rena will flip



For me Rena-chan was a lover.


We shared feelings of unrequited love… Rather is because we liked each other that we could not be honest.

thanks to namba84​ for the help translating.

armourkinney  asked:

jason todd: taking his daddy + mommy issues to a whole new level


listen, pretty much all the bat children have major daddy and mommy issues, but jason takes it to a whole new level. he basically

  • hates his biodad for abandoning him (willis)
  • dropped out of 5th grade to care for his beloved stepmom (catherine)
  • who later dies of an OD under his baby care and probably scars him for life
  • and/or has circus parents who are horribly murdered (joseph and trina)
  • gets a new dad (bruce)
  • and a new mom (nocturna)
  • is obsessed with both of them and jealous when anyone else gets close to them (selina)
  • and only gets over his intense jealousy after getting his own girlfriend (rena) (??? wth)
  • FLIPS THE FUCK OUT when he finds out his biodad is dead (willis)
  • finds out the person he thought was his biomom was actually his step-mom (catherine)
  • then obsessively searches for his biomom (sheila)
  • gets manipulated by his biomom into a death trap
  • then goes out of his way to PROTECT his biomom
  • DIES alongside his biomom
  • is taken in and healed by his adoptive dad’s momish ex-girlfriend (talia)
  • becomes depressed and believes his adoptive dad didn’t love him (bruce)
  • sleeps with his mentor/mom (talia)
  • collaborates with a dadish guy (hush) who happens to be his dad’s best friend, AGAINST his dad (bruce)
  • enacts a gigantic revenge plot based on feeling unloved by his dad (utrh)
  • has a mental breakdown when said adoptive dad dies, complete with murdering a shit ton of innocent people (bftc)
  • hits on his dad when he visits him in prison (b&r)
  • ???
  • profit

tl;dr: what the FUCK jason