to happen.

Still, there’s the future before their eyes and their backs showed no hesitation.

I particularly like the second verse of Tooku ni Itemo.
Until now we’ve bid farewell to so many members, singing that song.

That day, in that specific moment, I clearly remember how everyone’s back looked so shining.

And today too, in order not to forget those backs I want to burn them into my memory.

I hope even the feelings of the people who can’t come to the theatre will  reach the members.


Matsui Rena's Official Blog - 17\09\2013

Actually, I quite like short bangs…
Like the way she has it in the Tsuyogari Dokei MV. I love it!


It’s Rena(・ω・)

I cut my bangs.
Yuuko-san told me I look younger!
It really is true that bangs can change one’s appearance, after all.
Paruru noticed it immediately too and told me “You cut your bangs, didn’t you!?” lol
Paruru always pays a lot of attention to my bangs!

However, I myself still haven’t grow accustomed to it…
What should I do about it?
I guess it’s normal not to get it until I get used to it…
Is it weird? Is it? I’m not sure…

Oh well, what will be will be!
I wonder if it’ll grow longer if I used a magic stick!


Matsui Rena's Official Blog - 16\04\2014

Related to this. Rena…
And you all, fangirls, don’t go puring ramune on yourselves or something lol


It’s Rena(・ω・)

Yesterday, as I told Rion to make her
hair into a bun, she really kindly did it.
So cute, right?
She’s the kind of girl I’d feel like bringing to a Summer Festival.

I like girls that suit the scent of Summer.
I like girls that smell like Ramune.

Ahh, I can’t wait for Summer to come.
I want to go find girls that smell like Ramune.

Oh, Summer…come!!